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Elisabeth Paster

Position: Science Teacher
School: LaBrae High School
School District: LaBrae Local School District
City, State: Leavittsburg , OH

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Elisabeth Paster was nominated by one of her former students, Timothy Perry.

"Elisabeth Paster was always there for every student. I don't think I would be where I am today without her. She pushed me through high school to ensure I made it to college. Now, I go to Ohio State University. She always made sure her students not only had a place to sit at lunch, but that they had a lunch sitting in front of them, whether it meant buying it for them or giving up her own lunch so they could eat. She is my inspiration to always fight for everyone and help them. Ms. Paster always listened to kids and helped them through tough times," said Perry.

Comments (5)

grace barnhart Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Paster is one of those rare teachers that is willing to listen to her students whenever. She is someone I feel comfortable going to in the school if I am struggling because I know she cares enough to listen and help me in any way she can!

Debbie Lynch Posted over a year ago

Awesome teacher, loves her students and puts them first!

Brenda Farone Posted over a year ago

Liz is a very empathetic and passionate teacher. This is a well-deserved honor!

Cierra Burchett-Norquist Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Paster was the best thing to happen to me in high school. My family really struggled emotionally and financially throughout my time at LaBrae, but she was always there for me. She provided lunch for me many times, offered a helping hand, and even supported my mom on Christmas one year to make sure my family had what we needed. It breaks my heart to say it, but I would not be alive today without her. I wouldn’t have overcame the things I did without her love, support, and guidance.??

Taylor Cullison Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Paster was by far my favorite teacher my whole school experience. She was like my mom away from home, she always talked to me to make sure i was doing good. She took time out of her study hall or even during class to talk to me when i needed it. Always helping me through through tough times and always put a smile on my face. Even helped me with other subjects when i would get frustrated. She knew when i was in a bad mood and sometimes would give me chocolate bc she knew it was my favorite and for valentines day got me a rose. The little things she did as a teacher always stood out. She was caring, loving, honest and looked out for her students. She changed my life for the better even if that meant listening to my boy problems. She is the best teacher ever and most definitely deserves this!!