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Lisa Blackley

Position: Special Education Coach
School: Ashland High School
School District: Ashland City School District
City, State: Ashland, OH

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Lisa Blackley was nominated by Jenny Keesee, a parent of a student.

"Mrs. Blackley has dedicated her heart to teaching special education students. Our daughter was lucky enough to be her student for three years. She worked outside of contracted hours to ensure our children had adequate supervision and could access the school as equally as their non-disabled peers. She'd come in early so she was there for drop off, and she'd stay after school on an unusually hot June day so the 8th grade students in her classroom could attend the farewell festivities as the independent teenagers they aspired to be," said Keesee.

"Mrs. Blackley held holiday meals that facilitated relationships between the special education students and their typical peers. She also emailed funny dance clips she created with classroom aides when COVID-19 closed classrooms. When the buildings were closed during the summer and due to COVID-19, she completed ESY with our daughter on her own back patio to ensure she didn't regress further over the summer months," said Keesee.

"Mrs. Blackley retired after the 2020-2021 school year, but she has been contracted as a consultant to the high school teachers. She's always offering assistance in adapting lesson plans for our child and others. She is an invaluable resource to both novice and well experienced teachers. Mrs. Blackley's a teacher who has remained a lifelong learner. She's open to trying new approaches, asks for help when needed, and collaborates effectively with parents and administration. She's one in a million, and we will forever be grateful for her presence in our lives," said Keesee.