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Tleshia Farrar

Position: Third Grade Reading Teacher
School: Toccoa Elementary School
School District: Stephens County Schools
City, State: Toccoa, GA

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Tleshia Farrar was nominated by her daughter.

"Tleshia Farrar is my mom, so you could say I know her very well. She has never personally been my teacher, but having been in the environment, and witnessed firsthand what she does, I know she makes a difference," said her daughter.

Mrs. Farrar lives by the following quote from Bryan Skavnak, one of her biggest inspirations: "Be the nice kid." Of course, she's not a kid, but she still lives and breathes by this quote, whether she's with a student or a colleague. She might be having the worst day, but you would never know because she always greets everyone with a smile and a friendly hello. She is the very embodiment of a ray of sunshine, bringing light into the lives who know her. 

Mrs. Farrar not only brings happiness to those she meets, but hope and inspiration. The school she works at is Title Three, so she is constantly working with students of all different backgrounds. She makes a difference, whenever she can.

If a child cannot fix their hair at home due to a lack of supplies, she motions for them to sit on the ground and brushes their hair. She donates hair ties, bows, and brushes. If a child does not have access to nourishing food, or clothes to cover themselves with, she contacts the right people and makes sure they have what they need. If a child is having a bad day, she hugs them and is a shoulder to cry on. 

She is the nice kid. 

When something needs to be planned or completed, or when someone needs help designing something, she is the first one to volunteer. She is the first one everyone counts on. 

She is the nice kid. 

What she does is just one of the aspects of what she does for the community around her.

Mrs. Farrar promotes anti-bullying messages using quotes and work from Bryan Skavnak. She promotes a love for literacy through fun and engaging activities that teach kids how to love reading as much as she does. She plans events to encourage friendships and build positivity, both in and outside the classroom. 

Mrs. Farrar volunteers with a local 4-H club, facilitating leadership, education, and happiness within the youth of 4-H, leading the leaders of tomorrow in the right direction. She makes sure that her room is decorated, engaging, and exciting for the students in her class. Her hope is to facilitate learning and students' love for school. She gives her time endlessly to make sure her students are cared for, both academically and personally. There is nothing she wouldn't do for her students, or anyone around her, for that matter. 

She is the nice kid.

Mrs. Farrar is well-loved and well-known by everyone at Toccoa Elementary and throughout the community. She is known for her kindness, creativity, selflessness, and big heart.

"Anyone can be asked about their opinion of Ms. Farrar, and I know they will say the exact same that I have, plus more," said her daughter. "There are kids I attend school with now who approach me and ask the same question over and over again: 'You're Ms. Farrar's daughter, right?' Then, I get to hear a whole story on how she impacted their lives, and how she was their favorite teacher, and that they missed her so much. One thing is consistent through them all: she was one of the kindest people they have ever met." 

In so many areas of life, and in so many people's lives, she is making a difference, step by step, day by day. Everywhere she touches, she makes a difference. It's impossible for her not to.

Mrs. Farrar is the nice kid. She is creating more nice kids, one child and one word at a time. 

Comments (2)

Amanda Shirley Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Farrar is the definition of a friend. She is friend to all. She always puts others first!

Sheila Pressley Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Farrar is an amazing teacher. She loves children and has a passion for helping them develop a love for reading.