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Chandra Graves

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: The Main Street Academy
School District: Fulton County Schools
City, State: College Park, GA

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Chandra Graves was nominated anonymously. 

"Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, it became a butterfly."

Ms. Graves has been in education for 18 years and has grown in the educational field year to year. Beginning her cocoon days at Clark Atlanta University, she knew early on that she had to do all she could to eventually transform into a butterfly. Ms. Graves hails from Ohio, and her parents always instilled in her that education was the only thing that could never be taken away from her. She made it her mission to not only excel in her studies, but to be a role model and person of influence to her community and siblings. Her older brother had taken up education as his field of study, which influenced Ms. Graves to follow in his footsteps and begin to walk in her journey as an educator. 

Ms. Graves is an integral part of her school community. She is among a team of school leaders and mentors that helps develop a sense of positivity and morale among the staff. She is committed to making sure her students understand the passion she has for education, and that they, too, never let anyone stand in the way of greatness. Ms. Graves continues to further her studies to ensure that her educational "bag" is filled with the most recent, engaging, and researched-based strategies that will assist her students in excelling and being among the top students in the school.

Ms. Graves' classroom speaks to the array of students, their personalities, and their learning styles. Students feel at home, safe, and nurtured when they walk into her classroom. You will often see other students, younger and older, just stopping by to say hello, get a hug, or get a warm feeling of compassion from Ms. Graves. She consistently instills her vision and prayer for students to grow and become well-rounded citizens in their school and community.

Growing up, Ms. Graves had a strong support system from her family. She feels that having this support system not only keeps one motivated, but encourages them to continue the journey. She makes sure that she is a part of her students' support system by attending their extra-curricular activities/performances and encouraging them to find their talent and set goals for themselves. 

"Overall, I feel Ms. Graves is an excellent candidate to become LifeChanger of the Year. Her dedication, passion, compassion, and willingness to learn and grow are characteristics that are contagious to everyone who comes in contact with her. As Ms. Graves continues her transformation into a butterfly, she continues to leave a mark on the lives of her students, parents, community, and school. I am proud to nominate and support Ms. Graves in this journey, and I can't wait to see what impact she makes next," said her nominator.

Comments (38)

Elise Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Graves was a good teacher in 3rd and 4th grade, she always is careful with us and is kind to others. When I was in her class she would let you try and you have to put in hard work. Ms.Grave is a great teacher.

Zoe Smith Posted 9 months ago

Ms.Graves is amazing teacher.She makes learning very fun.

Mikai Hall Posted 9 months ago

Ms.Graves is a great teacher, one of my favorites when I was in her class. She is a an amazing teacher, teaches well. She's a an amazing teacher overall!

Elizabeth Winston Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Graves is an amazing teacher she knows how to work with any student. She knows how to help a student if they are struggling and knows how to communicate to another student.

Khloe Scott Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Graves is the most awesome teacher I had ever had. She would push us to be the best that we can, she is a teacher who loves her job and is a respectful teacher. I had Ms. Graves as a 4th grade teacher and she was AWESOME!!!

Marli Baker Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Graves is such an amazing teacher, she teaches very well and is so nice to us.

Camryn Morris Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Graves is a nice funny teacher with great teaching methods.

Zoe Campbell Posted 9 months ago

Ms.Graves is an amazing teacher. She pushes students to be the best they can and teaches them to never give up. I had her as my 3rd and 4th grade teacher. She is great!

Raine Hampton Posted 9 months ago

Ms.Graves is one of the best teachers you could ever have. She we always care for you even if you disrespect her. She is one of my best teachers at TMSA. When she was my teacher she wouldn't let me fail. Also she can sometimes be mean but that's because she cares about you. One of her favorite things are reeses butter cup and race track coffee. Ms.Graves will always try and help you past if you put in the effort. She is also very close with many of her colleagues. If you have been one of her students before then you would understand her personality. Ms.Graves was my first teacher at TMSA. Ms.Graves in my opinion is an amazing teacher. I love her so much !!!

kayden Posted 9 months ago

ms graves is a great teacher for 4th graves is my best teacher.

Chloe Drummer Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Graves is one of my favorite teacher at TMSA, I love her personality its very creative. One of my favorite things about her is she gives us candy if we be good in class. When i come in the class i always see her with the same coffee everyday. Im very proud of Ms.Graves and i hope shes heres for this year

Madelyn Arvin Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Graves is one of the best teachers at Tmsa that I've had so far. She makes sure when kids act out to get them in line. She can be strict, but it's because she wants the best for all of her students. I learn something new almost every day, and she makes it fun. Ms. Graves inspires me everyday, and makes me a better person. And one thing that all us kids love is when were in groups and being good she gives us treats. She makes sure that we understand.

Langston Brown Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Graves is so nice when we do good she gives us candy,if we forget to do something she sometimes gives another chance.She is so nice that if we get in trouble she tries to be nice sometimes When i don't do something she dosen't give me a 0.Ms. Graves helps me learn new things and it helps me a lot with my grades.She also a very very funny teacher.

Haziqah forna Posted 10 months ago

Ms.graves is one of the most best teachers i had sofar,some times you she can be nice and stric but not to me. she always comes in the class with coffee and barbecue chips. one thing i love about ms.graves is that when you are being good she will give you some thing and i also love her personality.

Yameka Webb Posted 10 months ago

I recall 8 years ago as I sat in an auditorium awaiting my child's name to be called, a resounding voice coming from a young woman who was providing instructions for parents to come and take a seat. After my child was selected to become an incoming kindergarten, I heard this voice radiate through the halls on his first day! As I got my child situated in his class, I followed the voice into her class. From that day forward, I always followed the voice of Ms. Graves just to stop by and say hello and see the fruit of her labor hard at work. Although my child is graduating 8th grade this year and no longer at the school which we started, Ms. Graves continuously keeps up with my child and supports in any way she can. I'm grateful to have a lasting friendship with her and I am so very proud of her continued works within the education field. There are so many who see the hard work and dedication. Ms. Graves, The Webb Family salutes you. Many blessings for more accolades such as this!

Miché V. White Posted 10 months ago

You made a special impact on my baby girl Brooke several years ago when she was in elementary school at DVA ??????. Not to try and age you now, lol, but she’s now a college graduate with a career. Thank you for being such an extraordinary educator ??.

Ciara Howard Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Graves was one of the best teachers I ever had! She does well with kids and making sure they stay in line when they act out, I wasn’t the best student sometimes but she didn’t treat me any different! She would let me know about myself but she always remained sweet and kind hearted! Now that I am grown I realize all she have ever wanted was for me to focus so that I can succeed, If I could have her as my teacher for the rest of my school years I would!

Tameka Hughes Posted 10 months ago

I honestly can’t think of anyone more deserving. Ms. Graves has a gift for teaching, and truly makes an impact on the children and parents who are graced to be in her presence. She loves what she does and you can see it in how she carries herself. She has the absolute best sense of humor too which literally just makes her the best all around. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!

Latoya Baker Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Graves is an awesome educator which can be seen day in and day out in her classroom. She believes in her children and always go the extra mile for them.

Nkiruka Onyia Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Graves is an excellent teacher who loves her job. She inspires her students to always do their very best. My daughter was blessed to have Ms. Graves as her 3rd and 4th grade teacher. Kudos to you, Mrs. Graves. We love you!

Elizabeth Macklin Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Chandra has a heart bigger than just about anyone I’ve met. She is always taking care of others before herself. I know she loves her students fiercely and they are so lucky to have her fighting for them. As a fellow educator, I hope I’ll make the difference I know Chandra makes each day. She is an incredible lady and I’m so thankful she’s part of my story. Love you, Chandra!!!

Marley Grace Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Graves is a nice teacher when she wants to be but Ms.Graves has other great qualities to such as being funny, sweet, kind, and helpful. I love Ms.Graves so much!

Layla Gray Posted 10 months ago

Ms. GREAT is a great teacher. I learn something new every day, because of Ms. Graves. Ms. Graves is also A funny teacher. Ms. Graves inspires me everyday, and is making me a better person. Ms. Graves is a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY GREAT TEACHER!

Joshua Harris Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Graves is an awesome teacher that really helps make TMSA a fun place. I love how good she explains the work to the class. It's awesome how there's many things that I don't know and Ms. Graves makes it fun and easy to learn. She is good at making the team of 4th grade teachers. There is no possible better teacher than Ms. Graves, because she is the best.

Vondriele Cammeron Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Graves is the epitome of an amazing teacher! She is intentional about the education she provides! She is caring and thoughtful! She will forever and always be my daughters favorite teacher! She leaves a true impression on the hearts and minds of every child she teaches! Thank God for this amazing woman!!!!

Janice Hogan Posted 10 months ago

I love, love, love the comments submitted by the anonymous person that submitted Ms. Graves nomination, he/she hit the nail on the head. Ms. Graves embodies all that is needed in an educator, after her normal teaching hours, you will still find her at school giving and encouraging the children, sometimes the evening has almost come to and end by the time she arrives home and the weekends are no exception, she is there teaching Saturday school. This is truly her calling and she does a tremendous job at it. Has off to you Ma. Graves!!!!

Jeffrey Brown Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Graves is a GREAT teacher. She is a fun but a strict teacher,she also makes the work easy to understand.

Mikhayla Buchanan Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Graves is funny and the best teacher. I also love how she decorate her door and inside the classroom! And she teach very good!

Brooklyn Burton Posted 10 months ago

Ms.Graves, one inspiring teacher who has taught me a lot. She has quite funny jokes, she always is eating barbeque chips and bring RaceTrac™ coffee. And overall Ms.Graves is one of my favorite teachers (other than Mr.Duffie and 2nd grade teacher Mr.M). Ms.Graves has an outstanding clothing style too. Ms.Graves is an cool coffee drinker who should continue to be a teacher.

Kaelynn J Posted 10 months ago

congrats ms. graves um i tried supporting but it just took me to some site but yeah congrats. and ms. graves is supporting and life changing because she is a good teacher and she teaches new things i usually dont know and is a really good teacher she is admired by many.

Mr. A Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Graves! You are not only passionate, but you are also compassionate to the needs of your students and other teachers. You have an amazing ability of connecting with all the minds in your classroom and getting them to engage in meaningful learning. Your scholars are crazy about you and there is no doubt in my mind that you are crazy about them too! Your love and dedication are greatly appreciated by your follow colleagues, parents, and students. Continue to be the positive force our scholars need.

Kwaku -Kwesi Carter Posted 10 months ago

Go Graves ! You are the best ! We need more educators in our community who truly love what they do. Your passion for education is contagious.

Yesha Shah Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Graves is a passionate and dedicated teacher. Its been a pleasure working with her as a team. She is always there for her team mates no matter what. She looks for new ways to help the students out. She is a born leader. She is an integral part of TMSA and 4th Grade team.

DeMarco M Mitchell Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Graves has displayed the characteristics of a life changer in numerous of ways over the past 6 years that I have known her. She has continued to perfect her craft as teacher professional by reflecting and trying new innovative ways of reaching her students to ensure their growth and academic success. Ms. Graves has also displayed a propensity take the initiative to assist in the lives of her students on individual basis whenever the need arises. She is a great teammate with her peers and consciously seeks out opportunities to help them with their practice as well. The most glaring growth Ms. Graves has manifest it in her leadership throughout the school. She truly is one who does not have to be asked to fill a need. Wherever she sees a gap that needs to filled, she will fill it without the need for fanfare nor recognition. Her selflessness and willingness to grow as a person and professional is contagious around the building. She has taken on the responsibility of being an integral part of the athletic program at our school which enables her to have a connection with students across grade levels. The most important and powerful quality Ms. Graves possesses is her positive attitude, energy and outlook on the future for our students. The young people feed off of her energy and thus it enables them to succeed way beyond their normal capabilities. It is with great honor and privilege that I compose this narrative of how special and powerful Ms. Chandra Graves is as an educator and life-changer for the people whom she affects on a daily basis.

Evelyn Tucker Posted 11 months ago

Chandra Graves shows her passion as a fun and dedicated teacher by keeping it real with her students. She gets them involved with their work by challenging them to think outside the box. She inspires them by telling them they can do it and be creative. She gives them vision of being great students in and outside the classroom by simply following instructions and making learning fun. The kids and parents love her for her dedication and they continue to share her passion years after they have left her class.

Lashaunte McKinney Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Graves is a very special individual. She helps most people get through tough days with her enthusiastic persona. She helps where she can. I have found her to be very supportive of initiatives and changes.

lera phillips Posted 11 months ago

Chandra Graves wear many hats at the Main Street Academy. It has truly been a pleasure working with her as the 4th grade chairperson for my grade level. She is truly a born leader, who is willing to support her team and other teachers within our school. She has an excellent relationship with her parents and goes above and beyond daily providing her students with an array of high rigorous instruction that meet the needs of all her students. These qualities that Chandra Graves exhibit is a true testament to what is needed in today's schools.

Yuvonka Avery Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Graves is so deserving of this nomination. Her work with students inside and outside of her classroom is inspiring. As an educator, Ms. Graves is constantly looking for new ways to reach her students. Her lessons are engaging and hands-on. Since I've been a part of the TMSA family, Ms. Graves has always played an active role in the school community. She has been PTA president, coaches sports, serves as grade level chair, and leads our Leader in Me Lighthouse Committee. Its not only the roles that you can see, its the ones that she does in the background that are also commendable. Its not unusual for Ms. Graves to stay late for carline, volunteer for an event, or look out for a student from another classroom. Ms. Graves is an awesome example of servant leadership and we are fortunate that she chose TMSA.