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Krystal Greenfield

Position: Campus Leader
School: The Bancroft School
School District: Christina School District
City, State: Wilmington , DE

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Krystal Greenfield was nominated anonymously.

"Wow! Where do I begin with describing the impact Mrs. Greenfield has made in education field as a school leader. How do I ensure I truly express why Mrs. Greenfield is a LifeChanger? Let me start by telling you a little bit about Mrs. Greenfield and her current role as school leader," said the nominator. "Mrs. Greenfield oversees The Bancroft School, which now has grades 1-8 and more than 100 staff members. Our school houses a school wellness center and a parent resource center. We also provide a host of wrap-around services for our families and students.  I think it’s important to note that over the years, so many have labeled our school as a 'failing school,' but many of those individuals only look at test scores, even old scores during the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of those individuals have never stepped foot into our school building, so they really don't grasp the hard work happening each and every day and the greatness being achieved by our phenomenal students. Many judge from afar, but Mrs. Greenfield doesn't let that get in the way of her important work each and every day."

The job and role of being a principal is hard work. Principals are responsible for hundreds of students and staff members. Most recently, they had to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, which made their work increasingly difficult, especially during a time when there were so many unknowns. This is another area where Mrs. Greenfield exemplifies the qualities of a LifeChanger nominee. She did a remarkable job leading her school throughout the height of the pandemic. She gave teachers the support they needed to make sense of what was a complete 180 in the way instruction was delivered. Mrs. Greenfield also made sure support and services did not end for students, their families, and staff members. She never looks for praise, and many times, her work, hustle, and heart behind the scenes can go unnoticed.  

Mrs. Greenfield exemplifies all of the qualities of a LifeChanger. She makes a positive impact in the lives of students.  She enhances her school's atmosphere and truly understands the importance of building culture and pride within her school. Mrs. Greenfield demonstrates exemplary leadership and possesses a proven record of professional excellence.

Since 2018, the Delaware Family Services Cabinet Council has worked to implement Executive Order #24, which launched efforts to make Delaware a trauma-informed state. The Family Services Cabinet Council is a cabinet-level group reestablished by Governor Carney in February 2017 to coordinate public and private services for Delaware families. Under Mrs. Greenfield’s leadership, The Bancroft School was chosen by the Council as the 2021 Compassionate Champion Award 1st Runner-Up Recipient. There was only one overall school winner for the entire state of Delaware, and only two schools receiving the 1st Runner-Up award. Learn more here: Governor Announces 2021 Compassionate Champion Award Recipients

"Mrs. Greenfield shows commitment to building a nurturing environment that supports student learning, as well as our educators. She believes in us and gives us the space and time to be creative and innovative in our classrooms.  I think what I appreciate most about her is that she listens to us and never tells us 'no' when we have an idea or a solution to a problem that might arise. She knows how important it is to treat each other with kindness. She is dedicated in ensuring our work is aligned to be the best and most equitable outcomes for students," said the nominator.

Inspirational speaker Brad Johnson recently tweeted, “There are teachers who are strong, highly motivated, and who like to take ideas and run with them or speak up when things aren’t working.  Some leaders are intimidated by such teachers, but effective leaders embrace them because they make the whole team better.”  Mrs. Greenfield understands the importance of teacher voice and advocacy.  She embraces her staff, listens to them, and lets them contribute. She lets teachers lead and gives them opportunities to grow.

"I feel like I can go to her without hesitation if something is inequitable. I truly appreciate her coming to our classrooms to visit us and the kids without a clipboard, computer or notebook. She comes in because she cares so much about our kids and educators.  She checks in to see if there is anything we may need, and she's always there for us, no matter what," said the nominator. "I hope this LifeChanger of the Year nomination shows her what an asset she is, what a gift she is to the world, and how appreciated she is. Leaders always look out for members of their family, their team."

Comments (3)

Deborah Fierro Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Greenfield - Well deserved !

Tom G. Posted over a year ago

Ms. Greenfield helps so many people become better educators daily. Thank you Ms. Greenfield for all you do to be amazing at Christina School District! :)

JL Williams Posted over a year ago

You are a Leader of Leaders Mrs. Greenfield! No matter what storm we faced you always encouraged us through it! There is no one more deserving of this recognition given the set of circumstances we are presented with everyday. This quote sums it up for me, "We Believe because you LEAD"