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Tommy Nester

Position: Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher
School: Keyser Middle School
School District: Mineral County Schools
City, State: Keyser, WV

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Tommy Nester was nominated by a family member.

Mr. Nester loves his job and his students. Teaching isn’t a job to him. It’s his calling and passion. He puts his job as a high priority in his life. He goes above and beyond for his job and students. Mr. Nester is very motivational and helps his students strive to reach their goals and achievements.

Mr. Nester gives all of his students opportunities to join the WV Quiz Bowl Team. He coaches the team for many hours after his work day. He has a strong dedication for his students and job. His love of West Virginia is as strong as his love for his job and students, and his love for his job is displayed in his classroom presentation.

Mr. Nester has also provided several opportunities for students, such as traveling to Charleston for the Page Program at the Capitol. He has dedicated many hours to providing his students with opportunities to perform in plays and learn about drama, as well as those in younger grades.

Comments (38)

June Posted over a year ago

Tommy is a dedicated, caring teacher who wants all of his students to excel. He works hard to create a classroom that is encouraging, stimulating, and makes learning fun for his students. He is definitely committed to his students and has a natural ability to motivate all students to do their best.

Sherry Whisner Posted over a year ago

Tommy is one of the most dedicated people and teachers that I know. I worked along side Tommy for several years when he was a 4-h Program Assistant with Mineral County WVU Extension Service while he was studying to earn his teaching degree. Tommy grew up in 4-H and was very involved as a 4-H member and as program assistant he worked along side our 4-H members and did many programs with them and attended 4-H camp as a counselor for many years. Tommy is very dedicated person and teacher.

Donna Jernell Posted over a year ago

I have known Tommy most of his life. Worked with him many years through 4-H he is great person and loves working with kids. He’s a great school teacher. He goes above and be on in anything he is involved in.

Jeannie Crowder Posted over a year ago

Mr. Nester is a passionate teacher who goes above and beyond putting in extra hours during the school year and summer to provide students with opportunities they would not have otherwise. He is great asset to Keyser Middle School.

Kara Breedlove Posted over a year ago

Tommy goes above and beyond the classroom working extra hours, without pay, to provide enriching activities for the students of Keyser Middle School. Tommy has been the advisor of the school's WV History Quiz Bowl team now for 11 years. Tommy also began the drama program at KMS and directs 1-2 plays each year. My children have participated in both programs and learned so much from their experience. The community is very lucky to have Tommy as a role model for our children.

Carrie Willison Posted over a year ago

Tommy Nester is a wonderful coworker! He goes above and beyond, not only for students but for his coworkers as well. He keeps us laughing daily as well!

Shannon Murphy Posted over a year ago

Tommy always seems to go above and beyond for his students. He is very involved and brings a multitude of opportunities that they would not likely have otherwise! Well deserved!

Mandy Shoemaker Posted over a year ago

Both of my boys have had Mr. Nester as a teacher at KMS. He is a very caring, energetic and dedicated teacher that uses his love of West Virginia to teach his students. I cannot think of an individual more worthy of this award.

Julie Posted over a year ago

Tommy is a dedicated teacher . He goes above and beyond to provide his students with memorable experiences inside and outside of the classroom. He has also gotten many of his students excited about the arts. He has spent countless hours directing many Musicals for KMS. Without his enthusiasm and dedication, many of our small town students would not have had the opportunity to show their talent on the stage. Tommy is an incredible teacher who always puts his students first.

Debbie Kitzmiller Posted over a year ago

Tommy is an amazing teacher and an even more amazing person. He loves each student and treats them like his own. His life is teaching but his goal in life is to be the best person he can be and to make sure the students succeed. He puts effort into those that’s others put aside. To know Tommy is to love Tommy. Tommy is the perfect example of a caring and loving teacher. Tommy deserves this award more than any of us could ever voice.

Krista Kitzmiller Posted over a year ago

Tommy is a pillar in my children's life. He is genuine and truly cares about each and every child he comes in contact with. He’s a great communicator with children and parents. He has definitely been inspirational in the lives of my children both as a history teacher and as a drama teacher. We have been blessed to have him at Keyser Middle School!

Lynn Robinson Posted over a year ago

I work with Tommy at KMS. He is an awesome teacher. He always has something interesting about West Virginia going on in his classroom...and his students love his class. He is very dedicated to his school, his students and hos co-workers.

Marcia Conrad Posted over a year ago

Tommy Nester is one of the most caring and dedicated teachers I have ever worked with. He volunteers for extra activities to help his students .

Collin Rhodes Posted over a year ago

Tommy Nester is the epitome of excellence in teaching. He cares deeply for the subject he teaches, but more importantly has the same level of care for each of his students. I have no doubt that he is changing lives through his engaging lessons and has been the reason for many students to yearn for a deeper understanding and appreciation for the great state of West Virginia.

Sharon Squires Posted over a year ago

I worked with Tommy Nestor for several years. He is a dedicated teacher and goes above and beyond for his students. He is very well liked as a teacher and in the community at large.

Lisa Rogers Posted over a year ago

Mr. Nester TOTALLY deserves this honor! He is a very dedicated, hard working, and compassionate teacher. Both of my children had Mr. Nester when they were in middle school, and he is still one of their absolute favorites! They loved learning about West Virginia in his social studies class and got to go on an amazing field trip to Harpers Ferry to learn about the Civil War. Because of Mr. Nester, my children also got to participate in the Social Studies Fair at Keyser Middle School and in the West Virginia Legislature’s Page Program - both activities that he organized. My children were also in his drama program for four years, which was an amazing experience for them. We live in a small town, and with Mr. Nester’s incredible effort, my kids got to be in high quality shows with amazing music, costumes and sets! Participating in these musicals was great for their self-esteem and helped to shape them to be the successful high school students they are today. Mr Nester is an amazing teacher, mentor, and an incredible person that creates so many enriching learning opportunities for his students.

Jennifer Self Posted over a year ago

I've known Tommy since he was a young child. He has always this attraction of leadership, other children would follow. He has always, encouraged youg people to go as far as you can in this world. Mr Nester encourages students to work hard to succeed in school, 4-H, Ffa or to be an active member of the community. He encourages everyone to take every opportunity you can and reach out to others in need. Learn and experience everything you can from West Virginia and let others proudly know where you come from. He encourages children to find themselves and be that person and take every opportunity to learn and broaden your knowledge.

Becky Posted over a year ago

Mr. Nestor is a complete community asset! He has taught my grandchildren in school, coached them through WV Quiz Bowl, directed them in plays and cheered them on through their every endeavor! He volunteers and assists in every opportunity. Mr. Nestor is more than deserving of this recognition.

Margie Reel Posted over a year ago

My grandchildren have told me so much about Mr. Nestor that I feel I know him personally. They thought he was a great teacher... so I do too! Anyone who has children look forward to his class has to be outstanding. I wish him the best and think he is deserving of this award.

Candy George Posted over a year ago

Tommy Nester goes above and beyond for his students and his community.Tommy is a positive role model .His love for teaching West Virginia history is a great asset to his students.He shows pride in his classroom and wants every child to have the advantage of a quality education .

Mollie Altobello Posted over a year ago

Mr. Nestor is very passionate about helping students to learn and enjoy WV history! He dedicates extra time after school for quiz bowl team and Golden Horseshoe Prep. Keyser Middle School is blessed to have him as part of the faculty! I always love his enthusiasm for what he is teaching! Thank you Mr. Nestor!

Kara McDowell Posted over a year ago

Mr. Nester has taught both of my boys during their time at Keyser Middle School. He has made a positive impact on both of them. He is dedicated and works endlessly to support his students. Mr. Nester is the perfect candidate for this award and so deserving of this honor.

Nancy Barger Posted over a year ago

As a retired teacher, I was totally impressed with the presentation of historical material and information compiled by Mr. Nester for his students. He was my grandson’s teacher. A lifetime of learning can be started by just one teacher who loves their subject, their job, and their students. Mr, Nester is one of those teachers! Thank you Mr. Nester.

MaryAnne Morris Posted over a year ago

Tommy, when I’ve substituted for you I’ve been impressed by several things: you are well organized, show excellent attention to detail and above and beyond all else, you engage students on the all important subject of social studies. MaryAnne Morris 37 year retired WV teacher

Brittny S Redman Posted over a year ago

The dedication Mr. Nester has for his students, school, family & community is paramount.

Krista Champ Posted over a year ago

He go above an beyond to help his students.

Jada McGann Posted over a year ago

Tommy is an awesome teacher and someone who truly cares about his students and their well being. He deserves this honor

Heather Posted over a year ago

Awesome this is well deserved

Richard Houston Posted over a year ago

Having spent a lot of time with Tommy at history professional development seminars and tours, I know how knowledgeable and passionate he is about teaching and engaging students in history/government. He’s awesome!

Heather Posted over a year ago

Awesome this is well deserved

Ashley Bowers Posted over a year ago

Tommy has always been so involved in his work. He has a love for teaching and giving to his students and wanting the best for them with there learning and chances to do new things. I have never seen anyone as compationate about there work like Tommy and he is very deserving of this.

Mary Romig Posted over a year ago

Mr. Nester is a great teacher who works tirelessly to encourage his students to learn skills they can use to grow into good citizens of not only this state but this country as well. He is also a wonderful loving father and husband. He is exactly what this award exemplifies.

Richard McElwain Posted over a year ago

Definitely one of the good ones. Have two children that have had Mr. Nester as a teacher and both of them always said he was one of their favorites. You can always tell he has a lot of devotion invested in every student that leaves a lasting impact. Great to see good teachers be recognized.

Sara Posted over a year ago

I worked with Tommy for over six years at KMS. He was also focused on his students. He was a team player. My children was blessed to have him for WV studies. His passion poured over to them. Mr. Nester has a great classroom and brings the history alive for his students. Any student that had him was beyond blessed to have him teaching them.

Cindy Pyles Posted over a year ago

Tommy Nestor is one of the most positive persons I know. His energy is contagious. He loves teaching West Virginia History, knows our local and state representatives and makes sure his students have the opportunity to spend time in Charleston as a Page during the legislative sessions. Tommy is also very involved in presenting and participating in the local theatre group.

Ronda Wertman Posted over a year ago

Tommy is an amazing person and a wonderful teacher who makes a difference in the lives of all he meets. He is such a blessing to our community and our school system.

Laurie Posted over a year ago

You are such an awesome person, Tommy!

Wendi Spiker Posted over a year ago

I have never met a teacher more dedicated to his students. Mr. Nester truly loves his job and it shows through his enthusiasm. Mr. Nester makes everyday a learning experience and makes it fun. Mr. Nester has open communication with not only his students, but their parents as well. I can’t think of a better nominee for Life Changer of the Year.