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Janelle Grube

Position: Math Teacher
School: Plymouth High School
School District: Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools
City, State: Plymouth, OH

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Janelle Grube was nominated by her colleague, Joe Morabito.

"Janelle has taught high school mathematics for over 20 years in the Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools. We are a rural community, with many of our students growing up with hardships such as poverty and single-parent households. Janelle has long been the pillar guiding so many of our students, not only through academics, but all avenues that come with being a teenager and preparing for life after high school. In serving as principal at Plymouth High School, I have had the pleasure observing Mrs. Grube exhibiting the six noted characteristics on a daily basis," said Morabito.

In her daily work with students, Mrs. Grube takes the approach that she will make a difference in all aspects of their lives. Her energy and enthusiasm for her students and mathematics are unmatched. She is always the first one in the building and last to leave, and she's never alone. She is constantly tutoring and mentoring students, even former students who need further help in their college math courses. This type of devotion and care for students has resonated throughout the building. Mrs. Grube has set the standard in how to go about instructing and caring for students. She has created a culture of compassion and drive to help students in all areas of life.

Mrs. Grube's leadership has reached far beyond the walls of Plymouth High School. She serves as a key member of the Plymouth Lions Club and has revitalized the Plymouth Academic Boosters Club. Without her leadership and devotion to these groups, they were in danger of not being able to exist anymore. Mrs. Grube has been placed in leadership roles throughout her entire career, such as being a veteran, a loving mother and wife, and a beacon of kindness and encouragement who serves the students and community of Plymouth-Shiloh.

Whether you're meeting Mrs. Grube for the first time or the 100th time, you will always be greeted with a warm smile and a gentle pat on the shoulder. Students in her care are extremely grateful for her kindness and focus on them as a complete person. This is why students from her past continually seek her out and thank her, not only for their academic foundation, but for her genuine interest in their personal success.

"Without Mrs. Grube taking it upon herself to bring in college math courses to our high school, most of our students would not be able to take part in these course offerings due to transportation difficulties to our location from the college campus. Janelle saw the need and took it upon herself to ensure these classes would be offered to the students at our high school. Other teachers have since jumped on board as they realized the need to provide the college options. We are able to offer more college math courses than any other high school in our area because of Janelle’s willingness to do so," said Morabito.

"In closing, Mrs. Grube truly is a LifeChanger for so many of us who are fortunate enough to be near her on any given day. Her work is always done with the highest amount of integrity and adherence to moral standards in her professional and personal lives. This past fall, Janelle had some medical issues that caused her to miss the beginning of the year. After recovering from a major surgery, she has since hit the ground running and come back stronger than ever. I can attest that we sorely missed her in her absence. Plymouth High School was not the same without her," said Morabito.

Comments (2)

Todd Posted 10 months ago

I have a daughter that is in her 1st year teaching high school math. She already has gone above the norm to make her class special for the students. I am excited to send her this wonderful statement of success and appreciation for Janelle. My hope is that my daugter will see it as inspiration to be like Mrs. Grube. What a wonderful role model.

Dakota Durbin Posted 10 months ago

There could not be a more deserving person of such a nomination. Mrs. Grube had a profound impact on my life at a time when the decisions I was making could have led me in a much different direction than where I am at today. Her ability to be patient, passionate and caring is unmatched. She instilled a passion for mathematics that still to this day I carry with me and credit completely to her.