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Britni Burch

Position: District Nurse
School: Greenville Public Schools
School District: Greenville Public Schools
City, State: Greenville, MI

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Britni Burch was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Burch has a natural ability and effectiveness with students. Students are naturally comfortable with her, and she cares about making sure they each receive the best care. Her calmness is demonstrated in all situations. She leads in a way where you don't even realize she is leading. She is an amazing team player. Ms. Burch is available to all schools within the district, and is never more than an email, call, or text away.

"We are very blessed to have her in our district," said the colleague.

School nurses are required to wear many hats, and Ms. Burch does this very well. Some of her skills include:

  • overseeing the MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) and training as neeeded;
  • familiarizing herself with current school guidelines while keeping the medical side in mind;
  • making sure select staff are up to date with CPR training;
  • making sure her district's schools have the supplies they need, and;
  • conducting and training for COVID-19 testing.

She also makes time to go to each of her district's schools weekly, no only to dispense medications, but to familiarize herself with the students and build relationships with them. Additionally, she is always professional and definitely has high moral and ethical standards. She has a way bringing out the best in others. Two of her best qualities are her availability and knowledge.

"Honestly, Britni is pretty amazing and very much deserving of this award," said the colleague.

Comments (19)

Krista Posted over a year ago

Kind, Compassionate, Very Knowledgeable, Organized, & Thorough are just a few words to describe Britni! You are so deserving of this award! I am proud to work along side of you at our school and appreciate your dedication to GPS!

Kire Wierda Posted over a year ago

Yea Britni!! Your hard work and support of our district is so appreciated. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

Kara Tiesworth Posted over a year ago

Britni has been an incredible addition to the Greenville Public Schools (GPS) team. Although Britni has not been here very long, she has picked things up very quickly and always with a smile! She is extremely thoughtful and goes above and beyond in every situation. One of my favorite memories while working with Britni was when she had the idea to have as many staff and students write encouraging messages to our superintendent. These messages were then placed as a "trail" in the hallway leading to her office and nearly covered every inch of the superintendent's office as well. This was a completely selfless act that truly helped lift the spirits of our leader during such a difficult time. I am thankful for Britni and I hope she realizes how appreciated and valued she is here at GPS.

Reina Jensen Posted over a year ago

Britni is the BEST! She is compassionate, kind, and truly cares about all students and staff at GPS.

Deborah Lewicki Posted over a year ago

Britni is always very positive. She does not panic in a crisis, and seems to know exactly what to say and do next, to alleviate anxiety and keep events moving forward. Congrats to you, Britni!

Kathy Cavendish Posted over a year ago

I am so grateful for Britni with helping me with a high school student that has diabetes. She was so kind and patient with helping me understand all the steps with my student. She is always there for any questions and concerns I have. She is compassionate about her job, her co workers, Greenville staff and the students. Thank you Britni for all you do!!!

Bonnie Knopf Posted over a year ago

Britni is so deserving of this recognition! Her depth of compassion is felt by those that she interacts with on a personal and professional level. She is already a winner to me!

Amy Driesens Posted over a year ago

This women is beyond amazing! She absolutely loves her job and has also been the the type of nurse to stop and help others when seeing an accident on the side of the road or just giving advice on medical questions. She definitely deserves this award!

Aimee Long Posted over a year ago

Britni is an amazing school nurse! Thoughtful, caring and hard working. She is always willing to support staff and students!

Samantha Hondorp Posted over a year ago

Britni is the BEST! She is so caring and compassionate. She covers six buildings in our district and is so good at what she does! We are truly blessed to have her!

Jen Mahar Posted over a year ago

This is awesome! Well deserved.

Julie VanHoose Posted over a year ago

We love Britni at GHS! She is always around to help and cares for each and every one of our students and staff! We are so thankful to have such a great nurse and friend at GPS!!!

Matt McCullough Posted over a year ago

While I have only been a part of Greenville Public Schools for 3 months I have heard countless comments about how wonderful, respectful, and responsible Ms. Burch is in selflessly executing her duties as a district nurse. Being a supporting staff member in these very difficult times of COVID-19 shows her dedication to the students and staff of Greenville Public Schools.

Shannon Posted over a year ago

We really appreciate all you do for our students!

Linda Van Houten Posted over a year ago

Britni is an incredibly dedicated individual. Her level of commitment to our students in the Greenville Public Schools goes beyond the call of duty every day. She works extra hours, goes beyond just the tasks she is responsible for, is always there for you day or night. Britni loves to take care of others. She is always offering to help and support our staff and students in any way needed. She will make phone calls for the admin assistant; she will log information for the principal, visit a student with special needs family, help teach a classroom of learners, and provide training with athletes or students or teachers. Whatever support is needed, she is always willing to step up and do it. In addition, Britni makes sure people know they are appreciated. She helps other feel valued through cards, notes, videos, and just positive comments. Lastly, Britni is a forward thinker. She ensures that we have plans in place to handle any crisis that may arise, and she pays particular attention to the detail. She handles things professionally, will take on leadership activities when needed, and walks alongside those that need extra support. Britni is an overall champion for our schools, and we are thrilled to have her.

Susie Smith Posted over a year ago

Oh Britni, What can I say that can express just how much you mean to us??!! You are appreciated more than you know. You always go above and beyond to support us. Thank you so much for being you!!! Your sweet spirit and kind heart are what makes you rise above. We love you!!

MaryBeth Taylor Posted over a year ago

Britni has been a game changer at the MS since coming on board as our school nurse. She is simply amazing! So helpful and willing to problem solve any issue that might come up. She is so great with our students and the students lover her! COVID has been such a burden and she has done so many things to ease that burden on the building - through all of the help she has provided with contact tracing, testing, and so on. She is such a benefit to us! As the building principal, I have a lot of amazing staff but she is truly top of the list!

Bonnie Short Posted over a year ago

You ROCK Britni!!!

Mike Walsh Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Britni! You absolutely deserve this recognition!