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Colleen Aholt

Position: Treasurer
School: Brooklyn City School District
School District: Brooklyn City School District
City, State: Brooklyn, OH

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Colleen Aholt was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Aholt has a unique, but wildly important role in the support of students in their day to day learning. Ms. Aholt is a school treasurer by trade and fierce student advocate. When engaging in dialogue with the school community, Ms. Aholt breaks down complex funding algorithms so that they are understandable at each level. Whenever there is a conversation regarding the cost of something, whether it be a new outdoor sports track or an enhanced curriculum, Ms. Aholt is always ready to talk with stakeholders and help them understand what these decisions mean on a per pupil dollar level. 

Ms. Aholt is an astute and responsible fiscal leader who is always taking into account the community's financial contribution. When principals and department heads come to her hoping to fund new initiatives like PBIS incentives, she is responsive and quick to work. She ensures her district's leaders have access to the finances necessary to not only run the day-to-day operations, but to celebrate students. In a time filled with COVID-related challenges, she ensures students have access to supports and ways to be identified and celebrated in the school community. 

Beyond this, she is committed to supporting students and lending a helping hand. You can see her wearing many hats, such as supporting dismissal and drills. In the summer, you can find her working with the district's student workers. 

"She has built a fun, loving relationship with our special education population. These students have come to affectionately know her as, 'the money lady.' Whether you're a student, a support worker, or a department head, Ms. Aholt always has the time to support you," said her nominator.

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Pamela Kennedy Posted 7 months ago

Mrs Aholt is a hero watching out for each child in her district. The students of Northeast Ohio all deserve such an intelligent advocate and strong role model.