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Amberly Hittle

Position: Substitute Teacher
School: Harrison Hills City School District
School District: Harrison Hills City School District
City, State: Cadiz, OH

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Amberly Hittle was nominated by her mom, Kimberly Close-Hittle.

Ms. Hittle is a wonderful teacher. She teaches almost full-time. She takes time to help each and every child she is with daily. Ms. Hittle listens to what students tell her and tries to give each of them all the attention she can. She strives to help with their problems or find a way to get help for them. Not only does she teach school, but she is also going to school to get her license to teach full-time. It doesn't stop there. She also works another job, too.

"Whenever students see her outside of school, they come up to her, give her hugs, and talk to her about what is happening. She takes the time to sit and talk to each student any time she can. It warms my heart that she can do this. She tries to make a big impression that getting an education is the most important thing for students," said Close-Hittle.

"I would like to say thank you for allowing me to brag about this wonderful lady. She is my daughter, yes, but she is a very special teacher in her own right. I hope this gives a little insight into what Amberly does by being a teacher that cares for her students," said Close-Hittle.