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Lani Schumacher

Position: Cafeteria Worker
School: North Caroline High School
School District: Caroline County Public Schools
City, State: Ridgely, MD

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Lani Schumacher was nominated by her mother-in-law, Judith Balent-Morsy.

Mrs. Schumacher is a great cook who puts all of her skill to work every day to ensure that students have the very best meals prepared in the most sanitary way. When serving food, she does so with a smile. More than once, she has helped kids who didn't have enough money or were confused in the cafeteria to obtain a meal. Mrs. Schumacher has two children: a Fordham University-bound daughter on scholarship who is a member of the National Honor Society, and a cheerful son who has Autism. She has made a difference in their lives, as well as those of the students that pass through her cafeteria, by her excellence in performance as a role model and true professional. She has been recognized by her employer with an award. Mrs. Schumacher has compassion for all of her students, and makes them her own. She is well-liked by her peers. She is never late, has not taken a sick or leave day, and has filled in for colleagues who had to be elsewhere, often without notice. Mrs. Schumacher has set up meeting/conference rooms for school functions after working a full day in the cafeteria, all without complaint. For years, she has also been a Girl Scout of America group leader, in addition to taking care of her family. She and her husband, Chuck, have taken instruction from Autism professionals on how to manage little things, such as how to help their son to learn to swallow, eat and talk.  "If you would meet their son today, you would be pleasantly surprised at his progress. He is turning into a fine young man," Balent-Morsy said. "If ever there is a LifeChanger, it is Mrs. Schumacher.