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Kathy Knawa

Position: District Nurse
School: Flossmoor School District 161
School District: Flossmoor School District 161
City, State: Flossmoor , IL

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Kathy Knawa was nominated by her colleague, Jackie Janicke.

"Kathy is a warrior!  I don't think anyone thought on March 13th, 2020, that things would never be the same.  School nurses all over Illinois did not realize what lay ahead: the worry, the fear, and the unknown, which would stay with us until now.  COVID-19 has impacted everyone, and our district is not alone in trying to navigate the ever-changing safety protocols, quarantine rules, and COVID-19 testing guidelines. Yet, Kathy has led Flossmoor School District 161 through this pandemic with strength and a no-nonsense attitude, never forsaking anyone's health, whether it be staff, parents, or students." said Janicke. 

Ms. Knawa is an inspiration; she can approach every situation with ease and understanding.  The decisions she makes in regards to the health and safety of the staff and students are impeccable.  She never compromises and is truly a fighter for what is ethical.  Many staff members say that having Ms. Knawa in your corner means having the best possible person on your side!  

Comments (6)

Pamela Abbott Posted over a year ago

Dear Kathy, I support your nomination and agree with the previous comments! I appreciate the comradery with you over the years. You are a kind and caring leader in your profession. You have been a teacher to me with the health and safety information you have presented for the district. Of course, you helped me through the questions around COVID-19 too. Thank you for your positive work, your smile and your good judgement. I hope you will have some time to pause and reflect as you you desire and need now. Best wishes. Sincerely, Pam

Nisa Fonseca Posted over a year ago

Kathy....You have always taken on so many responsibilities and have managed to keep a smile on your face through it all!! I don't know how you do it!! You are a true warrior with a huge heart. Wishing you all the best! Nisa

Terri Stadtler Posted over a year ago

Dear Kathy, Congratulations on your much deserved nomination! I imagine that the last two crazy years have been a huge challenge for you, but you have handled everything that has been thrown your way with grace and composure. I so appreciate how you answered my many questions expertly and clearly. Flossmoor 161 is truly fortunate to have you! Congratulations again! Sincerely, Terri

Carmen Berry Posted over a year ago

Kathy...congratulations on this well deserved honor and nomination. You have always been helpful, knowledgeable, and an amazing team player. You work so very hard to ensure our community is safe and healthy. I appreciate you. Best of luck!!!

Terry DeBruin Posted over a year ago

Kathy has ALWAYS been an advocate for student and staff. She is professional, calm, and would always lay things out informing the staff of info to help them, their students, and spends time searching out current info on situations. Kathy has always been amazing. She would follow up with parents and staff after difficult meetings to offer support. Congratulations, Kathy! This is long overdo and well deserved. Best wishes!

Amber Gumm Posted over a year ago

Kathy, you are so deserving of this nomination. You wear so many hats and work tirelessly to keep everyone safe. I appreciate you so much! Thank you so much! Congratulations!!