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Nicole Miller

Position: English Teacher
School: C.L. Jones Middle School
School District: Minden Public Schools
City, State: Minden, NE

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Nicole Miller was nominated by multiple students. Below is a compilation of quotes from her nominators.

"Mrs. Miller is one of the best teachers I've ever met. I love her so much. She is great at her job, but also makes sure I am okay when I am down, and I really appreciate that. She is great at making sure we understand what we are doing. She makes sure we have fun, but are still learning. I really hope she knows how special she is to me, because she is my biggest role model in life right now."

"Mrs. Miller helps you when you need it and she is very kind. She loves kids and doesn't get angry easily. She's very patient, talented, and creative."

"Mrs. Miller is one of the best teachers/peers ever. Kids love her, parents love her, and other teachers love her. She lets you have fun, but she makes sure you learn."

Comments (15)

Alyssa Bernshausen Posted 12 months ago

Mrs Miller is a great person. She listens to everyone, she cares for everyone including her family she knows where always here if she needs to talk. She will express herself if she needs to. She has an amazing staff and students. I love you so much

Elizabeth Hunt (Ellie) Posted 12 months ago

Mrs. Miller has changed my life in so many ways. She’s such an approachable person and I can come to her with anything and I do. She’s influenced my life as a student but also as a person in general. Mrs. Miller is such an amazing person and teacher. But what she’s done for me doesn’t even begin to start the list of the reasons why she’s amazing. She helps everyone everyday of her life. She has helped me so much through my struggles and she’s always the person I go to in the school when I need to talk about something. She is the teacher I trust most when it comes to talking about issues I have with my life at home. I know if there was anything I needed to talk about with her she would listen and give me the best advise. Mrs. Miller greatly impacts me every day even if she isn’t my teacher anymore she is still one of the most influential people in my life. I’m beyond great full to have Mrs.Miller as a teacher, mentor and even friend. I don’t know where I would be without her but I can tell you it wouldn’t be here.

Natali Uribe Posted 12 months ago

Mrs.Miller has been one of my overall best teachers I have had. She is so kind to everyone. I feel very safe when I’m with her. Whenever I see her or go to her class, it’s my favorite part of that day. I love talking to her, because she is so kind, and always supports me and helps me on everything I ask. She is one of my idols just by the person she is. She is an amazing Mom,teacher, and simply a wonderful person. She is the best! #1 Best Language Arts Teacher in the world??.

Cassie Posted 12 months ago

Thank you for challenging me to think further, work harder and dream bigger. Without you as my teacher, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have thus far. I don’t think people say thank you to teachers often enough. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, for the doors you have opened for me, and thank-you for imparting the ability to find and open more doors by myself.

Tessa morey Posted 12 months ago

I love Mrs. miller she is the best teacher in the hole wide world she is the best person to talk to when your being bullied by the popular kids. If you vote for her your cool ??. # vote for mills

Josh Stone Posted 12 months ago

You’re a good teacher

Brooke Carr Posted 12 months ago

Mrs.Miller is one of the best teachers ever. She always supports what I do, and I can count on her for help when I need it. She is an amazing teacher and person. She never turned down my ides, and she listened when I needed someone to talk to, when no one else understood. She is amazing and she deserves this award, because not only is she a life changer, she is our life changer.

Luke grollmes Posted 12 months ago

She was one of the most laid back teacher I have ever meet. She has a equal amount of mean and nice. She knows when enough is enough and that is really helpful for many students. You should let her win.

Shelby Posted 12 months ago

Mrs. Miller is my all time favorite teacher. She is super supportive of all my decisions and is always there if I need to talk. I know I can always go to her when I need help or even if I just want to chat. She is awesome at her job, but also an amazing mom and person outside of school. She comes to school with a smile on her face and leaves with a smile on her face. Her smile brightens my day when I walk past in the hallway. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her wonderful teaching skills and outrageous support.

Abby Posted 12 months ago

I love Mrs. Miller, her classroom is always a safe places to be and she loves to communicate with her class. She always can make me laugh and she is very easy to get along with. I know she always help when I’m down and she is a very positive person. She is kind, funny, cool, and supportive. No matter what day I know Mrs. Miller will be there for me and the rest of the class. Good luck Mrs. Miller I hope you win!!

Danica Schoone Posted 12 months ago

Mrs. Miller always had really fun activities planned and was always there for any of her students that needed help with school or their personal lives.

Tieghen Posted 12 months ago

She is a very kind person and a very good teacher. Mrs. Miller is one of my favorite teachers I’ve ever had.

Sam Tunnell Posted 12 months ago

Mrs. Miller has been one of my favorite teachers that I have had. She is very kind and considerate. She really deserves this award.

Anonymous Posted 12 months ago

Mrs. Miller was a nice, supporting, kind, caring, and awesome teacher. She taught everything well and handled everything great. She was an awesome teacher and super nice.

Whitney Maulsby Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Miller is one of the reasons my days at CLJMS are happy and bright. She always puts the needs of others first, and she helps every person she meets shine in ways they never knew possible. I wouldn't be who I am today without her influence. She inspires me to be kinder, calmer, and more creative. I truly believe she deserves recognition because she doesn't know just how special and inspiring she is. As a colleague and teacher, I echo the comments of her students...she's the BEST!