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Karan Hervey

Position: District Nurse
School: Saline Area Schools
School District: Saline Area Schools
City, State: Saline, MI

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Karan Hervey was nominated by her superintendent, Stephen Laatsch, as well as numerous other colleagues.

"On behalf of the entire Saline Area Schools District, I am honored to nominate our District Nurse, Karan Hervey, for the LifeChanger Spotlight Award," explains Laatsch.  "Karan is that person who makes a significant impact on your life by the way she truly cares for people and, in our fortunate case, the way she cares about the students, parents, and staff in our district. It only seemed fitting that I gave others in our district an opportunity to share their thoughts about Karan and why she deserves this recognition.  She inspires kindness in everyone she meets, and I think the words written by our staff will allow you to see how she has touched our district in a profound way. Kindness and empathy isn’t an act for Karan, but truly the lifestyle she lives. We joyfully nominate her for this recognition."

"Karan has changed many lives throughout the district.  After traumatic events in students’ lives, such as heart transplants, cancer treatments, fractures, closed-head injuries, or other major ailments, families look to Karan for guidance and comfort.  They look to Karan for the knowledge to let them know that their child is going to be 'okay' at school.  In several cases, immediately after a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, she reaches out to the families in order to assure them that they will be okay.  Karan is a calming presence with a wealth of knowledge and experience that families look to for peace of mind."  -- Laura Washington, Saline MS principal

"Karan stands out as a highly dedicated and compassionate member of our community. In normal circumstances, the position of district nurse would be difficult. During the pandemic, Karan has helped lead the district through an incredibly challenging time in order to keep kids safe and in school. Karan balances the numerous demands of leading the district’s COVID response with coordinating support for our most vulnerable students, all while keeping care for students at the center." -- Cameron Cochran, Heritage School assistant principal 

"Karan has been instrumental in keeping as many students as possible in school this past year with her tireless work ethic, compassion, and empathetic approach to helping students (and families) deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Karan, with her small team of nurses, works diligently to test close contacts for COVID-19 on a daily basis in order to keep as many students as possible in school. In a pandemic that has impacted so many people across this country, and the state of Michigan, she has really stepped up to support our school district’s number one goal: keep kids in school five days a week for in-person instruction. We are quarantining far fewer students this year than the previous year, and this really is a life-changing event for so many of our students and their families." -- Steve Laatsch, Superintendent

"Karan Hervey has been essential for ensuring our district can provide the safest learning environment for our students.  As we welcomed all students back to in-person learning this year, Karan and her team have gone above and beyond to ensure students are in school as much as possible.  For example, she keeps everyone in the district and community updated on the latest health guidance by providing road maps detailing what to do should you get sick.  Additionally, Karan juggles contact tracing, testing in multiple buildings, and quarantine requirements on a case-by-case basis. Lastly, Karan is someone our families trust.  They seek out her input and knowledge because she is not only experienced but also compassionate.  Our families know that when they speak to her, they will be taken care of by someone who understands."  -- Musetta Deneen, SHS Assistant Principal

"Karan Hervey consistently goes above and beyond to meet the needs of students across Saline Area Schools.  In a district with more than 5,000 students, Nurse Hervey works diligently to be sure each student’s medical needs are addressed.  She connects with families, creates medical plans, and builds trust with our families of students with both mild and major medical conditions.  Nurse Hervey builds trust with every family, changing lives by giving them the comfort to send their children to school knowing their medical needs are being met.  Karan trains staff across buildings for a variety of medical emergencies for first response.  Additionally, she has been the driving force behind acquiring AED units, training staff in cardiac care and acquiring Heart Safe award status in all of our district buildings.  This training resulted in a positive outcome for a second grade student that suffered a cardiac arrest at Woodland Meadows.  His life was saved due to the training provided by Nurse Hervey and in a moment, the lives of all involved were changed forever.  Throughout the pandemic, Nurse Hervey has acted as a liaison between our schools and the health department.  She has guided administrators and teachers through the mitigation strategies and procedures as well as quarantine protocols.  Karan Hervey has gone above and beyond in serving the students and families in Saline by hosting zoom sessions, making personal contacts and demonstrating compassion for each unique circumstance. Through these personal connections she is changing lives everyday.  Nurse Karan Hervey is truly an outstanding professional and an exemplar to all in her field."  -- Michelle Szczechowicz, Ed.S., Principal, Woodland Meadows

"Karan not only provides emotional and medical support to our SAS students but also their families and to our SAS staff. She has touched the lives of so many throughout the Saline community. We are blessed to have her calm presence, knowledge and love flowing through our district. Her dedication is unmatched as she often works throughout the evenings, weekends and holidays. Her pursuit to keep everyone healthy and safe has been unmeasurable as we have navigated through these last two years." -- Lindsay Guenther Assistant Principal Saline Middle School 

"Karan Hervey is a very compassionate and hardworking individual. She knows how to keep track of students and ensure the school environment is safe for all the children. She takes special care for the ones with illness and always does her job with a full heart and soul. I have never seen such a selfless person who loves kids so much. During the last year and a half, I have witnessed Karan spend countless hours preparing plans for every scenario imaginable during a pandemic, educating staff, students and families, and helping to support the district during some of our most challenging times. She is truly a blessing to us all." -- Kenyatta Hughes Pleasant Ridge Elementary School

"Karan goes above and beyond for our schools every single day.  Managing the district's health plans and supporting office staff is difficult in normal years. The last year and a half have proven to be exceptionally challenging.  Simply put, Saline Area Schools would not have made it through the rapid change that comes with the health crisis we have been facing without Karan.  She puts in hours well beyond a normal work day, to attend to students, community and staff needs.  When Karan has exhausted one day, she shows up for the next and then often works right through the weekend.  She does this with a smile on her face, a compassionate demeanor and a dedication to all of us that is unmatched by anyone else. How lucky we are in Saline to be supported and cared for by such an amazing individual!"   -- Megan DeGrand, Heritage School Principal

"During the most challenging years for educational institutions in recent history, our District Nurse Karan Hervey is the hero of Saline Area Schools.  The total sum of her contributions can never be measured - the hours, days, nights, and weekends that she sacrifices to serve our community all blur together and are often overlooked in the midst of pandemic chaos. Karan does not complain, ask for sympathy, or give up hope. Instead, she encourages others, provides empathy, and offers a promise for a better future. I am honored to work beside such an incredible person, one who makes the world a better place and is a daily reminder to all of us on how to treat one another." -- Anna Britnell, Director of Communications and Community Relations 

"Our district is so incredibly blessed to have Karan Hervey walk us through the incredibly difficult task of educating our students throughout a pandemic.  She is masterful in sharing information in ways that were clear, concise, and helped us feel empowered to make safe decisions.  Karan always takes the time to answer so many questions and ensure we understand the medical information.   We were always supported and never felt like we had to make decisions on our own.  Karan’s commitment is bar none.  She is one in a million! "-- Emily Sickler, Harvest Elementary Principal

"Nurse Hervey is tireless in her efforts to ensure a safe and healthy student and staff base. She attends county and state-wide meetings to gather information on COVID-19 protocols and communicates her findings throughout the Saline Area Schools community. Her knowledge base is broad and with her quiet demeanor, her approach is calming in the face of chaos. Saline is fortunate to have Nurse Hervey’s expertise, dedication, and compassion at all times, but especially during a global pandemic. She is a game-changer. Her efforts have enabled the schools to remain open in the midst of a public health crisis."  -- Carol Melcher, Principal, Saline Alternative High School

"Saline Area Schools is so fortunate to have the dedication and commitment of Karan Hervey. She centers all of her decisions on what is best for our students, families, and staff. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Karan handles multiple complex situations on a daily basis with the utmost care and grace. I am constantly impressed by the information and ideas she brings to the district, as well as her ability to support implementation. Karan has a huge heart and is truly a blessing to everyone she works with."  --  Molly Garcia, Director of Student Services.

"Karan Hervey has served Saline Area Schools for over a decade as our District Nurse. During that time, Karan has touched the lives of many students and their families. She is first and foremost a knowledgeable, dedicated, and talented professional. She approaches very unique medical challenges with a calm demeanor and a willingness to do what is in the best interest for the student. Karan embodies the definition of a team player and is always willing to go the extra mile, work hard, and take little credit for what she has done. The last few years have been extremely challenging but Karan has met each challenge head on and with such a positive outlook. Even when Karan is managing several situations, what has always impressed me about Karan is that she makes time to say hello and ask others how they are doing. Karan Hervey makes Saline Area Schools and the greater Saline community a better place to live and work. We are so fortunate to have her as our District Nurse and she certainly makes every situation a little better than she left it."   -- Monica Ellis, Assistant Director of Student Services

"Karan Hervey has been the absolute MVP of these last few years, without question. Over the last 6 years I have known her, she has always provided service to our students, staff, and families with a smile and warm, caring demeanor. She always makes you feel as though your needs are of the utmost importance and never flinches when another crisis or struggle comes her way. Even through a global pandemic, her support and caring for our students has never wavered. There is no one who deserves this award more than Karan. She is an amazing person." -- Theresa Stager, Assistant Principal Saline High School

Comments (20)

Faith Hart Posted over a year ago

Karan Hervey has worked tirelessly in support of all the children of Saline Area Schools without complaint or seeking recognition. She is truly the best of the best in her field, an absolute treasure to Saline Area Schools. Without her extreme efforts, our children would not have had the exceptional education that they have received this year as their learning would have been interrupted numerous times due to this virus. She is a one woman army battling Covid everyday for the single goal of providing our children with the best chance to continue their education safely.

Trina Bell Posted over a year ago

Karan is the most kind hearted individual. She cares deeply about each SAS student and staff member, and works tirelessly to ensure the well being of the entire community. As a parent, Karan handled my daughter's blood disorder beautifully, always consulting me and working with her teachers to make sure she was safe at all times. As a staff member, Karan has taken time to train me one on one when I experienced new health responsibilities with students. Throughout this entire stretch of Covid 19, Karan has been our resident expert, our person to turn to and the one to understand what to do in every situation. No matter how busy Karan is, she always takes time to ask about our families or check in with how we are doing. Karan is so deserving of this honor!

Barry Burnette Posted over a year ago

As a teacher of students with many medical needs, I've had the opportunity to work with Karan often. Despite being incredibly busy, Karan is always available and finds the time to answer questions and show compassion. She is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met. She is an incredible asset to this district and to everyone she comes in contact with.

Ed Gall Posted over a year ago

Karan is a steady, reliable, and trustworthy presence at SAS. She is always there when we need her and has been for many, many years. Somehow she does all of her work with a level head and calm demeanor even when there's craziness around her. Thank you Karan!!

Debbie Kurek Posted over a year ago

Karan is ALWAYS there when you need her professionally and personally and is a kind soul??

Katie Cluckey Posted over a year ago

I would be lost without Karan. She has supported my career to the fullest and always there with a smile. Thank you for all that you do Karan!

Rachel Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Karan is one of the brightest lights in our community. I have personally experienced her kindness and care in so many instances. One of our wonderful students passed away and she was incredibly caring not only to the family, but also to each of us that worked with that student. She continually offers incredible insight and knowledge with so much thoughtfulness for each of us. I truly am thankful for all the times she checked in on me and my family when we had Covid. I do not know how she has managed to accomplish all that she has during the pandemic, but she has done an amazing job with a constant smile and heartfelt care for our Saline Schools community. She is a treasure! Rachel, Paraprofessional

Kim Huhn Posted over a year ago

Karan is a truly remarkable person. She is kind, supportive, intelligent, innovative and organized. She has a smile, "hello" and a "how are you" for everyone. Her calm and caring manner is shared with students, staff and family alike. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Karan has proven that she's one tough cookie! I am blessed to know and work with Karan. Kim, Paraprofessional

David Reeves Posted over a year ago

Karan truly has been a light amidst the recent darkness surrounding COVID and these recent school years. I have never heard a single negative thing come out of her mouth. Her positivity and calm demeanor are a breath of fresh air in a situation that can cause such stress, anxiety, and anger. She cares so deeply about people and you can see this in all of her words and actions. I knew all of these things before, but it was reinforced even more when I recently served on the COVID Committee with her. She has persevered through all of the roles and responsibilities she has had to take on recently. I am so thankful to work with Karan and appreciate everything she has done for Saline Area Schools. -David Reeves, Saline Middle School Teacher

Mary Marshall Posted over a year ago

Karan is an absolute treasure for our students, staff, and community. Her calm steady approach to all situations is greatly valued. She is excellent at preparing staff and families for various situations. SAS is fortunate to have her expertise and years of wisdom guiding our district. Such an Incredible amount of respect for this all-around AMAZING woman!

Wendy Dorset Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of another person as worthy of this recognition as Karan Hervey. As the main nurse for our school district, Karen works diligently to attend to the wide variety of medical needs (major and minor) of hundreds of students. She works with the staff to help educate and ensure each student’s needs are being met. Karan is empathetic, compassionate and thorough. Her professionalism is top notch. She truly is a superhero this school community!

Tracey Williamson Posted over a year ago

Karan has positively touched the lives of so many, and continues to do so each and every day. She works tirelessly to make sure families, students, teachers, and staff are educated and well prepared when it comes to health issues/concerns. Karan has a way of making everyone she comes in contact with feel special and cared about. She has calmly guided me through my own family emergencies and health concerns over the years, and is always asking how things are going in my own life and at school. The thing is, she doesn't just ask, she genuinely cares. Karan is one amazing human being, who I am privileged to not only call my colleague, but also my friend. Saline Area Schools is blessed to have Karan Hervey, a true life changer, on their team.

Rebekah Allmand Posted over a year ago

Karan Hervey is not just an amazing nurse and mother, she is one of the most amazing human beings one could ever have the pleasure of meeting. She manages all that she does with a smile and the calm demeanor of someone who truly cares for everyone she works with. It is my great honor to work beside Karan Hervey.

Jessica Markey Posted over a year ago

Karan Hervey is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! She is a true example of kindness and never fails to show people around her that she cares about them. Karan is a light in this world and we are so lucky that we were able to have her lead us through the most challenging last couple years with COVID and continue to be able to work with her through every day needs as well. No words can describe how much of an amazing person she is, her kindness and empathy truly does not go unnoticed!

Jesse Spicer Posted over a year ago

Karan, Your leadership during this difficult time has not only been important but has also been encouraging during such a dark time. You are always eager to help out and drop whatever you are working on to assist the rest of us. I am so honored to call you a peer and excited about this nomination for you. Thank you for doing the work that you do, I know there are so many districts navigating this pandemic (and other times) without a Karan Hervey, and I am not sure how they are managing. Saline is lucky to call you one of ours and I am so thankful you show up every day to do the work you do!

Kathy Mussio Posted over a year ago

I truly don't know how Karan does everything that she does. She is professional beyond measure. She shuttles between buildings attending to students and staff alike. She never seems stressed or overwhelmed. I don't know how she does it! In the face of the pandemic, she has offered our staff reassurance with her facts and diligence. She manages taking care of so many with such grace and dignity. Karan manages and trains our building's crisis response team. She has us conduct drills so that we are prepared should we be faced with an emergency. I know that I am much more knowledgeable in the area of crisis response given her teachings. "Check, call, care" is a phrase she repeatedly uses. Because of her we are a prepared staff. This woman is rock star, and lifechanger for our school district! -- Kathy Mussio, Saline High School Counselor

Jenn Nelson Posted over a year ago

Karan is an incredible person and colleague. Karan has guided educators through the pandemic with science, love and grace. She approaches conversations calmly, listens extensively and always leads with kindness. Karan has made herself available to staff at all hours of the day; often following up and taking phone calls on her personal cell phone in the evening. She follows up, checks on staff and continues to make important decisions in this rapidly changing time. Karan has always been an asset to our district, but the way she has led our district through this pandemic that last year and a half has been incredible. --Jenn Nelson, Literacy Coach/Instructional Designer

Bridget Corie Posted over a year ago

There are not enough words to describe the amount of respect and admiration I have for Karan Hervey. As a teacher in Saline Area Schools, Karan has helped me both personally and professionally. Karan juggles so many responsibilities within the district and she still manages to provide exemplary service. She takes the time to personally connect with staff and students and makes you feel like you are the only thing that matters in that moment. She is absolutely AMAZING! Her positive influence and impact on everyone and everything she touches is a true testament of her character. I am truly blessed to call her a colleague and a friend.

Katherine O'Keeffe Posted over a year ago

Karan Hervey is a remarkable and inspiring individual! Our English Language Learner Families are incredibly appreciative of all of her efforts to go above and beyond her duties. She constantly reaches out to our families for all of their needs no matter how small or great they are. She takes the time to understand their issues so nothing is lost in translation. She always reaches out to our department whenever a concern or issue arises, and follows up with us to make sure the families are taken care of. We are extremely grateful for Karan! Congratulations! - Katie O'Keeffe EL Coordinator/EL Teacher

Jennifer Steben Posted over a year ago

I am so thankful for Karan. She has been a constant partner to the staff and students of our district, through an incredibly challenging and traumatic time. And, she has done this while juggling family health struggles. She is a bright light for everyone in this district, always smiling and radiating positivity and balancing this with tremendous responsibility. From the bottom of our Hornet hearts, thank you for keeping us safe. Jennifer Steben, President, Saline Area Schools Board of Education