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Lindsey Boros

Position: English Teacher
School: Momence High School
School District: Momence Community Unified School District
City, State: Momence, IL

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Lindsey Boros was nominated by her colleague, Megan Barnett.

“I first met Lindsey when she joined our staff a few years ago,” explains Barnett.  “We had just expanded our English Department from three to four teachers, so the change was most welcomed. At the time, however, my department didn't know just how fortunate we were by having Lindsey join our team."

"Personally, I have worked with Lindsey to develop the English 1 curriculum, which focuses on literature, argumentative writing, and research. Her creativity and knowledge of the content has improved that class tenfold. Our assignments have become more interactive.  Our assessments have become more rigorous. As a result, our students’ needs have been better addressed. I can truly say I admire Lindsey’s approach to teaching,” said Barnett. “She has not only been an asset to me, but she has become a favorite among the students.

Ms. Boros is a personable, compassionate teacher.  This is clear by the relationships she has built throughout her years and locations of teaching. She has taught in several schools in her county, in addition to other districts in her home state of Michigan. Wherever she teaches, it is clear that she touches the lives of the students she encounters.

Ms. Boros is not only a skilled teacher who sets high expectations for her students, but someone who always looks at the individual first, then the student. She understands that academics are not always a student's top priority, especially in circumstances where the student has a difficult home life or has been in challenging situations.  She achieves this by engaging in authentic conversations with her students, both privately and during class. Ms. Boros will often use anecdotes to connect to students and build their trust. She is supportive of the overall individual and genuinely wants each student to succeed.

Ms. Boros is also an active sponsor and volunteer, both inside and outside of school. She is a sponsor for the MHS Student Council, where she spends countless hours promoting students' social health. This includes providing opportunities for students to interact at the school and within the community. For example, she has helped with the MHS Homecoming Dance, coordinated several fundraisers, and organized the yearly dinner ceremony for high-achieving students.  As if this weren't enough, Ms. Boros is very active in her personal life, particularly through her church.  In her free time, she has grown a large-scale garden, where all food is donated to those in need. 

“As mentioned, she is an amazing teacher, but she has also become an amazing friend. She has helped me in many ways as a colleague, mother, and friend. As such, I am thrilled to nominate her as LifeChanger of the Year; for she has absolutely changed mine,” said Barnett.