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Shane Evans

Position: Social/Emotional Teacher / Basketball Coach
School: Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School
School District: Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School
City, State: Indianapolis, IN

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Shane Evans was nominated by Anthony Snowden.

"I have known Mr. Shane Evans for quite a while now and have worked alongside him on many projects. I am always grateful for all the things he has done for me and my personal life. He knew I came from being homeless, and he has personally helped me to get back on my feet. I am personally nominating him for all the great things he does, and has been doing, in school systems," said Snowden.

Mr. Evans is more than just a teacher to students; he is truly a real life "Joe Clark" (from the movie Lean on Me). The relationships that he builds, not only with his students and their parents, but with students and families who don't attend his school, are unmatched. He doesn't just teach social-emotional skills - he teaches life skills, and he keeps students on a positive path in life.

Mr. Evans has used sports to connect with many students in the 46201 area. He helps many of them find love and passion for the game they choose to play. One of his sayings is: "Never let a ball come between you and your brother/sister, because at the end of the day, it's just rubber, and your life costs more than that."

"I have shared that saying with many young people I work with now," said Snowden. "He's more than a teacher. He's a parent and father figure to many of these students, and a mentor, coach, and inspiration to most. Because of all his success, I can't think of anyone else who deserves to be nominated more."

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Jamariyah Posted 10 months ago

Sorry that I am posting this late but I just want to take the time to acknowledge Shane for all that he does throughout the education world and throughout our communities. I can say so much about him but I will just focus on a few things that standout to me. First thing is that I love how he support all his students and former students on ALL levels. A few of his students and former students lost a love one and he's receiving a phone call about it and he's at the hospital with the family or he's at the house to help any kind of way possible. I think that speaks for itself how much families love him and the great relationships he has with everyone. When someone dies in the student life they instantly reach out to him. The next thing that I noticed about him is his passion to do for others without actually be center of attention. Many think they know him but many only know what they see in the schools. He's constantly doing things on the side for so many people and just having him nominated for this award has touch me probably more than him because the hours that this man works, the dedication and commitment that this man give and through all that you don't see him complain about anything. Shane, Mr. Evans and all the names and titles you carry, hopefully I can speak for everyone and say Thank you for being a Life Changer for our students, friends, family and everyone you cross paths with. Love!!

Cathey Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Evans is not just a teacher or coach but an inspiration to many. He has changed for the better for not just his family and himself but for many people around him. What I think the most important piece about what he does in the Social Emotional Learning field is bring his experiences and is able to relate to many of his students and staff. What I love about him as a coach is what I heard him say a few weeks ago in practice, "Anyone can be called a Coach, but only real Coaches that work tirelessly for their athletes, always have their athletes best interests in mind AND have no bias or political agenda have actually earned their title as a coach." I think it is so important that he knows as a coach that its not about the wins or losses but making sure each student athlete is straight on and off the court and thats what many educators don't understand. He has spent numerous of money, donated money, sponsor so many students and athletes rather its groceries, food, sports related, school supplies, helping parents with their bills and more. He has always went out his way to make sure kids are able to be kids and don;t have to worry about adult business. I thank him for being a life changer in my life and will continue to inspire many people in our community, schools and city. Thank you for being an life changer for us Mr. Evans.

LaTrice Crawford Posted 11 months ago

Shane is a game changer for our youth on the Eastside of Indianapolis. The work that he does with our inner city student athletes is impeccable and admirable. He pours into students that otherwise are often looked over and forgotten about. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and collaborating with Coach Evans and it’s been a wonderful experience for all, but more importantly the work has tremendously benefited the students as it should. He goes above and beyond his duties to ensure all under his care has opportunities that had he not got involved they may have not gotten. I truly appreciate the work he does with our youth at a time when our youth are struggling to stay engaged in positive ways he’s helped to fill the gap. Shane is a life changer and so many students are lucky to have him. I’m so glad God allowed our paths to cross and I look forward to continuing to work with Coach Evans. Keep being the change agent, mentor, coach, father, big brother, uncle and friend you are for so many that need you! God Bless You!

Ky Posted 11 months ago

What makes someone or anything a life changer? Shane who I have known my entire lift hasnt just impacted people at his school, he has impacted so many in his own community where he live and was born, he has impacted so many people around the world by traveling and helping some of the toughest cities build better and stronger communities around teen pregnancy, youth violence, education and youth employment. Shane has traveled and done public speaking and has inspired many people with his inspiring and knowledge words. Shane has been apart of so many youth organizations, committees, research projects and much more. But that don't really make him who he is. What make him a life changer in my eyes is his action behind everything he does. He doesnt want to be in the spotlight, he does alot of his work behind close doors. He truly believe when people are always in the spot light and do it for publicity they aint doing it out of love and compassion. Everything he does is out of love and compassion. He so humble about everything he does. I don't know too many teachers who works in low income communities with very very high crime, drug addicts, high prostitution and much more. He has never been the one to be afraid of getting people together to create life in some of the most difficult communities. You don;t have to go to school 15 to know Mr. Evans, so many people know him by connections but he has impacted so many kids around and at other schools it so amazing. Lastly I want to say from someone who has known him for so long, I have watched him battle through depression, anxiety and some of the most darkest days of his life from losing about 3-4 cousins, friends, and many young people who has come across his path and journey, IDK anyone that don't take time off, he never took time off to grieve and he would always say "what about other people who count on me" he know he cant save everyone but to him he can impact so many. He never take time off, he never complain, he might share a few tears but hes right back to work and wanting to find ways to change the life of others. He love building himself so he can be mentally, physically, emotionally and especially spiritually ready for whatever come his way. Shane THANK YOU for being my life changer, THANK YOU for being over 1,000,000 youth and their parents LIFE CHANGER, THANK YOU for never giving up on anyone, Thank you for never complaining, THANK YOU for always being so strong even when things was hard in your life, THANK YOU for being a mentor, father figure, a great father, coach, teacher, AD, and all the many titles you held. THANK YOU for always being YOU. If you don;t majke it as a finalist, YOU are our finalist here in our community and city. Nobody else matches your love and compassion and understanding for the students you serve in one of the toughest communities in the world. I love you.

Carolyn Posted 11 months ago


BENJAMIN PERRIN Posted 11 months ago

Clearly, Mr. Evans has done a great deal for the students and school per everything mentioned. My personal experience is that he has brought together staff, students, and parents and knitted them all into the same community. He organizes a friendly staff versus students basketball game that has become a fun tradition to look forward to yearly. Basketball was important to me during my formative years and this experience has given me a new appreciation for it. This tradition has brought together different races and backgrounds of people and it has been a lot of work on his end. Thank you Mr. Evans for your commitment to the school and community!

Kimberly Mendoza Posted 11 months ago

I meet Shane his first year working at Thomas Gregg. I have worked along side him for four years now .His second year in I was going through a lot in life , Shane was there as a person to listen to me and not judge me . I felt like he was one of the many people I could talk to , without being judged. Shane showed me how to open my eyes more . Shane is a very humble man . He has done so many great things in his young life ! I’ve very proud of the father , teacher , friend and coach he is . I’ve never meet a friend like Shane. He’s token kids and gave them confidence in their selfs, when no one else believed in them . He made them really great athletes! I’ve never meet a coach like Shane , I’ve been a sports mom for many years . But in all my years being a spirts mom . I haven’t came across one like Shane . Shane would be there to help anyone who needs it , without judgement. I’ve learned so many things from Shane over the years of knowing him . If anyone deserves this award it would have to be him. Shane also helps his church and his community on his free time. Shane doesn't want anything in return , for all he does . Shane is just a passionate person , who truly cares for others . He also loves to help anyone he can . I could right a book on all the things and people he has helped . Shane helps people out of the kindness of his heart. Shane is truly one of gods blessings!!

Nhala Posted 11 months ago

I had the privilege to meeting Shane through his podcast a year ago and been following his work in the community. I have been so amazed by the number of people who has met him and knows him. I know he don’t like many people knowing all the great things he does but I believe there’s so much he does for our young people and people in the community that so many people don’t know or talk about. He have invested TIME for so many people and you don’t see that from people now days. I don’t know too much about him in the classroom but im sure he is great but you don’t find too many teachers who can go to work and teach, do athletic, after school clubs, help out with SEL stuff, coach, train, community work, church involvement, help transport to and from games. I even see him help schools out with fundraising and he doesn’t work at that school. Talking about life changing moments. Most students won’t ever have nor see another teacher like Mr. Coach Evans. Let’s cherish every single moment because I truly would truly say he has inspire me and so many people around our city.

Jalen Posted 11 months ago

I think what’s impressive to me is his consistency with everything. As I am reading many of his comments from his colleagues, students and former students, friends and family. I think I can speak for many of them and say that he (Shane) is involved in so many things from being the SEL Teacher, over all the SEL department at the school, over after school programs and Athletic Director and I believe he even coach at his school. Then you go and look at how he helps out over at a few high schools this year around basketball and their program. He training athletes on the side for FREE. How many people and trainers you know are doing that? But most importantly he continue to have an impact on former students who no longer attend his school after they leave. Many teachers wouldn’t check in on students. He has been very consistent since he got in to education 6.5 years ago and continue to go strong. I am so proud of my cousin and all that he does. He doesn’t ask for anything in return. He has helped many of his former students get jobs at our summer program at the church and I think it’s speaks volume on how a teacher job is never from bell to bell but truly a never ending job. Our community is proud of him. Many people here in Indianapolis need to see more young black men like himself because most of our kids see guns and money, deaths and deaths and death. But we truly have a real life hero in front of us and we need to celebrate him and shine the light on him now before it’s too late. Thank you for all you do and will do for our community, other communities and throughout the city.

Shaynae Harvey Posted 11 months ago

Shane is a wonderful teacher and coach. He listens to the kids and parents when things get tough. He deserves this award because he goes over and beyond for the students not only is he a great mentor he’s a great friend. I love how he pushes the kids to their best ability to show them their worth

Alasia Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Evans has been there to life me up when no one else has and I know that everybody says that but he’s truly been there the good days and the bad when I felt everything I did was wrong or felt like I wasn’t capable of anything he was there gave me a task to show me that if I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything or some days he’d just make me laugh and that’s all I needed he made me believe in myself when I thought made me believe the even the impossible was possible sometimes I’ve always been a over-thinker and he was always there to show me that it wasn’t as difficult as I was making it seem . Still to this day I use the strategies that he as given me to help me through hard things like test or even easy things that I just forgot how to do . He was there to show me I was more than capable to show I had more potential than I was letting myself believe . Some days he would just let me talk and he would just listen Because at that time I needed a friend more than a teacher and He has always been both one of my number 1 supporters and with that being said he’s definitely changed my life around for the better I don’t think anyone else would be a better fit for this reward than him.

Cadrean Posted 11 months ago

Thank you for being an awesome coach and taking the time out of your busy schedule to dedicate yourself to the basketball team! You rock

Carlos Posted 11 months ago

Thank you for being an awesome role model!

Cameron Posted 11 months ago

Thank you for being an awesome coach!

Ariana Posted 11 months ago

Mr.Evans is a great role model and support system not not only for the Thomas Gregg community but for many young boys and girls! We appreciate you so much…..

Coreah Posted 11 months ago

As a former student of mr evans I can validate he has helped people in many ways and is generally kind and careful person. He has also helped me and others grow as person and athlete. Congratulations Mr evans on your big accomplishment!

Carissa J Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Evan’s definitely deserves this award. I met Mr. Evan’s through my mom who works with him at Thomas Gregg. We immediately connected as we both love the game of basketball. Although, I was not one of his students/players, he supported me at my games and practices. He volunteered as a coach at my school and became a big part of the reason I decided to play basketball at a collegiate level and gave me the opportunity to mentor some girls at his school and be apart of making a difference in young peoples lives. He inspires so many and does so much with no expectations in return.

Alasia Dorsey Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Evans has been there to lift me up when no one else has and I know that everyone says that but he’s truly been there the good days and the bad when I felt everything I did was wrong or felt like I wasn’t capable of anything he was there gave me a task to show me that if I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything or some days he’d just make me laugh and that’s all I needed he made me believe in myself when I thought it was nothing to believe in , he made me believe that even the impossible was possible sometimes. I’ve always been a over-thinker and he was always there to show me that it wasn’t as difficult as I was making it seem . Still to this day I use the strategies that he as given me to help me through hard things like test or even easy things that I just forgot how to do . He was there to show me I was more than capable , to show me I had more potential than I was letting myself believe . Some days he would just let me talk and he would just listen Because at that time I needed a friend more than a teacher and He has always been both one of my number 1 supporters and with that being said he’s definitely changed my life around for the better I don’t think anyone else would be a better fit for this reward than him.

Mari Posted 11 months ago

I’m former student/ athlete of mr. Evans and I can confirm that he is a great coach and person. He is always there for the people he cares about when needed. Congratulations!

Kei Elam Posted 11 months ago

I’ve seen Shane Evan’s work diligently and professionally with all level of children from all ages. He not only teaches them about the craft that they may be learning, but more importantly he teaches life changing goals and aspirations so that have the perfect opportunity to take on life as prepared as ever.

Ana Gonzalez Posted 11 months ago

I have known Mr.Evans since 5th grade and he really changed me as a person helped me understand some stuff a little bit better and he also was my basketball coach and he taught me how to play basketball since it was my first time playing basketball ! he always told his life stories and his life stories really motivated me in a way to do better for myself and some stuff that he has told me has been in my head ever since i left school 15 !

Sebastian Bach Posted 11 months ago

Mr.Evans was a great social emotional learning teacher he was supportive and always helpful to all students and staff at Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School. Mr.Evans would never have an attitude and would always love to teach. Congratulations Mr.Evans

Adria Posted 11 months ago

Mr.Evans is a great person and plus he is always there when u need something or someone to talk to.

Cristina Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Evans has always been one of my favorite teachers ever since I went to Thomas Gregg in grade 4. He always had great personality and energy that could turn someone day around. He always cared for the students and made learning fun. He was a very good coach as well. I miss being in your class room Mr. Evans !

Cristina Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Evans was my favorite teacher when I was in elementary school. I always looked forward to going to his class. He made learning fun. Overall one of the top teachers I’ve had so far.

Perla Posted 11 months ago

Mr. evans has showed me that if you want to achieve something in your life you have to do it with or without people around. He has showed me that whoever your surroundings are you have to show out what you believe and what you stand out for. He has showed me that either we accomplish with people around or alone.

Joslyn voss Posted 11 months ago

I grew up in 5 and 6 grade with Mr.evans. whenever I found out I had him for specials all I thought was yayyy. He is a very good basketball coach and is very inspiring. He is a very kind man and deserves a lot towards his future. I don't have very many favorite teachers but he is most definitely number 1 on my list. He always helped everyone he could. He never failed to put a smile on anyone's face. He helps a lot with people struggling even if he is struggling so when I see that I realize he is a very good man. I think yall should vote for him if u like kind,funny,generous,kind people who help a lot

Lorren Posted 11 months ago

Thanks for being a great teacher and coach. You taught me many things in school and out. You made me get into basketball in 4th grade and ever since then that’s been my favorite sport. I used to be bad at the game lol but you taught me to be the best I can be. Thanks for everything.??

Tete Posted 11 months ago

I’ve known him since 2019 and he is really helpful with everything

Duran Posted 11 months ago

Me evans is a good person I been knowing him for a while now an I seen him change people lives around me for example when I first went to that school I was a bad an problem child I didn’t want anybody to tell me what to do so I got into basketball an football an mr evans was a coach at the time him an coach corn taught me the life of being a male they taught me things that other people tend to not tell me an I really appreciate that without him or corn I would probably be in jail or getting in trouble right now!!

Crystal Johnson Posted 11 months ago

Mr. Evan’s goes above and beyond in all that he does for his students in out of the classroom. His passion and dedication to his students and community is unmatched in which makes it difficult to put into words all that he does. Mr. Evan’s is special educator/coach/mentor that will leave a lasting impression on the youth lives he has touched.

Spates Posted 11 months ago

I am nominating Mr. Evans because he has proven time after time how dedicated he is to changing the lives of young people, of all ages and different backgrounds. He goes above and beyond to support the community of our families. I've had the pleasure in working with him on some of his projects and witnessed his hard work and success. Mr. Evan has a unique way in relating to others and being a problem solver. He's never discouraged when faced with challeges, instead, he rolls up his sleeves and does what need to be done to help others. He deserves this award and more. I am very proud of him.

Kelly Beaman Posted 11 months ago

I have worked with Mr. Evans for a few years and several of his many wonderful character traits are his listening skills and empathetic nature. He has this wonderful and genuine ability to put all of his attention on you when you are speaking with him. He is an attentive and thoughtful young man. He is quite deserving of this award.

Gene Markiewicz Posted 11 months ago

As a classroom teacher, having Shane Evans as part of our school culture is valuable to me to look beyond the student’s academics. Shane is supportive, a resource, and a teacher of teachers. Our children come from a variety of life situations. Each student has individual circumstances. Shane is there to support and help navigate our approach. Or to be a cheerleader. I have more than once asked him for advice or affirmation about my approach with student needs. He is a terrific person and most of all REAL! He tells me straight every time. I am thankful for Mr. Shane Evans

Anuja Petruniw Posted 11 months ago

I’ve had the pleasure of serving as Shane’s school administrator at two different schools over the past 6 years. Shane is one of a kind when it comes to his passion and dedication to young people. He builds great relationships with students, families and colleagues. It’s been a joy to see him blossom in his role as not only Social Emotional teacher but coach and athletic director as well. He is very much deserving of this award! Congratulations Mr. Evans!

Ranisha Martin Posted 11 months ago

I have been knowing Mr. Evens for a while now and his interactions with children is phenomenal. He is more than just a teacher or coach. He is a mentor and a friend and that is well appreciated from many parents, especially the ones with young men. He creates activities and after school events to assure the children are out of trouble and occupied. Even if they no longer attend Thomas Gregg. I think that makes him an amazing person and deserves this more than anything.

Prestina Garth Posted 11 months ago

I grew up in Mr. Evans after school program back in 2014. The program was for high school students focusing on academics and life skills. There were about 15-18 students that were all in the program. Mr. Evans will have speakers come in and speak with us about careers and people who had went through similar challenges as the students in our program. Mr. Evans had an ceremony called "Facing the Storms of Life". The ceremony was about young people who faced various circumstances in life such as; depression, low self-esteem and stress. Many of us were raising ourselves and our younger siblings, while our parents were at work. There were a time where my mom was in some deep trouble and she was having some difficult time. Mr. Evans went to the grocery store to buy us groceries for the household for an entire week. Many don't see nor know all the great things he does for people behind close doors because he don't seek it for attention or want to be in the spotlight. He truly does it out of the kindness of his heart. So if I think about what a Life Changer is, Mr. Evans truly changed the lives of many young people over the past 15 years and its so weird because he's so young himself but if anyone deserves to be the lifechanger of the year. It should be Mr. Evans who goes above and beyond not just in the classroom but out of it as well. On the court, in the community, at other schools from elementary to high school. The impact is beyond his own school.

Jamarriah Posted 11 months ago

thanks for being a good person towards everybody and also being a good coach . Even teaching the girls what we diddnt know.

Terri L Coleman Posted 11 months ago

I would like to recommend Shane L. Evans for the “LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR AWARD”. I have known Shane for 13 years and he is truly an outstanding and remarkable person and leader. Shane is very dedicated to his family, students, friends and community. He is always interested in helping, improving and uplifting others. Shane is a source of inspiration. He is a leader and not a follower. Shane works hard and he puts his heart and soul into all his endeavors. He carries himself in a polite and respectful manner and exhibits balance and grace. Shane displays a lofty degree of ambition, integrity and responsibility. He has so many formidable qualities that give me the confidence to recommend him for your award. Therefore, I am delighted to give Shane my wholehearted endorsement.

Elisha Posted 11 months ago

As a former student/athlete of Mr evans I can say that he is the right person to give this award to he has impacted my life on the court and off I would just love to help him get this award thank you

Katelynn Posted 11 months ago

Thank you for being such an awesome coach.

Mia Hughes Posted 11 months ago

I been knowing Shane for so many years and when I think of the name of "LifeChanger" I think about his journey throughout the years. Shane never wanted to be in education but he truly been a teacher since youth. Shane has lead his own youth organizations in his own community gathering many of the neighborhood kids to focus on education, youth violence, God and working around young people gifts and talents. I remember back in 2013, Shane hit a tough time in his life where he thought life was pointless and didn't think living was the goal anymore. Shane went through counseling and worked on himself before working with anyone else. Not too many people knew that he was going through this tough time. In 2015 he gathered young people and had a ceremony where young people got to share their stories from their different back ground and Shane was the main speaker and he came out in a casket to speak on mental illness. He talked about how so many of our students and young people are facing mental illness and we're all are blinded about it and need to find resources to help our youth. Mr. Evans journey in education for 7 years now have changed the lives of many of his peers, students, athletes and inspired many teachers and coaches around the city. The love and respect that the students, parents, teachers and the community have for him is unmatched. I personally call him "Mr. Near Eastside" because Shane will just pull up and get the students together in the neighborhood to play basketball, flag football or even buy them lunch or just to have a water fight in the summer. His passion for not just his main job but his passion for the work that God has called him to do is truly life changing. He once told me "if we could find more black men to get in education throughout the US, I bet you we will have some of the best education system in the world." I truly am proud of you Mr. Evans for sticking to something that you never wanted to do but having the strength to carry on even through the dark times and long days and nights you continue to put in numerous hours and love for the community you serve. You are truly a LIFE CHANGER.

Jeremy Thompson Posted 11 months ago

I’ve know Shane Evans for a long time, 20 years watching him grow from a Boy to Man. We grew up in the same youth summer camp together called Young Men Inc. I had the privilege to working right beside him during our tenured at YMI. Shane is is the true example of a Leader. Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. Shane as always been a hard worker if he set his mine to do anything, it’s going to get done by any means necessary. He’s definitely one of a kind. I am honor to know this man to call him my friend and a brother.

Esmeralda Posted 11 months ago

I never had a close bond to Mr. Evans, but he has made my school days a smidge more enjoyable when I attended Thomas Greg. He has impacted a lot of people I know, and I'm so grateful to call myself his former student. Congratulations, Mr. Evans! (:

Claudia Posted 11 months ago

I am a former student of Mr.Evans he had greatly impacted my life and many others. He is a very hard working man that always tries his best even when he doesn’t have to. He one of the most amazing teachers i have met and i think he should really be recognized for that. He has done so much for his students and for his community overall he is an amazing teacher and human being.

Brayden ohaver Posted 11 months ago

I was a former students on mr.evens he is a very good person I don’t know how many kids he has helped because there are too many to count but it there was a couple of words to decried him it’s kind,caring,thoughtful. He would always be there for the children that needed him the most and I hope he goes on with sharing kindness and anyone that has him in his life are so lucky because he is a great teacher and motivator

Luvli V Posted 11 months ago

Mr.evans was the best teacher in Thomas Gregg. He helped his students with everything from work to gifts he made sure his students was good and I'm very thankful for him he make jokes he cheers you up from having a bad day and he also teaches you real life stuff and how to make yourself a better person thank you Mr.evans -Luvli Vaughn.

Eniaya Posted 11 months ago

You have inspired me to play better in basketball and have been a wonderful coach to me.

Annabelle Calow Posted 11 months ago

Mr.Evans went above and beyond the expectations of a teacher. He taught me many important things as a SEL teacher; empathy, compassion, and awareness. He would ask how your day is or if you are okay, many teachers don’t typically ask that. Overall Mr.Evans deserves this award.

Alexandria Warfield Posted 11 months ago

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Mr Evans for the last 4 school years and it’s difficult to come up with the words that’ll suffice to describe how much of an impact he has on our school and the neighborhood. Mr. Evans has been a true father figure to our students, being a constant presence in their lives, even after they’ve gone on to middle and high school. I have seen my colleague not only go above and beyond for his job by taking over the athletic director position, while simultaneously coaching a plethora of after school sports, all the while providing a high end education in social emotional learning, but when I say above and beyond, I truly mean it. He has provided counseling to our students and families, shows up for families going through anything from food and financial insecurity to guiding them through grief, all the while making sure students are consistently attending school. He truly is a life changer for many of our families and he deserves this award!

Jay Posted 11 months ago

Mr Evans is a man of many talents, each one showing and proving how he truly loves his community. He is truly a dedicated man of the community and he continues to amaze me with all the good that he does. There is no one for whom I have more respect and admiration for than him. Not only does he give back to the community but he is dedicated to his family and friends as well. But, even as we celebrate his work, I realize that he has reached only a fraction of all the things he has left to accomplish in life. I can not thing of anyones else more deserving of this opportunity.

Monique Posted 11 months ago

I’m a former student of mr evans aka Peter he’s been a great person to me these last 4years I known him he also been a been a great coach he’s made a huge impact in my life and I love him for that congratulations!

Kayla Watterson Posted 11 months ago

I have known Mr. Evans since I started working at TGNS. I have seen him in action as a coach and he is an exceptional role model for these girls in athletics. He knows how to push them to be the best they can be on and off the court and help to grow their passion.

Joe Ferguson Posted 11 months ago

I have collaborated with Shane on a variety of SEL projects, from training videos to curriculum implementation. He frequently collaborates with school staff to ensure his reach extends beyond the SEL classroom. His dedication to the students he works with is inspiring to say the least. Whether he is coaching or teaching, Shane consistently presents himself as a positive role model for not only the students he works with, but the adults as well. His advocacy for the often overlooked and under appreciated makes him an outstanding example and I am proud to know him.

chi Posted 11 months ago

i’m a former student and athlete of Mr Evans i can say he’s a great person he very help i love and appreciate him to the fullest he’s great with kids he’s there for you anytime he has made my life better keeping me out of trouble i don’t know where i would be without him

Carmen Dube Posted 11 months ago

When a single mom raise a young boy, she is often told that that child will not grow up to be a man. He is often associated with crime. When I look back on the struggle that my son has overcome to be where he is now, it makes me she’s a tear. From the discouragement of not having a job to becoming a father to becoming a role model is all that a mother can ask for. When I can go out in public and be asked, “You kind to Mr. Evans, he is a great man. Well done mom!” It makes me smile like I have never smiled before! To my son, I have always taught you, your brother and sisters never to let anything or anyone stop your shine. And you have done just that. I am so proud of you!!!!

Camile starks Posted 11 months ago

Mr.Evans has did countless things for me and my family, whether that’s a practicing with us or even giving us a ride somewhere. We are so greatfull to have him in our life and so happy he has an opportunity to get an award like this.??

Terri L Coleman Posted 11 months ago

I would like to recommend Shane L. Evans for the “LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR AWARD”. I have known Shane for 13 years and he is truly an outstanding and remarkable person and leader. Shane is very dedicated to his family, students, friends and community. He is always interested in helping, improving and uplifting others. Shane is a source of inspiration. He is a leader and not a follower. Shane works hard and he puts his heart and soul into all his endeavors. He carries himself in a polite and respectful manner and exhibits balance and grace. Shane displays a lofty degree of ambition, integrity and responsibility. He has so many formidable qualities that give me the confidence to recommend him for your award. Therefore, I am delighted to give Shane my wholehearted endorsement.

Yaeyae Posted 11 months ago

I’m a former student of Mr Evans he’s an amazing teacher and I really appreciate him being apart of my life… he’s in good person in peoples lives when they need him there for them.

Clifton Harris Posted 11 months ago

My first encounter with Mr Evans was working at Thomas the Gregor elementary School 15 when we start working athletics together coaching basketball he took the game over and took it to another level what I mean by taking it to another level where kids don't have a lot Mr Evans took it up on his own self to make sure kids girls and boys have decent uniforms and decent clothes to where he never put his self first he always was thinking about the kids and their future working with parents He made kids feel good about their self and they wanted to achieve in school that is much more then winning the game or bring home the championship Mr. Evans took up on himself to make sure that somebody else has something else this is one young man that I am proud of to say that he is my lil brother That's what I call him sometime we were side-by-side so long he acts like a little brother to me He's younger than me but he's has a good head on his shoulders he works hard in the community he works hard with his church home he's a loving father to his daughter and others And also a good coworker and friend if anyone should be nominated for this award should be him he earned it he worked his butt off for it I'm glad the light is finally shiny on him because he deserve it

Elijah Goodwin Posted 12 months ago

As a former athlete of Mr Evans I can honestly say he has impacted my life athletically and academically. He is a great mentor, teacher, and coach to many students. He has not only effected my life but many others. If anyone deserves this award it is Mr Evans, he has done so much for others without asking for anything in return.

Elijah Goodwin Posted 12 months ago

Coming from a former student athlete of Mr Evans, I can honestly say he has heavily impacted my life both academically and athletically. He is a great mentor, coach, and teacher that has impacted not only my life but many others.

Elijah Goodwin Posted 12 months ago

As we all know being a young kid/teen especially of minority growing up on the east side of Indy can be hard. A lot of violence, hate, and drug use can occur in kids daily life. I would say Mr Evans was a role mode and mentor to kids that might see, witness, or experience those things. Rather it was be a teacher In the classroom or on the court Mr Evans effected mine and many others lives. I can say I am who I am today academically and athletically because of the contributions and help I have received from Mr Evans. He has given me keys to help guide me to a successful life. No one deserves anything more than than Mr evans because he has given so much without ever asking for anything in return. These next few years will reflect that as he has groomed some of the finest men and women who will one day be successful because of his actions.

Jason(doodah) Johnson Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Evans is a phenomenal Coach, Mentor, Teacher, and Motivational Speaker. He is a good asset to the community and the schools. He deserves this reward and many more. He is amazing to have around. He knows how to be serious and he knows how to have fun. Thank you for being apart of my life.

Joyce Waldkoetter Posted 12 months ago

As a colleague, I appreciate the relationships Shane shares with students. He is a mentor, father figure, friend, teacher, and coach. He works to inspire and to build character in the students. Not only does Shane take time for the students, but he is an important part of the community, especially to the families of the students. He definitely is a lifechanger and I am proud to work with him.

Scates Family Posted 12 months ago

If anybody deserves this it’s definitely you. My family & I met Mr. Evans about 8 years ago and he has been the best teacher friend role model etc. ever since.. An absolute blessing to our families and community. Thank you for leading our youth. Thank you for being an amazing person.

Cameron Evans Posted 12 months ago

Shane is has been a great inspiration to many people including myself. He thrives on helping people become a better version of themselves day in and day out. From the time Shane and I were young boys til now, he has had a huge impact on my life. Growing up in a single parent household he has stepped up being a man. He helped me make crucial decisions within my life that has turned for the better. I cannot express enough of how grateful I am for having a brother like Shane.

Arkeelah Posted 12 months ago

Thank you for being a good coach

Dr. Solomon Knight, Educator Posted 12 months ago

I have witnessed Shane's tenacity and intentional pursuit in becoming a man of valor. Shane has always had greatness within him. From his younger days in Young Men, Incorporated, he was a cut above the others. He has overcome MANY obstacles in his young life. He is still here. Not only is he here, but he is giving back what has been given to him...HOPE and BELIEF. The young people whom he chooses to coach and teacher understand his 100% commitment to make them better human beings. We all need a Shane Evans in our lives! Feel free to contact me. I am more than willing to expand my thoughts regarding this man of valor!

Maya F. Posted 12 months ago

Mr. Evans is a true inspiration for others. He has helped people in so many different ways. You can call him a hero without a doubt. He has given everyone a chance and make them realize that they can better themselves. He is very passionate to the people he loves and cares for. Congratulations, Mr. Evans.

Joleyshka Posted 12 months ago

U got this u can do it u’ve changed so many life’s with ur story u’ve help people

Jasmine Posted 12 months ago

shane evans or to me known as uncle peter this is one if the best/inspiring men that I know. He is a great person and a great father i could not put in words how happy i am to have him in my life

Jason-JaShon Johnson Posted 12 months ago

Mr.Evans, I don’t think it’s enough room on here for me to explain how much of a inspiration he is to me. How he became such a huge role model in my life. He is a awesome Coach, Mentor, and Friend.

Madison Posted 12 months ago

Thank you for being one of the most inspirational people I know. It’s never an attitude from you. You are always teaching!

Jason Johnson Posted 12 months ago

More than a coach more than a father a great men he helped a lot he’s there for any an every student he stepped up when plenty didn’t he take strong terms in try his best even when it’s not gone work to do work he can create great student athletes if given more positions he can create more men and women he Shane evens can build a wonderful program any where he fits in the community the community loves him knows him many look up to him men in all.

Gail M Reaves Posted 12 months ago

I have known Mr. Shane since he's been little and join in the Spiritual Children Activities VBS, Sunday School and helped me as an Assistant. Was very respectful to me. displayed good character I know him as a Teenager, and saw Leadership type skills when He organized program at Broadway Methodist Church concerning other Teens in The Mapleton- Fallcreek Neighborhood. He has humbleness about him. He has a style how he dresses, Great example to lead other young men. Everyone has experience Challenges, and I know Mr. Shane has, and I have seen he still has pushed pass pain in his life and kept it going. Very Intellectual person. Ever learning. Seeing the relationship he has with his Daughter, speaks volume. The first example of a Great Leader/Teacher. I NOMINATE MR. SHANE TO BE THE LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR. Mrs. Reaves

Javeauhn Holmes Posted 12 months ago

He made me not just the athlete but contributed to the man I am today. Never seen a person that cares as much as he does about everyone around him. W person.

Malachi & Dawn Walker Posted 12 months ago

Congratulations to Shane Evans on his nomination for Life Changer of The Year. We have known Shane for more than 10 years. We have been his pastors and mentors. We know him to be a man of integrity, a passionate educator, and exceptional father. He cares about his students and he strives hard to be an example to the students and others he mentors. He is patient, kind, and most of all innovative. He strives to find new ways to teach and support his students. As a coach he can be counted on to model behavior in words and deeds. He knows how to encourage his players and his students to never allow the ball to be the thing that controls your attitudes or actions. Shane has been a long term mentor for Young Men, Inc. Youth Ministry. He works with the young men in this program every year, but especially in the summer and has been doing so since he was 10 years old. Now as an adult, he returns in the summer to teach and help the participants. Encouraging them mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. He uses social-emotional learning tools to make his impact. He also helps participants to understand how violence and poor decision making can impact their futures. Shane has come from a background ravaged with violence and death, but he has used his resilience to overcome these obstacles for himself, and for helping others to have hope in an often hopeless community. He knows what it is like to hear gunshots and sirens constantly, to learn of the death of friends and love ones probably weekly, and yet continue to work hard to help our young people become the best students, athletes, and citizens that they can be. Shane is helping to impact and change lives one student at a time. He may not be able to change the lives of all those he touches, but he can do something. He doesn't just stand around and talk about it. He puts his words and work into action! Shane is a shining star in our community and well deserving of the Life Changer of The Year Award. We support and recommend him without hesitation or reservation.

Monique Shaw Posted 12 months ago

Exceptional human being who cares about his students. Congratulations. Shane Evans

Cornelius Strickland Posted 12 months ago

Shane Evans is by far one of the most influential gentlemen I have met. The way he puts his time and affection into any role that he plays, whether it’s teaching , coaching or just motivating someone to do better. Mr.Evans is a youth leader and a community bridge builder the tenacity that he displays on a day to day basis shows everyday. You can’t find people who puts their every effort and shows love. Beyond proud of this young man and excited for the bright future for him!

LaShawnda Johnson Posted 12 months ago

Where do I begin? Before I first met Mr. Evans my kids always spoke highly of him. I had to meet this guy. Finally I met him and he is not just my kids teacher, coach, and mentor. He has became a big asset to our family. He is good with the community, his peers, his students, and most of all he loves his daughter. He takes pride in giving to others. He also is a big part and plays a big part in Sports. He is more than what you will expect out of him. He is passionate, caring, calm, and patient. He is the type that will give the shirt off his back, and shoes off his feet. I am proud to say how amazing he is and he deserves every award that is giving. You only get one of them and he is the ONE.

Baby Johnson Posted 12 months ago

Great nomination this man is a true mentor and great inspiration and fantastic coach ever since he stepped in my life he’s been here. Thankful for you!!

Rev. Brenda Edmonds Wilson Posted 12 months ago

I met Shane while working together at another school. I quickly could tell that he had a good spirit. We became connected and he called me his "School Mom". He left that school but I quickly followed him to Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School. He has always been an inspiration to students and famlies. He was able to become a coach where his focus is on teaching the game, building character, and becoming a team. He likes to win but that is not the most important goal of his team. I have seen him become a positive figure in a lot of students lives. He goes out of his way to make sure students and families have what is needed to be successful in school and the community. He is a person who puts God, others and then himself in that order. He has been involved in communiy efforts to curb the violence in thne neighborhoods. I can't think of anyone moe deserving of this nomination and award as Life Changer of the Year. I wish Shane the best and hope he wins this award.

TAYLER Posted 12 months ago

Coming from a former athlete of Mr. Evans , I’m honestly beyond grateful for him. Not only has he done so much for me but for my friends too. I could of go on of stories he has done that he has done for my me and friends.He has set up ceremonies with awards with our season , He has set up photo shoots for us , He has taken us out to , eat provided us with gifts just out of his Kindness. He has always provided me with a ride never asked for gas , he always just volunteers. Even after our season was over he still comes and supports my high school experience, and guides me through it with some of the best advice. He does not only so much for us , but for his community to. He works so much to provide a better life for him and his daughter, Even he calls us his kids. He is the most humble person I’ve met , He never brags about what he has done. If I ever needed something I know I could ask him and he do it with no doubt in his mind.Beyond Grateful for him , Truly a life changer .

Janice Jenkins Posted 12 months ago

I am so proud of you. You are an exceptional human being as well as teacher. We are lucky to have you and the students are lucky to learn from you.