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Frania Paugh

Position: English Teacher
School: El Dorado High School
School District: Socorro Independent School District
City, State: El Paso, TX

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Frania Paugh was nominated anonymously.

"As a former English teacher myself, I appreciate that Ms. Paugh continues to expose her students to life through literature. She works so hard to make sure that students understand the many life lessons in literature.  Her goal is to create human beings that are the best versions of themselves because of the literature they've read and the discussions they've had in her class," said her nominator.

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Gloria Contreras Holguin Posted over a year ago

As a previous Administrator/Teacher I have had the opportunity of personally seeing Pahola seeking higher goals in her life. I was Pahola's third grade teacher. Following her career in Education from grade school, high school, college, and teaching at SISD. So proud of her accomplishments!

Mary Golden Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Paugh is one of our early college educators, what I truly admire about her is that she expects so much from her students by challenging them to the next level. She is truly preparing them for college and I know for a fact that their reading and writing levels are going to make their post-secondary transition more attainable. Her methods of teaching really make her students think and she is a wonderful role model.

Sandra Morales Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the privilege to work with Mrs. Paugh and have been a witness of her passion for teaching and helping students reach their highest potential. Mrs. Paugh integrates imperative skills in her teachings that motivates students to strive academically. Mrs Paugh has been an inspiration for me to continue developing as a professional and to never lose the passion of learning.

Caitlin Florio Posted over a year ago

Ms.Paugh is my mentor for the UTEP residency program and I could not be any luckier. She is very motivating and has helped me build my confidence as a teacher. As a mentor and coach, she always has great advice and she is always eager to learn more pedagogical approaches. It is a pleasure to plan with such a knowledgeable woman who inspires me to be the best I can be. I could confidently say that Ms.Paugh’s mentoring will set me up for success as a future English teacher.

Kassandra Lujan Posted over a year ago

When you’re a first year teacher, you want to keep to yourself so no one thinks you’re overstepping. When I met Mrs. Paugh, she told me don’t be afraid to stand out. This amazing educator has shown this rookie the amazing things that can be done for students inside and outside the classroom. Mrs. Paugh is creative and intuitive when it comes to presenting lessons and meaningful activities. Her scholars will continue to achieve greatness thanks to her.

Jerry Paugh Posted over a year ago

When I think of my granddaughter, I can only hope that she has a teacher like Pahola. I am fortunate because Pahola is my granddaughter's mother. She is caring and dedicated - characteristics that make up great teachers. Congratulations.

Nora Paugh Posted over a year ago

I love it when I see the passion in an educator, and I see that passion in Pahola. I love the fire I see in her as she works to ensure that her students find joy in literacy because literacy practices will lead to success not only in all subjects but in life. The key to success in our modern world is to be able to read, write and comprehend, and Pahola teaches those valuable skills to her students. The passion I see in Pahola is not completely objective since Pahola is my daughter-in-law, but I'm so proud that she cares so much about what her students are learning because she cares and not because she is my daughter-in-law. When I hear her talk about what she is doing to engage her students as they begin reading the next great piece of literature, I feel that our world will be alright with teachers like Pahola. Keep pushing our kids to learn. They deserve it!

Marc Terrones Posted over a year ago

During my first year as a teacher, Pahola took me under her wing. Not only did she teach, inspire, and push me to be my best, but she also did the same for her students. Whether it’s making me read Franz Kafka novels, having her students critically analyze texts, or even coaching the spelling team, I know that she pours her heart and soul into teaching and everything else she does. One peek into her classroom will make it clear to anyone that her love for literature is infinite. I am lucky to have Pahola as a friend, and she is undoubtedly an asset to education as a whole.

Nishna Esparza Posted over a year ago

Although I have never had the honor to work with Mrs. Paugh side by side, I was intrigued by her enthusiasm of learning. You see like myself, Mrs. Paugh is a student of teaching. What separates her from many is that she studies the art of teaching to be able to translate lessons to her students. I have heard of her approaches, and I have also heard that she can reach second language learners and catch them up on their reading grade level. Mrs. Paugh is doing things differently. She isn’t your ordinary educator; she goes above and beyond to understand her students and that is her ultimate goal. This I have known through her lessons, and I’m certain she has spent countless hours providing feedback to her students and finding ways to engage them. This educator goes above and beyond; I am certain. Best Wishes always Mrs. Paugh ??

Vanessa Guajardo Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Pahola for years now. I’ve watched her flourish into an amazing educator. Her love for teaching is evident in everything she does in her classroom. She cares for her each of her students as if they were her own children. She will make a great addition to your team.

Jackie Ornelas Posted over a year ago

I am fortunate to call Pahola a friend- a best friend. She has always been a supporting and motivating friend from the day we met. I became a teacher because of her push for me to make a career change (into teaching) while witnessing her passion and dedication for her students. I aspire to one day be a teacher like her- inspiring, a role model, passionate, enthusiastic, optimistic, and caring.

Robert Reyes Posted over a year ago

I have known and have taught with Ms. Paugh for the past ten years. She inspires her students by always having very engaging interactive lessons. Ms. Paugh always cares for her students, she is a very dedicated educator who sets high expectations for herself and her students. I have seen her students evolve from being regular students to learning how to become lifelong learners. She changes her students lives by being a great role model

Cecilia Lizaola Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of co-teaching with Mrs. Paugh. She has away of reaching all students with her upbeat personality and creativity. Mrs. Paugh’s creative lessons reach students of all academic levels and her interesting classroom discussions keep students engaged in literature.

Jaqueline Martinez Posted over a year ago

I believe that Mrs. Paugh would be perfect for any higher position within the district. She always shows her passion through teaching and leaves a smile on her students faces.

Jared Paugh Posted over a year ago

Pahola is completely dedicated to fostering a love for reading within her classroom. She enters her school with the same attitude she displays at home with our daughter. Her drive to help her students reach their potential is unmatched. She is amazing.

David Corral Jr. Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Paugh for two years at Ensor middle school and I immediately saw the passion she had for teaching. It was then that I suggested she try teaching at the high school level where I knew she would make an even bigger difference in the lives of her students. I'm glad she made the leap to the high school level where she will undoubtedly mold some of the best minds at her campus with her passion for teaching and the care with which she treats each of her students.

Griselda Cabrera Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Paugh es una persona que siempre se ocupa de sus estudiantes, busca las mejores lecciones para que puedan aprovechar al máximo.

Lindsay Lopez Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Paugh has a true passion for teaching. If a student is not understanding the material, she will take the time and think of a new way to explain it to them until they retain the information. Her love for her students, and teaching really shows.

Paulette McLaughlin Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Paugh is a wonderful colleague to work with! She is supportive and enthusiastic.

Jared Paugh Posted over a year ago

Pahola is an amazing educator that pushes me to better myself as an educator. Her role as a teacher is only rivaled by her role as a mother and wife. She takes into the classroom the same caring nature she has at home with her family, and her drive to grow them into successful adults is unparalleled. She is amazing.

Maria Nieto Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Paugh is and will always be a special person in my daughters life. She was my daughter sponsor in middle school for NJHS. Mrs. Paugh showed her the importance of literature can reflect on your life lessons. My daughter is now in high school and she carries her knowledge she was taught by Mrs. Paugh. Mrs. Paugh teaching had lead my daughter to be a top student in her class, NHS, and be in NHS in EPCC.

Cynthia Wilke Posted over a year ago

Ms. Paugh makes a real difference by developing student character in addition to academic excellence. She sponsors events and organizations that stress the importance of helping others including school families displaced by natural disasters and worthy causes. She is a life changer.

Lianna Tellez Posted over a year ago

I was blessed to have been in Mrs. Paugh’s class for two years. She’s always been a great teacher who engages with her students and always pushes them to succeed. Mrs. Paugh will always be someone who I will never forget, her hard work will never go unnoticed.

Claudia Cortez Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Paugh is a great teacher, she is constantly educating her self to make sure she is proving the best up to date knowledge to her students, she’s passionate about literature and is always implementing new ways to keep students engaged with her subject.

Lesley Martinez Posted over a year ago

Best teacher I ever had. Helped me through some struggles as I continued learning my second language and always has something wonderful to say to her students. Definitely someone I admire and look up to. Keep sharing your light.

MONICA JUAREZ Posted over a year ago

I believe Mrs Paugh is a great person smart, caring, has worked very hard to be where she’s at and caring about her students. I truly believe she would be excellent to be nominated.

Linda Miner Posted over a year ago

Ms Paugh was my sons teacher for IB English when he was a sophomore at El Dorado High School in 2020 - 2021. This was a year of virtual and a very challenging year for teachers and students. Ms Paugh never met her students that year. Ms Paugh was able to keep my son focused and motivated during the isolation and virtual learning. Keeping a 15/16 year old on track to complete assignments on time and to give it his all - was a huge challenge. I would find my son cuddled up with a book and his dog reading books that Ms Paugh had assigned. My son is not normally a reader but he followed her lead and discussed them in class. Ms Paugh was there to support and encourage her students. Thank you Ms Paugh for all you do for the students of El Dorado!

Mayra palacios Posted over a year ago

Since I have met Pahola in a small workout class nothing to do with school. She is kind, super intelligent, a go getter n even then a great teacher n motivater always willing to help n share her knowledge. She always has a big smile and a great attitude a truly admirable person over all.

Kyia Whiteman Posted over a year ago

I have known Pahola Paugh for many years as a student as a friend as a colleague and as a teacher with passion. Her dedication to literature and excellence from her students makes her an exceptional educator and role model. Inspiring all who know her!