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Randi Mercier

Position: Special Education Resource Teacher
School: Lucille Nesom Memorial School
School District: Tangipahoa Parish School System
City, State: Tickfaw, LA

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Randi Mercier was nominated by her colleague, CJ Justice.

"I would like to nominate Ms. Randi Mercier because of all the strengths she possesses as a SPED teacher," explains Justice. "Not only does she manage to make learning fun for our kids, but she has the patience that's required for this position with these children. She's able to come up with projects that the kids can basically do themselves, which is an amazing accomplishment for our SPED students. She guides students with love and has them on a scheduled routine. The improvement I've seen in our students since the beginning of our school year has been astounding! Our nonverbal kids are basically saying words and sentences now, but she has also incorporated learning sign language in our curriculum, which allows us to communicate with them even better! Her years of experience have definitely been a plus for our Nesom Tribe, and we are lucky to have her. She's an experienced communicator, and it would mean so much to me for her to be recognized for the valuable asset that she is!"

Comments (5)

Randi Mercier Posted 6 months ago

Thank you to everyone for the sweet remarks. I'm so happy to be teaching again. God put Nesom School in my path and I'm glad he did.

Brandi Traylor Posted 7 months ago

Yay Ms. Randi!!! I'm so happy for you and this well deserved nomination! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you this year. You are the true meaning of TEAMWORK and DEDICATION. You hard work and efforts for the betterment of our students does not go unnoticed. Thank you for everything you do! You have been a life saver to me... and everyone around you! Congrats on your nominations.

Randi Mercier Posted 7 months ago

Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment. I feel that I was called to teach. Teaching is a joy and a lot of fun. I get to see "Aha" moments from children that are challenged and often stigmatized. I learned a long time ago, that if I expect more from my kids, I'll get it. I feel that treating children as if they were all gifted is a way to get them to excel. Pushing them to do their best is all I can ask for. I do what I love and enjoy and thank God for the opportunity to do it. Randi Mercier

Angela Showers Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Randi love her kids and she works well with her paras, and other Special Education teachers. We are elated to have her on our team at Nesom, because she is definitely a TEAMPlAYER??

Dr. Samantha Austin Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Randi has been a god-sent on my campus. Finding a certified special education teacher with her background knowledge and experience was God's divine intervention. This is her first year at Nesom; however, the rapport she has with her students would make you think otherwise. Her love and passion for teaching and learning definitely shines. After a year of virtual learning, our students with exceptionalities were struggling to get back into their regular class routines. Ms. Randi's and her staff worked hard to establish routines and procedures. With her guidance, we now have non-verbal students being more vocal, using short sentences and phrases. I am so proud of the gains she has made with our students in the classroom. Although her students are active, she finds the energy to keep them on task and productive throughout the day. Thank you Ms. Randi for your service to our students at Lucille Nesom. Just like Ms. C.J. stated, you are a valuable asset to our school. We wish you the best of luck. You are definitely a life changer for Nesom's students.