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John Mackson

Position: Physics Teacher & Girls Basketball Coach
School: South Lyon High School
School District: South Lyon Community Schools
City, State: South Lyon, MI

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John Mackson was featured on the Today Show:

John Mackson was nominated by his principal, Chad Scaling.


Mr. Mackson has been a member of the South Lyon High School staff for the last three years, serving as Physics teacher and girls’ basketball coach. In that time, he has proven that he cares for his students with his willingness to help and ability to guide students in a positive direction. He establishes a respectful rapport with students and operates under the premise of mutual respect in all issues. 

John has become a father figure and mentor who has had a tremendous personal impact on his students' lives. 

"We feel very fortunate to have John on our staff, and he is well-respected by both students and peers for his teaching ability, professionalism, and positive, upbeat nature," Scaling said.

Mr. Mackson has made a tremendous impact in the lives of his students, not only through his attention to detail, lesson planning, and content, but through his ability to build relationships with students.

"John consistently supports our students outside the classroom, which only serves to enhance these positive relationships," Scaling said. "As our girls' basketball coach, he brings the same energy, enthusiasm, and team-building focus as he does in the classroom. John has made a great impact on the school atmosphere and has made a huge difference in the lives of everyone he comes in contact with."

Mr. Mackson is extremely passionate about students. He uses his content expertise and ability to develop relationship in order to make a positive impact on the lives of students. His guidance and support provides a foundation for success, even when students move on to the next stages of their lives. 

"The true measurement of any educator is whether we would want our own kids to be taught, coached, or mentored by that individual," Scaling said. "John is one of those educators. We are fortunate that our kids have John Mackson as a teacher, coach, and mentor."

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KATHIE IMMERMAN Posted over a year ago

Congrats John on your recognition on the Today show-you are a stand out in the profession an inspiration to all!! Thanks for lighting the way for many!!!