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Melissa Scercy

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: York Preparatory Academy
School District: York Preparatory Academy
City, State: Rock Hill, SC

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Melissa Scercy was nominated by Tyfanny Penland, a parent of a student.

"I am the parent of a current student of Mrs. Scercy's.  My child struggles tremendously with reading and had begun to develop major anxiety about school in general due to this issue. Mrs. Scercy has not only gotten my child to a place where she will attempt to read without getting upset, but she has also gotten her to start to enjoy trying to read. Mrs. Scercy has given my child both small group help and lots of individual help.  She has advocated for my child to receive extra help within the school.  The same child who would go into school slowly with great hesitance, now leaps out of the car to go find Mrs. Scercy," said Penland.

This teacher goes above and beyond for all of her students. Any time there is a parent event, all of her past students run to her classroom for a quick hug and encouraging words.

"I have college-aged children along with my seven year old, so I've been in the school system for years. I have never come across such a wonderful teacher full of love, creativity, and passion for her job," said Penland. "With all that's going on in the education system, Mrs. Scercy always stays positive and worries about her students. If I could give out crowns, Mrs. Scercy would be the first to receive one. Sometimes, I'll receive an encouraging email at 9:00 PM from Mrs. Scercy about my child, which lets me know she still thinks of her students even when she leaves the school building. There aren't enough kind words to say about her!  If I could have her as my child's teacher for the next ten years, I would!"  

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Comments (5)

Lori Sneed Posted 2 days ago

Mrs. Scercy was my daughters teacher and she was one of the most amazing teachers I have ever seen. She has a way with the kids that motivates them to do their very best. She is always so loving and caring to her students. I am so blessed we had her and could not imagine anyone else more deserving of this honor.

Margie Burton Posted 2 days ago

I worked with Missy for 5 years and she is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. She was always willing to lend a helping hand.

Amanda wuelfing Posted 2 days ago

We are cheering you on. We are so blessed to have you as Emmy’s teacher this year. She is learning so quickly and always comes home so excited about her day!!

Jamie Gregory Posted 2 days ago

Mrs. Scercy, taught me 1st grade, I am now out of high school and married. I still remember all the sweet things she done and how much she helped me. She will forever have a special place I’m my heart. Thank you mrs.Scercy.

Teresa Jones Posted 2 days ago

This teacher has the biggest and best heart ever.