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Kara Martin

Position: School Nurse
School: Livaudais Middle School
School District: Jefferson Parish School Board
City, State: Terrytown, LA

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Kara Martin was nominated by her colleague, Leslie Seals.

Ms. Martin is a constant, unwavering strength to all who meet her. She stands tall within her role as the School Nurse or Health Leader of a very large and diverse community. Her communication is clear and reaches her principals, office staff, teachers, and all those within the team of educators to the students. She is of great value to them as an outstanding professional and a reliable source with energy and knowledge. Her passion is obvious to the students and their well-being. She will fight through or create the best possible path for their needs and ultimate health status within the school system, while maintaining Jefferson Parish School policy, local/state policy, and national policy and laws. Ms. Martin is driven on a daily basis to be early and "get it done". She has a steady, fast pace to begin and reach the goal of completion and has the balance to follow up and/or reassess on a changing basis. She is an inspiration! If someone can organize chaos, she is the best.

"I have had the privilege to work with her for the past 16 years," said Seals. "She is always there to assist, help, or go above and beyond what is needed as an excellent school nurse. She's committed to improving community health, and she's a true friend."

Comments (38)

Debbie D Posted 8 months ago

Coach Kara is amazing! She is a great role model and leader. The swim team respects and loves her. She goes above and beyond for the team!

Jack Posted 8 months ago

Coach Kara is a great coach and role model. We are incredibly lucky to have her as a coach.

nadya macquet Posted 8 months ago

speaking as a student who has worked with Coach Kara Martin, Coach Kara has helped me grow into becoming a better swimmer and a better person. She always has inspiring words of wisdom and helps motivate me to do my best! She pushes us to do the best we can do! Thanks, Coach Kara!

Claire Parrish Posted 8 months ago

Coach Kara is a wonderful motivator! She pushes me to be my best in the pool. She believes in me, even when I doubt myself. Coach Kara knows how to bring out the best in me and my teammates. She’s our biggest cheerleader and supporter, and so worthy of this honor! Go Cardinals!

Piper R Posted 8 months ago

Kara has been my swim coach since 7th grade and has always been there for me. She always pushes me to do my best and never doubts my abilities. Even when I don't believe in myself, she is always there to help me train and push me to my limits. One year there was a state time that I had been trying to get and she stayed after a meet to help me reach that time, encouraging me that I could do it. She is a great person and truly is a life changer with the best possible intentions. Thanks, Coach Kara!

Victoria Jones Posted 8 months ago

Kara was my swim coach for 5 years. An absolute amazing woman and coach! She taught me the value of never giving up and to keep pushing forward.

Lanie Victory Posted 8 months ago

Kara is an outstanding coach and colleague. She has served as Head Swimming Coach at our school for the past 28 years. Her dedication and commitment to the program set her apart from other coaches. She demands a high level of commitment from the girls as well and through this, she teaches them a very important skill in life. From her, they learn to fully dedicate themselves to not only themselves but to their teammates. She works with both talented athletes and novice swimmers, and she finds a way for everyone to be involved and feel important. As a colleague, she can always be relied upon to take care of the management of her team and communicate effectively with parents, athletes, and our staff. She is organized and understands the goals of our school which places a strong emphasis on teaching to the whole child. I am delighted to see Kara receive this nomination and proud that we can call her one of our coaches. She sets the bar high for our fellow coaches.

Natalie Posted 8 months ago

Kara is an amazing coach and she has helped me a lot with butterfly stroke

Reese LaCaze Posted 8 months ago

Kara is my current swim coach, but she's not just that. She is the perfect role model and my biggest supporter. She does so much for me that don't know where to begin. Kara always is there to support me through my journey as a swimmer and encourage me to improve at each swim meet. Last year, I was getting ready to swim my 100 breaststroke at state. I was ranked 6th in the event with 1:16 that I hadn't been able to swim at all that year. Before my race, I promised her that I would swim a 1:14, and she was there to motivate me to do so. Once I finished my race, I looked up at the scoreboard to see I placed 3rd with a 1.10. I immediately broke out in tears and so did Kara. She was there for me my whole race and feeling the same way I did. She told me how great my race was and how great I did. From that race I've been able to develop my swimming career, and I don't know what I would do without her. She deserves this nominination and the award.

Olivia Hainkel Posted 8 months ago

Coach Kara has only coached me for a swimming season and she is single handedly the best coach ever.

Bond Bordelon Posted 8 months ago

Kara was my couch for 7 years and she absolutely had one of the biggest impacts on my young adult life. Kara pushed me to be the best I could be while supporting and encouraging me. She helped me be a better version of myself and started me on my journey to healthcare. It was a privilege getting to grow up with Kara as a mentor and I can not think of anyone more deserving of this award.

Pamela Allen Posted 8 months ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Martin for the past 10 years in the Extended School Year Program offered to eligible students with disabilities in Jefferson Parish Schools. Upon our first encounter, I quickly learned that Mrs. Martin was committed to the students, caring, empathetic, and a problem solver. She is always willing to go above and beyond her normal duties. She communicates with all parents to find out the health needs for each student and she ensures that she has proper documentation to follow each doctor recommended plan. In addition, she uses her great communication slkills to share this information with all ESY staff memebers. She will offer her assistance in classrooms, the cafeteria, bus duty and even on the playground when needed. Mrs. Martin is an assest to the students and staff of Jefferson Parish Schools.

Carol Evans Posted 8 months ago

Words that defines my school nurse KARA MARTIN! AWESOME ?????? BEST NURSE EVER KEEPS IT REAL

Penny Edwards Posted 8 months ago

Kara is an amazing co-worker and friend! She takes her position as School Nurse very seriously. Kara is always available when the students or collegues need her. Not only is she a Nurse, she is so much more! A therapist, caregiver, and a comedian to name a few. She has a healing hand regardless of what ails you. This is a woman that definitely deserves this nomination and a win.

Terry Johnson Posted 8 months ago

Kara's passion for nursing is indeed breathe-taking! She has always shown love, commitment, and compassion to Jefferson Parish Public Schools' stakeholder and all in her reach! I am so glad and grateful that we crossed paths! She is definitely a winner! She deserves all the recognition and accolades that come her way!

Janis Lehtinen Posted 9 months ago

Kara has been one of the most inspirational person in my daughters life. As her Swim Coach she helped develop personal goals of self commitment, aspiration and a positive self image to achieve. My daughter now is a Graduate Student and a PhD candidate in Physics at Harvard University, and is currently on the team to install the New Small Wheel into the Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. Kara is an inspired Coach and mentor to our daughters to try to achieve their dreams and goals.

Beth Edwards Posted 9 months ago

What a well deserved honor!!! Kara is incredibly professional and does an exceptional job!

Laura Bruce Posted 9 months ago

Coach Kara has been one of my best role models since I was 11 and has been very inspiring to my life! She’s very driven, caring, smart and always knows how to make me laugh. Well deserved nomination!! ??

VIKKI TALAMO Posted 9 months ago

She is the best !!!

Andrea Murina Posted 9 months ago

Kara is the best! She is always prepared for life’s little disasters!

Stacey Chalin Posted 9 months ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Kara for the past 16 years as a fellow school nurse. She works hard to ensure that all staff and students are healthy and safe. She is organized, goal-oriented, and very efficient at performing her job duties. She always steps up to help her co-workers when needed. If I had one word to describe Kara, it would be "passionate". She always gives 150% to her job, her family, and life in general. She has coached young athletes in competitive swimming for almost 30 years. She has also taught swim lessons since she was a teenager. Kara has worked at a summer program (ESYP) for special education students with health needs and severe disabilities every summer since she became a school nurse. She thrives on working in this environment. She is an avid jogger and has completed several marathons. She is kind, compassionate, and a very well-rounded individual. She continues to have a positive impact on children every day. She is an excellent nominee for the LifeChanger of the Year award.

Nancy Plough Posted 9 months ago

Kara was always there for my child. She gave her that little push to try something she may not think she could do. An example was when Kara put Shannon in the 200 fly. Shannon was so worried she could not do it. Shannon ended up not only swimming the event but winning it. This gave Shannon confidence to try, even when she thought there would be no way she could complete the task. I thank the Lord that Kara has been in Shannon’s life. She truly is a Lifechanger.

Lisa Benefield Posted 9 months ago

Go Kara!

Diann Daigle Posted 9 months ago

Well deserved nomination!

Gwen Posted 9 months ago

Nurse Kara is extremely valuable and always willing to help!

Alexis Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Kara is truly the best! Well deserved!

Demetria Walker Posted 9 months ago

Kara is so dedicated to her craft. She is extremely attentive to the children she serves. She’s a team player and understands the importance of working in partnership with school leaders. She’s professional and is always willing to go the extra mile. “Whatever it takes” is her mantra.

Joan Casseri Posted 9 months ago

Way to go Kara!!!!

Al Casseri Posted 9 months ago

Kara is an outstanding nurse. She is extremely talented with a great deal of knowledge about the medical profession. I heard doctors commenting on her knowledge and saying she should go to mefical school and become a doctor. She is extremely respected by here superiors snd peers.

Betsy Boudreaux Posted 9 months ago

Outstanding!! Well deserved recognition for you!

Michelle Musso Posted 9 months ago

Here here…Well deserving! Ditto to everything Ms. Seals wrote about Kara!

Pete Martin Posted 9 months ago

I can attest to the her character, she is a force to be reckoned with. If anyone would be deserving of an inspiration award it would be Kara. She inspires me on a daily basis.

Nevillyn Daigle Posted 9 months ago

I have worked with Kara in the past. She is always available to help her students and staff way beyond what her position calls for.

Katherine Gaumond LeJeune Posted 9 months ago

Kara worked at TJHS when I was there and she was an exceptional nurse. She helped the kids and staff in any way she could. She even took the time to teach me about certain procedures and keep me up to date on my credentials. She was great to work with!

Mark Monson Posted 9 months ago

Most helpful caring school nurse in the JP school system!

Pauline Posted 9 months ago

Kara is the best!!!

Ena Fitzmorris Posted 9 months ago

Well deserved!! Congrats!!

thea Posted 9 months ago

This woman is my inspiration on a daily basis. She’s the most encouraging and driven lady and I’m grateful to know her!