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Ashlee Thevenot

Position: School Nurse
School: Bonnabel High School
School District: Jefferson Parish School Board
City, State: Kenner, LA

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Ashlee Thevenot was nominated by Abbee Thevenot, one of her family members.

Ashlee has many titles - nurse is just one of the most inspiring titles she holds. She has had over 10 years of experience as a nurse. Not only is she an exceptional school nurse at Bonnabel High School, but she works for Ochsner Medical Center as an endoscopy PRN. She is a single mother to a beautiful 8-year-old boy, Room Mother for his school, and a volunteer coach for whatever sport is needed at the time. Before her current job at Bonnabel High School, she worked as a school nurse at L. W. Higgins High School. Her ability to juggle so many different roles and exceed all expectations is inspiring to everyone, from family members to those who are blessed to work side-by-side with her every day.

According to her coworkers and previous bosses, Ashlee can be described as supportive, helpful, and kind. This is shown to be true when students and parents request her specifically. For example, during the beginning of the pandemic, Ashlee took on the role of lead nurse, handling all COVID-related issues with students at her previous job. Her ability to provide comfort to others during a time when she needed just as much comfort herself shows how much compassion she truly has for what she does. Ashlee takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support and service to not only her patients, students, faculty, and staff, but her own son. Her job as a mother never stops. She quickly discerns the needs of others and moves efficiently to provide key information, recommendations, or direction.

Ashlee recently accepted a position as school nurse at Bonnabel High School to be closer to home. It appears that the switch to a new school was not only an adjustment for Ashlee, but the many students and coworkers she left behind, as well. During her time adjusting to a new job, being a mother, evacuating during Hurricane Ida, and being on-call for her nursing job at Ochsner, she was somehow able to provide the comfort and support to her previous students and coworkers as they learned to get by without her.

Ashlee epitomizes servant leadership and inspires others to give back and pay it forward. She does everything with a smile and remains positive at all times.

"I've seen this throughout my life as her sister, and I've witnessed this in her professional life. She's helpful, caring, resourceful, and happy to offer service, no matter the task. She's a true champion for nursing and education, with a tireless commitment to serving others. Her skills, knowledge, willingness, and dedication to helping others makes the choice to nominate her easy. I'm not sure if this essay or nomination could ever be enough to show how truly inspiring Ashlee is, but I am 100% sure it's deserved," said Abbee.

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Margaret Lorio Posted 8 months ago

Ashlee is the epitome of the values that this award represents. She is dedicated to helping her students, co-workers, family, friends, and community in any way she can assist and is a constant role model as a mother. While she already works two jobs, she is also “on-call” 24/7 anytime someone is in need of advice or a helping hand. As a new mom myself I have relied on Ashlee constantly over the last year to assist me with medical questions and how to take care of my little ones. She is always the first person I call and is always the first person to offer her help and her tender loving care to my babies. She constantly goes above and beyond because her heart loves every child as if they were her own. She is a consistent positive influence in every child’s life and someone who they know they can always rely on when they need physical care, encouragement, or just a little extra attention. She has not only made a difference in my life and my children’s lives, but she makes an effort to make a difference in everyone who’s path crosses hers.

Shelby Johnson Posted 8 months ago

Ashlee is truly the most deserving person I’ve ever met. Always puts others before herself. Goes out of her way to render care. And the first to follow up after the fact. So lucky to know her.

Amber Posted 8 months ago

We love you so much!!!