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Sean Scott

Position: Post-Secondary Coordinator
School: Invictus High School - Downtown Campus
School District: Invictus High School
City, State: Cleveland, OH

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Sean Scott was nominated by his principal, Dean Manke.

Mr. Scott works at a dropout recovery school in Cleveland. He's the first person in the building who students spend any time with, as he puts together a plan for their academic and post-secondary success. He's also the last person they work closely with, as he ensures they not only complete the last requirements for their diploma, but ensures they have a plan after they receive their diploma.

Mr. Scott has been making an impact on the lives of young people in Cleveland for over a decade. It's safe to say that hundreds of students can thank him for ensuring they have their high school diploma. He is empathetic to the needs of struggling students, but he maintains high standards for their performance, and he refuses to compromise in ensuring every student gets the highest quality experience.

"Sean is a leader in every aspect of our work in empowering students. He constantly researches and networks to find new opportunities for students to gain credentials, connections, opportunities, and employment. He is a tireless advocate for underserved students who face the most challenging of circumstances," said Manke.

Comments (2)

Natalia Bobko Posted over a year ago

I've been working with Mr. Scott since he stated working at our school. Students (and teachers) know that he is always there to help. He is reliable, knowledgeable and supportive, always.

Dave Gelhar Posted over a year ago

way to stay and keep everything positive. Keep doing the things you do!