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Barb Meyer

Position: Pre-Nursing Phlebotomy Instructor
School: Trumbull Career and Technical Center
School District: Trumbull Career and Technical Center
City, State: Warren, OH

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Barb Meyer was nominated by an anonymous former student.

Every time a student leaves their "home" school to attend a technical school, a layer of uncertainty follows: What if I fail, or no one likes me? What if it would've been better to stay in what was comfortable?

Mrs. Meyer has made it her mission to make successful nurses out of her students. As a nurse, Mrs. Meyer served her county through Saint Joe's Hospital.

"Often times, she referenced how most of us were most likely born in her care, as she was a labor and delivery nurse," said the student. "I think this immediately provides a sense of comfort to her students. It's astounding that the same person who delivered us could be seeing us grow up and turn into successful students."

On a professional level, she has provided students with more than enough information to succeed in the world.

"As a past student, I'm currently employed through one of the nation's leading hospitals. Mrs. Meyer also has a success rate much higher then the national average on both the certified phlebotomy technician exam and state-tested nursing assistant exam," said the student. "I believe this is due to her immersive teaching style. Rather than learning through consecutive PowerPoints, we would often learn through demonstration on mannequins and direct skills with classmates for an overall immersive experience. This diverse classroom allowed for students to stay continuously involved in their own learning, and ultimately led to such a high success rate on our exams."

Nurses are expected to uphold a high ethical standard. This includes, but is not limited to, patient care. Mrs. Meyer prepares her students for what they'd see in clinicals and the outside world, while also allowing an open environment to ask questions. In instances like pressure ulcers, one might immediately feel disgusted. She helps her students understand why this injury might occur to residents, along with the importance of maintaining a high level of composure. This also ties into a nurturing atmosphere; when you're caring for other people, you must also remember to care for yourself.

"As a student of Mrs. Meyer, I often felt comfortable enough to go to her in instances where I might not have gone to other teachers," said the student. "With her prior experience as a nurse, she was always receptive to our questions and never had preconceived notions about why or how we were asking said questions. Her classroom always felt like a safe place."

"Overall, I feel Mrs. Meyer is most deserving of this award for the outstanding outcomes of her students," said the student. "A vast majority of the class of 2021 is employed and using their certifications. She truly developed us and molded us into functioning adults who are productive in society. Any student who goes through her classroom will be prepared for what the future holds. They also know they have a safe place to fall back on."