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Carrie Conn

Position: District Nurse
School: Dearborn Public Schools
School District: Dearborn Public Schools
City, State: Dearborn , MI

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Carrie Conn was nominated by her colleague, Jill Chochol.

Ms. Conn is a dedicated health care professional who serves as a district nurse in Dearborn, Michigan. She has proven her dedication to students and families in the district with her untiring efforts to communicate regarding the COVID-19 virus. The benefits to students, staff, and families were multiple personal contacts with an empathetic, knowledgeable health care professional who could support and advise them on quarantine, isolation, and recommendations for seeking treatment. Ms. Conn demonstrated outstanding leadership since she started with the district in all capacities, especially since the beginning of the pandemic.

Ms. Conn has a record of stellar performance as the district liaison between the county health department and regular leadership on the district crisis committee. She was involved in the district's decision to close the first school with a confirmed positive COVID-19 test result in Wayne County on March 10th, 2020.

Ms. Conn was calm, supportive, and nurturing as she reassured students, staff, and parents regarding their health. She provided countless referrals and advice to individuals needing treatment. Ms. Conn's strong moral and ethical standards provided a solid base for the district as decisions were made about disinfecting, social distancing, a hybrid schedule for return to school, and COVID-19 reporting and contact tracing. Every case in the district was reported and had contact tracing completed.

Ms. Conn remained available around the clock for all district staff and families. She worked during school hours and late at night as she contacted employees and students' families as a follow-up to reports of illness. Parents reported receiving great comfort from her communication.

"Ms. Conn is an asset to Dearborn Public Schools and truly worthy of LifeChanger recognition," said Chochol.

Comments (6)

Nathal Jumaa Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Carrie! Well Deserved! Thank you for your patience, kindness and friendship.

Stace Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! I appreciate you and all you do every day!!

Amy Halimi Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Carrie! Thank you for your support and guidance always!

Annette McMahon Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! You are always so very helpful and kind hearted. Well deserved!

Ioanna Garrisi Posted over a year ago

Carrie thank you for all you have done for our district, students, staff, and parents. You were constant support, and continue to be, throughout the storm of Covid! Your responses to our million and one questions were quick, precise, and comforting. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to all of our district.

Amy Kandes Posted over a year ago

CARRIE!! I'm thrilled for you to be able to receive this recognition! As a District we are grateful to have your knowledge and compassion. Certainly, Covid has made this work much more difficult, but, you handle it with grace and continue to lead our team through the fog. I'm thankful to be your coworker and your friend. Congratulations!!!! I love ya!