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Maureen Miller

Position: Eighth Grade Science Teacher
School: Hurricane Middle School
School District: Putnam County Schools
City, State: Hurricane, WV

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Music that Describes Maureen

Maureen Miller was nominated by her colleague, Kristin Devaney.

Becoming a school teacher is Ms. Miller's second career. Having worked in college as a physical therapist, Ms. Miller knows what college expectations are, and she fully prepares her students. She's an inspirational, gifted teacher. She creates an environment that's not only conducive to learning, but allows her students to experience science. Ms. Miller definitely allows her kids to find a love for this subject.

Additonally, Ms. Miller teaches online college classes that allow for professional development.  This is where she shares experiences and best practices with others, creating an atmosphere where she and her colleagues can collaborate and learn a variety of methods that can be used to reach students who come from challenging backgrounds.

"To me, this is where she truly makes a difference," said Devaney. "By sharing her experiences and teaching us new techniques and theories, she infuses the district with learned teachers who are able to adjust to the needs of their students.  She has taught classes about students in poverty, the effects that life's troubles have on them, how to reach them, and how to bond with them. These skills are vital for our area. Over the past few years, I've taken four of her classes and have been able to incorporate her teachings into my classes immediately.  Maureen has changed the lives of so many teachers and their students. She truly is a LifeChanger."