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Holly Welch

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Brown Academy
School District: Hamilton County Department of Education
City, State: Chattanooga, TN

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Holly Welch was nominated by a colleague who wished to remain anonymous.

Mrs.Welch has shown consistent dedication to the education of not just her students, or "Kinders," as she likes to call them, but all of the Kinders in the school. She has taken children who knew nothing on day one and taught them to read at or above a first grade level by the end of the year. She pushes her teammates and colleagues to be the best that they can be and routinely shares her best practices, resources, and wisdom. Mrs. Welch loves every single one of Brown Academy's Kinders like her own and is a great asset to her team, school, and community. She is definitely a difference maker in the lives of everyone fortunate enough to have her as a part of their own.

Holly in the news:
Hamilton County Educator Nominated For National LifeChanger Of The Year Award

Comments (2)

Jessica Tate Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege for several years to work along side such an outstanding and dedicated teacher. Holly Welch, without a doubt is not only a successful team leader, but a school-wide leader as well. Mrs. Welch does whatever she needs to in order to ensure the success of all students, all while building up and sharing her ideas with those around her. We began our teaching journey together, yet she has taught me so much not only about the teaching profession, but also about myself. She continues to encourage me to be a better teacher. Holly Welch is rare and truly deserves such an outstanding honor.

Wanda Thompson Posted over a year ago

So very, very proud of you Holly. You are a very dedicated, loving young lady. You truly deserve this honor and recognition.