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Megan Beattie

Position: Math Teacher
School: Carolina Forest High School
School District: Horry County Schools
City, State: Myrtle Beach, SC

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Megan Beattie was nominated by her student, Arrigo Carotti.

Many students experience high school and never know what it feels like to walk into an “altogether” classroom, but Carotti had the pleasure of being a part of an innovative math class taught by Meghan Beattie. Ms. Beattie is everything one hopes for in a teacher; from being consistently available to help students, to providing very helpful practices on Google Drive.

"Ms. Beattie has helped shaped me into who I want to become and has been such a positive influence on me as a student," Carotti said. "It all started on my first day in her classroom. She was loud and engaging, which helped to create a very welcoming environment. In her first day speech, she told us that homework was optional. Most kids took that as, 'Woah, I don't have to do homework for this class!' Mistakenly, I was included in this group until I noticed my neighbor was getting 100’s on the quizzes. The optional homework turned out to be beneficial in preparing me for the graded practices, quizzes, and tests."

Carotti was so happy to have found a teacher who truly cared about the students and would do anything for them. Carotti was absent on numerous occasions due to his involvement with band and show choir. Ms. Beattie ensured that he was up to speed with all assignments.

"I remember when we were out of school due to a hurricane, I was trying to catch up and had no idea how to solve one of the problems," Carotti said. "I emailed Ms. Beattie, and she responded right away. She offered to Skype so she could share her screen and show me exactly how to do the problem. She took the time out of her schedule to have a private class with me. Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude for her doing that."

In preparation for the final exam, Ms. Beattie set up a review session after school for students who wanted to run through some practice problems. She recorded the session and uploaded it to Google Drive for students who were unable to attend. When Carotti was taking the final, he was overly prepared and could easily answer all the questions.

"While in Ms. Beattie’s class, I took much of what she did for granted, not appreciating her outgoing and generous nature," Carotti said. "She is by far the greatest teacher I’ve ever had, and possibly the best I'll ever have. I cannot begin to give Ms. Beattie enough gratitude for all that she has done for me."

In addition to teaching math, she also teaches life lessons such as self-discipline and appreciation for others.

"Ms. Beattie really opened my eyes to a myriad of life lessons, giving me a positive direction as I continue my life journey," Carotti said. "I look forward to following in her footsteps, which involves her emulating teaching skills and work ethic. I hope to one day inspire someone as she did me."

Comments (13)

Cassidy Duff Posted over a year ago

Ms. Beattie is such a good teacher! I struggled a lot in her class, but she cares so much about each and every student. I am glad I had her asa teacher. She goes above and beyond to make sure we succeed.

Drew Graham Posted over a year ago

Ms. Beattie is one of the best teachers I have ever had, the way she teaches makes it so much easier to understand thing because she explains why things are the way they are. Most math teachers just tell you something and expect you to learn it. She goes out of her way to make sure why understand why and she goes way out of her way to allow us to learn. As long as you show you are going to work hard she will do her best to help you strive.

Carlie Skolsky Posted over a year ago

Ms. Beattie is the best teacher i’ve ever had. She truly does want the best for each of her students and goes above and beyond to make sure her students succeed. This past semester has been the best one and i’m always going to remember it.

Doris Migliaccio Posted over a year ago

Ms. Beattie's teaching methods are far superior to any math teacher I have had before, and she truly cares about the knowledge a student gains and leaves the class with. She is available at all times out of class, hosts after school sessions at the asking of any student whenever they need, and gives up her lunch time to tutor students as well, and always has a smile and a great attitude. She is truly the best example of not only a teacher, but an example of who others should strive to be like.

Ellie Atkins Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of having Ms. Beattie as my math teacher this year. She is by far the greatest teacher I ever had and I appreciate everything she does for her students!

Catherine Halford Posted over a year ago

Ms. Beattie is the most thorough teacher I have met in my life. She tries to play to everyone's strengths, to ensure that they succeed. Ms. Beattie definitely goes the extra mile, in ever way.

Phillip wright Posted over a year ago

Ms.Beattie was my math teacher in high school my freshman and sophomore year. She helped me get through classes i didn't think i would beable to. Shes the kind of teacher that actually loves her job and wants to help you learn. And will literally do anything to make that happen. Teachers like her deserve all the recognition they get. If more teachers were like her our school systems would be much better with far less kids dropping out. Im so proud of you Ms.Beattie thank you!

Rachel Posted over a year ago

I have heard really great stories about Me. Beattie and they all talk about how much she has helped them. I am really excited to have her as a teacher because of these stories.

Cynthia Bearden Posted over a year ago

Ms. Beattie goes beyond the call of duty to provide an education for her students. She stays over in the afternoon to help them. She offers help for them on the computer when she's home. She does what's possible for her to do! Sincerely, Cynthia Bearden

Maria Carvalho Schnabl Posted over a year ago


Layne Hyman Posted over a year ago

Megan truly cares about her students!

Kaysa Ruiz Posted over a year ago

Ms. Beattie is always super helpful no matter who you are and what you do. She’s literally always available. She makes sure all her students learn something from her classes. There’s never a dull moment with her. She turned a boring class into a fun and helpful one. She's a wonderful teacher and a wonderful human being.

Jon Peret Posted over a year ago

Megan is most definitely a life changer. She gives freely of her time to students in many areas of extracurricular activities as well as being one of the best Math teachers I have ever worked with. I think she is well deserving of this award!