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Francesca Gamber

Position: Principal
School: Bard High School Early College Baltimore
School District: Baltimore City Public Schools System
City, State: Baltimore, MD

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Dr. Francesca Gamber was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Dr. Gamber is a quiet, but formidable force. Every thought and action she takes is in service to her school and community. This year, it's especially clear that Dr. Gamber shows up hard for her students and staff. She is on the floor for arrival, lunch duty, and class transitions. She has covered countless classes and stood in the cold alongside students to make sure they were supervised during dismissal.

"I have never seen anyone more in the trenches than this woman," said her nominator. "Additionally, no person can make everyone happy, and many would get fed up with the constant complaints that come across an administrator's desk. However, Dr. Gamber has handled it all with grace, kindness, and strength. Even on the hardest days, she shows up and reminds us that all students have a story and deserve to receive the best education possible, even if those same students do not fully believe it themselves."

"At times, it can be difficult to educate students in our school; they have a wide range of backgrounds, learning needs, and trauma. However, Dr. Gamber finds a way to make students and staff feel appreciated, welcomed, and nurtured. I am grateful to work under her leadership," said her nominator.