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Seena Brownell

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Bancroft Elementary School
School District: Mt. Diablo Unified School District
City, State: Walnut Creek, CA

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Seena Brownell was nominated by Ingrid Beesley, a parent of a student.

"She’s an amazing teacher. She was my daughter's teacher last year," Beesley said. "I work at the school part-time with her, and she’s so amazing with the kids. She really cares about their emotional state. They really look up to her and respect her so much."

Comments (3)

Nicole DiAnni Posted 5 months ago

A teacher who puts the wellbeing of her students first. My son is epileptic who was having seizures during class. She made it a priority for his fellow classmates to embrace his condition and all willing to help at any moment. She made them feel proud that they were now 'experienced' in knowing what to do and not feel scared during his episodes and how valuable it was that they will know what to do if this every happens again in their lifetime. ALL his classmates looked after my son. These life lessons are priceless and teacher like her make it happen. She's one of a kind.

Sabline Carbaugh Posted 5 months ago

An amazing teacher who gives her whole heart to her student's education and wellbeing. When you are in a room with her, you can feel her love and dedication.

Antonio Benavides Posted 5 months ago

Seena is dedicated to creating an environment where everyone can learn. Her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion allows every student to show up in a classroom where they can thrive.