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Whitney Maulsby

Position: Language Arts, Linguistics, & Journalism Teacher
School: C.L. Jones Middle School
School District: Minden Public Schools
City, State: Minden , NE

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Whitney Maulsby was nominated by one of her students.

"Whitney Maulsby deserves this reward, and here are a few reasons why," said the student. "First, she is always kind and caring. She doesn't treat people like they are less than they are, even if they don't have very good backgrounds. She is a funny teacher with a great personality and amazing skills. Ms. Maulsby always knows how to make students and staff smile. Second, she loves to be creative and come up with fun ways to teach her class. You can never have a boring day with her. She's lenient and doesn't get upset easily, which is why I recommend her for this."

Comments (7)

Ellie Posted 12 months ago

Mrs. Maulsby is such an amazing person inside and outside the classroom. She always makes her class exciting to go to and is so encouraging to all of her students. I’m so grateful to have Mrs. Maulsby as a teacher, she’ll definitely be on I’ll always remember.

Natali Uribe Posted 12 months ago

Mrs. Maulsby is one amazing teacher and person, who makes my day whenever I see her throughout the day. She is so kind, helpful, and probably a great mom. Mrs.Maulsby is so passionate with her students and I love that. I am so glad I got the opportunity for her to be my language Arts teacher this year. Mrs. Maulsby deserves a win!

Cassie Posted 12 months ago

A teacher is a guide and a compass. You’ve shown me the path to success and walked with me along the way. Your high expectations in the classroom has helped give me confidence in myself. Thanks so much for all you’ve done.

Brooke Carr Posted 12 months ago

I don’t know any better life changer and amazing teacher than Mrs.Maulsby. She is kind, generous, smart, and an awesome person. Mrs.Maulsby is always willing to help and talk through things with her students. She is patient with people who aren’t patient with her and that is what I like about her. I can’t wait for what else she has in store for future lessons and journalism next quarter.

Josh Stone Posted 12 months ago

You are the best teacher in the world

Nicole Posted over a year ago

I don’t know another teacher quite like Mrs. Maulsby. She’s kind, hardworking, generous, and supportive. But more than that, she puts her heart into everything she does. Anybody who comes into contact with Mrs. Maulsby knows that she loves what she does, who she does it with, and the fortunate students who sit in her classroom. She gives students experiences that they will never forget and I’m sure has left lasting impressions on so many lives.

Lola Posted over a year ago

Mrs Maulsby is the best teacher by far she is wonderful and patient she’s kind and brilliant