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Christine Meeks

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: LaBrae Intermediate School
School District: LaBrae Local School District
City, State: Leavittsburg , OH

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Christine Meeks was nominated by an anonymous member of the community.

Mrs. Meeks always wanted to be a teacher. As a matter of fact, she was very mature for her age and acted as a teacher when she was younger. She earned her degree and got to work immediately, connecting with students just a few years younger than her at first, where her impact was profound in many ways. She gave those early students a sense of trust they weren't familiar with. Mrs. Meeks was also a great cheerleading coach, taking her squad to many regional competitions and producing great results. Many years later, her early students are more like peers to her now, but they still only call her Mrs. Meeks. 

She has a smile that lights up a room, a cafeteria, and any assembly. Her warm manner with the student body is contagious, and many parents have lobbied to get their children in her room years beforehand. She is the teacher who learns the names of students who have other teachers, and she seems to know which ones need a hug on certain days or every day. It's sad that some kids are in situations where they may not get motherly affection. For those kids, she is much, much more than a teacher.

She has also done some amazing things for kids who don't have clean clothes and risk being looked at by others in a negative way. She has actually bought "temporary or loaner clothes" for those kids, and she kept them in a cabinet in her room to have the kids change into before homeroom. Then, on her morning break, she'd drive to her home, just one mile from the school, to throw them in the washer. She'd go back on her lunch break to the throw them in the dryer and take them back for to kids to change back into. 

"Christine has been a staple of the community for more than 25 years. She was recently selected by one of the senior football players as his all-time favorite educator. She refers to her students as 'My little Johnny,' or 'My sweet Fiona,' or sometimes 'My ornery Steven,' but they are all 'Her Kids.' Christine is what teachers should be in so many ways, and our community is dreading the day she decides to retire," said her nominator. 

Comments (11)

Sandra Brunke Posted over a year ago

Just a very pleasant person. Always interest in all school activities and the children involved.

Alyse Consiglio Posted over a year ago

Chris was an excellent mentor to me as a new teacher. She was someone I looked up to as someone just starting my career and I will be forever grateful for her guidance (as I am in my 19th year as an educator!)

Stephanie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Meeks is my granddaughters teacher this year. Madison loves going to schholwith Mrs. Meeks as her teacher.

Devan Posted over a year ago

The best teacher I’ve ever had.

Gary Brienza Posted over a year ago

She's a really great person who always smiles and she's a great teacher also. Care's about her students and her children are role models also, athelitic and good students.

Natalie Iser Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Meeks is a life changer because she was one of my favorite teachers I have ever had and I have never forgotten her!!

Jennifer Posted over a year ago

My son is in your class. Brycen is slowly moving to mainstream classes after being in an emotional support class. He has done so well under Ms. Meeks that he is moving to full time mainstream. His confidence has grown. He is challenged academically. He is excited about school and says his much Ms Meeks helps him and gives him compliments. He told others he likes school now. Thank you for all you do for our kids ??

Ashley Simunich Posted over a year ago

Both my son who is now is 8th grade had her and still speaks of her and how amazing she was. My daughter has her now and enjoys her so much. We trust her and love the way she loves the kids and what she does.

Angela Perigo Posted over a year ago

She is the best! Helped my daughter so much her first year at a new school.

Christopher Phillips Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Meeks was a god send for my youngest daughter. My daughter had some emotional and academic needs but Mrs Meeks just got her My daughter was so comfortable in her classroom that it made school and learning so much easier. Thank you for all you do!!

Karen Meeks Thompson Posted over a year ago

Chris is the most dedicated teacher I know. She goes above and beyond for all of her kids. She’s at school early getting things set up and stays late to help out. Her kids love her even after they leave her class. You can’t go anywhere with her without running into one of her students and they are greeted warmly by name and usually a hug. There is no one more deserving of this award than her. And she is a terrific aunt to my children!