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Heidi McAdow

Position: Licensed Professional Counselor
School: West Union Elementary School
School District: Ohio Valley School District
City, State: West Union, OH

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Heidi McAdow was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. McAdow is like a celebrity in her school building! She treats every single student or child she comes in contact with like family. She has two children of her own, but she looks at all of the students she works with and thinks "How would I want my children to be treated?" It's not uncommon to see her bringing a student down to her office to get them sized for a new pair of shoes. She has also had to provide students with other supplies like toothbrushes, toothpaste, or soap. She wants students to have all the necessary supplies so they can focus on school. Ms McAdow extends this love to every student. 

One day, a high school student came in to the elementary school with her class to volunteer. This student's family had just been evicted, and she would be living in the homeless shelter for the next few weeks. The student confided in Ms. McAdow about her current situation. Ms. McAdow jumped in to help instantly.

"I asked, 'Why are you doing that all for her when she has a counselor at the high school?' I should have known what Ms. McAdow's response would be. She said, 'I'd do that for any kid.' So, Ms. McAdow immediately became an ally and advocate for that student. She just helps. She helps every single child," said the nominator.

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Joy Posted over a year ago

Heidi is the most selfless person I have ever met. She is so giving and loving to our students and to the staff. Congratulations to my lovely friend.