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Kalesha Cornelius

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Kingsley Elementary School
School District: DeKalb County School District
City, State: Dunwoody, GA

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Kalesha Cornelius was nominated by Theresa Hill, one of her family members.

"Kalesha is the image of patience, flexibility, endurance, and resiliency. Her commitment to ensuring students within her reach succeed extends above and beyond the normalcy. Her children are an excellent example of what she extends to her family of students who she embraces," said Hill.

Comments (7)

Barbara N. Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations!!! You truly deserve it.

Sheldon Strickland Posted 8 months ago

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so proud of you! Keep making a difference and speaking light to not only the youth but to everyone around you! Keep shining your light!

Erin Pollack Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Cornelius has been a wonderful mentor teacher for me. I know I can always go to her with any issue I am dealing with in the classroom and she will be full of great advice and solutions to help me solve my problem. Even when I do not actively have a problem, Mrs. Cornelius is still a mentor to me in that I love watching her work. There is this magic she has with the children where when she speaks, they listen. I love learning from her and with her so that some of her magic can hopefully rub off on me too!

Pamela Jones Posted 8 months ago

Congratulation to an awesome and dedicate person, VICTORY is yours! Jones

Rey Burgess Posted 8 months ago

Great job Mrs. Cornelius! Keep helping our students shine!

Ms Clau Posted 8 months ago

I want to be just like you when I grow up ??…So proud of you sis…CONGRATS!!!! ????????????

Anabel Lopez Posted 8 months ago

Keep up the good work!!