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Kristina Daggs

Position: Pre-Kindergarten Teacher & District Content Leader
School: Isaac Joseph Elementary School
School District: Jefferson Parish Schools
City, State: Westwego, LA

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Kristina Daggs was nominated by Kallie Skinner, a parent of a student.

"When my son started Pre-K last year, he had severe separation anxiety and zero interest in learning. He had to be pried off of me on his second day, yelling and crying not to let these strangers take him. I cried the whole way home and most of the day," said Skinner. "In a few days, he was more than happy to go with them. I tried for a whole summer to teach him to spell his name and recognize letters of the alphabet, with zero success. Kristina and her assistant were so great with him and found ways to get him to learn. Within two weeks of being in her class, he could spell his first and last name to me!"

"Additionally, she gave him a book about 'welcoming the new baby' to help him with his transition from being an only child. He asked for me to read it every night, and he loved it. She made the cutest keepsakes with the kids on holidays for them to give to their parents. A year later, he still talks about how much he misses her. She is an amazing teacher who is so patient and kind with her students," said Skinner.