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Keely Sutton

Position: Eighth Grade English Language Arts Teacher
School: Luther J. Price Middle School
School District: Atlanta Public Schools
City, State: Atlanta, GA

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Keely Sutton was nominate by her daughter, Kala Sutton.

"I know her as my mother, but her students know her as The Black MOMba. She has been changing trajectories for 25 years," said Kala. "Teaching her reflections is truly her passion. She is a legacy. I've watched her, in my 23 years of life, give herself selflessly to her students. Her heart is as big as the ocean is wide. She is tough on her students, but it always comes from a place of love, and her students know that. That is why they work so hard and have such a great deal of respect for her. I know because I, too, was one of her students. Not only does she teach with passion, but her presence in the culture is everything. She is a "LIT" teacher. She rhymes, dances, and creates a space where her students can truly be their best selves. It is that energy that keeps them coming back every day. They want to know what the MOMba's gonna do next. She is an amazing colleague and friend, and she shines brightly in her community. She is often seen as the teacher who sees magic in every child and can teach them. She is highly valued in her community. Knowing her lineage, it is no wonder that she is as amazing as she is, and I believe she's well worth the honor."

Comments (8)

Keely Sutton Posted 8 months ago

Thank you all so much for your kind words. It means the world to me. I appreciate all of your love and support.

Damon Major Posted 9 months ago

Keely, I support all of this! I have watched you grow into the wonderful Educator you are today. You always have gave more than 100% of yourself. You have made countless sacrifices for staff and kore importantly the students who was lucky enough to have you as their teacher. You have given so much of yourself to see that the children you serve get nothing but the top Notch educational experience! So happy for you and proud to say I have worked beside you to witness your greatness.

Sonia Simpson Posted 9 months ago

Sister Keely! She has the fortitude of CHARACTER that is sometimes rare to find. She stands for her principles and is even willing to take the consequences. Keely has the strongest moral compass I've seen and students and teachers gravitate to her because of it. When she was my dean she ALWAYS had our backs! We love(d) her for it. Congrats sis, you are indeed a life changer!

Katie Turner Posted 10 months ago

Oh my….I don’t even know where to start about this lady. I have rarely met a more loving spirit than Keely. Beyond this, her passion for her students is unwavering. It was amazing to be her coworker inspiring young minds. However, it is a privilege to call her my friend. She is so very deserving.

Happi Dawsey Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Sutton is an extraordinary educator with a heart of gold. She cares deeply for her scholars and their capacity to learn and cultivate healthy relationships. Ms. Sutton is a mighty force and leader in her community. Through my years in getting know Ms. Sutton as an educator, former teammate, leader and friend, her ability to galvanize a community, school, grade level, classroom etc. pushes others to show-up and deliver at a high level. I appreciate your presence in education because you are the model.

Kayla Turner Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Sutton, or as I’ve always known her Momma Sutton was such and inspiring educator when I was growing up. Middle school is always a tough stage in adolescents lives but Ms. Sutton made me feel comfortable in who I was and who I was becoming. She supported me in all my endeavors and even went above and beyond for her students and coworkers as well. She was an important role model for me as a young African-American woman growing up to be strong and strong minded and to keep striving for those goals and achievements that I wanted and would accomplish. She supported me in and out of the classroom and on and off the basketball court playing along side her daughter Kala Sutton. I will always treasure the love and support that Ms. Sutton showed me not only as a teacher but as a mother herself. She genuinely treated like one of her own made me feel family outside of my own. I believe Ms. Sutton deserves this nomination and is deserving of these honor.

Makeeya Posted 11 months ago

This woman deserves the world because her heart is above and beyond! She goes out of her way to make sure everyone she encounters is well taken care of! She more than a teacher , she’s an outstanding mom , leader, supporter. she brings so much joy and life into peoples lives and always making a difference ! She would make an excellent canidate.

Rowland Zellars Posted 11 months ago

In a society that has seemed to place education on the back burner. My big Sister continues to offer a vintage style of education. One where the teacher actually cares about the students well being just a much as she cares about their academic performance. Her selfless style of teaching has awarded her the ability to have continues relationships with her student through their high school journey and on to College. I'm sure every person that's been nominated deserves this award. But if I can give you one reason she should be the overall winner. My sister goes above and beyond the ball of duty. Putting in an extra 25-30 hours a week supporting her students. Whether it's staying after school to tutor a student, or Going to an extra curriculum activity just to support a student who didn't have any support. She's simply phenomenal!