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Logan Fortner

Position: Spanish Teacher
School: Tallulah Falls School
School District: Tallulah Falls School
City, State: Tallulah Falls, GA

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Logan Fortner was nominated by one of his students.

"Mr. Fortner moved from Peru to my school back in August. I, along with many others, just knew him as 'The New Spanish Teacher.' I didn't really know anything else about him," said the student. "As the first few months went by, I got to know him a bit better, and he is now my favorite teacher. He always greets his students with a friendly 'Buenas Dias,' and he always asks us how we are. He's not afraid to tell a good joke to make us laugh, either. 

"Mr. Fortner's not only committed to making sure we find enjoyment and excitement when we walk into Spanish class every morning, but he is committed to making sure we know Spanish through and through," said the student. "He is constantly checking in on us throughout lectures to make sure we thoroughly understand the content we're going through. The phrase he reminds me of is, 'never leave a man behind.' He definitely lives by that phrase."

"Overall, Mr. Fortner is a great teacher and person," said the student. "It's my second year of high school, and since I've started, I haven't really enjoyed any of my classes or any of my teachers as much as I used to in my younger years. Mr. Fortner changed that and gave me a whole new perspective on school. His bright personality and engaging class helped me love learning again. I know I am not the only student who feels this way."

"I wanted to give a big thank you to Mr. Fortner for not only impacting my life, but the lives of others students and faculty," said the student. "The Tallulah Falls family would not be the same without you. Just by the little things you do every single day, you make a world of difference in so many lives, including mine."

"Mr. Fortner is too maravilloso of a teacher, and a person, to have not been nominated/recognized. A huge gracias again to Mr. Fortner," said the student.