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Catherine Cassidy

Position: Principal
School: Southside High School
School District: Lafayette Parish School System
City, State: Youngsville, LA

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Catherine Cassidy was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

"I have worked for many administrators throughout my 18 years as an educator in Southwest Louisiana and in Orange County, FL. I can honestly say that Catherine Cassidy is the best administrator I have ever encountered," the nominator said.

Ms. Cassidy is a no-nonsense leader who seems to have been born for the role of Southside High School’s first principal. She approaches every situation with the mindset of what is best for the student. She uses common sense in every decision she makes, and seems to treat everyone she encounters with dignity and respect.

Ms. Cassidy worked as a basketball coach and as an assistant principal for many years. She brings the right amount of decisiveness, fun, and innovation to a school that is the first of its kind in its district. Ms. Cassidy beat out many qualified candidates in an extremely competitive search for principal. The selection process for the principal position was extremely competitive due to the fact that it was the first high school built in the school district within 50 years.

"Ms. Cassidy is one of the 'unicorns' in this profession. She is the 'mythical creature' of the administrative world, the administrator that all teachers wish to have, yet rarely encounter," the nominator said. "She is equal parts fairness, consistency, firmness, and compassion. In a world where teachers are becoming increasingly discouraged because of unfair expectations and unrealistic requirements placed on them, it has been refreshing to encounter a principal who truly 'gets' it all and who is a champion for her teachers and for her entire staff. Teachers want to work hard for her. That fact alone speaks volumes about Ms. Cassidy's ability to lead."

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Kayla Posted over a year ago

She is a great principal. Love her so much!

Parmelia Posted over a year ago

Deep thought! Thanks for connirbutitg.