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Sarah Perez

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Glen Cove Elementary School
School District: Ysleta Independent School District
City, State: El Paso, TX

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Sarah Perez was nominated anonymously.

"As a kindergarten teacher, Sarah's role is so critical as she creates lifelong learners. Every day, she teaches her students that learning is fun.  The literacy practices she creates on a daily basis will serve these children throughout the rest of their lives! Clearly, everything we learn started in kindergarten," said her nominator.

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Erika Zaragoza Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez has the most welcoming character. She is sweet, caring, and a true friendly persona. Ms. Perez truly goes out and above for her kindergartens. My son was a transfer student (moved from New Mexico), and she immediately made him feel at home. He learned so much and got to speed with his ABCs (despite being special ed kiddo), thanks to Ms. Perez's love for teaching and learning. During our Kindergarten graduation ceremony, she wore a long white dress with drawings done by her kindergarten students. Not only was the dress beautiful, but the thought behind it having her kindergartens draw on her dress was truly special and emotional. Ms. Perez is a true definition of a Life Changer.

Annie Nazario Posted over a year ago

I’ve worked in child care for years and I have never seen such a fast and positive learning development and growth in her teaching skills with one of her students that I care for. I am amazed at how much she has helped mold and educate him, he does his work with the objective of making Ms. Perez proud!

Monica Burgos Posted over a year ago

Sarah Perez is an outstanding teacher who goes above and beyond to not only meet her students' academic needs but also their social and emotional needs as well. You can genuinely see the passion and love she has for each one of her students on daily basis. Her students absolutely adore her and at the end of the day, that is one of the most important things they take home with them...that beautiful loving connection that they will remember for a lifetime. Glen Cove is so proud of this Shining Star.

Sadie Posted over a year ago

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill the love of learning.” This quote does not even compare to what what kind of teacher Ms. Perez is. She has went above and beyond to make sure she makes a difference in each child’s progress. She has so much patience and determination to make sure each child succeeds to be where they should be to transition to the next grade. With one child in particular she has been a blessing to that child and the progression that he’s had in six months has been phenomenal. Ms. Perez has become an important part not only in school but on the outside as well. This child wants to read, wants to do his homework and wants to learn and enjoys it. Every child deserves to have a teacher like Ms. Perez, who communicates and understands each child, she is the definition of a great teacher who has gone above and beyond her calling of being a teacher, and an inspiration to every child she comes across.

Maria Hernandez Posted over a year ago

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms.Perez we are so blessed to have her as our son's kindergarten teacher. She is such a wonderful, amazing and loving teacher. My son is so blessed to have her this year. She has been a great part in his educational growth. He looks forward everyday towards going to school.

Krystal acosta Posted over a year ago

I am not sure where to begin but I will say that Ms. Perez has completely changed our sons life. Her patience and determination for him to succeed is beyond what any parent could ask for. She strives every day to make our son feel accepted and confident in himself. The progress he has made is mind blowing to say the least. And a huge part of his success, is because of Ms. Perez. Her patience, kindness, and passion shows in our sons every day life. We are beyond thankful to have been blessed with an amazing kindergarten teacher for our son. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rosalia Delgado Posted over a year ago

Where do i began.. This is my sons first year of school and I was so worried about his speech delay and being able to complete everyday work without understanding it. Ms. Perez has been such a blessing to his growth in every aspect from using complete sentences, to sounding out words, to be able to read to writing his name. I couldn't have asked for anyone better; her love for teaching is so great that I saw the change in my son in the first 2 months. I am so thankful for her patience, love and communication. Ms. Perez has literally changed my son's life and I couldn't be more greatful to have had her as his kindergarten teacher

Sarah Posted over a year ago

Sarah Perez is by far the definition of life changer. The molding and inspiration she brings to thise Kindergarten children is truly a blessing. On top of the usual teacher duties and responsibilities, she is tackling the challenge of young kids coming out of a sheltered pandemic. The work she does is exemplary and beautiful. The world would be in a better place if we had more people like Ms. Perez.

Ruth Gasca Posted over a year ago

Ms . Perez is a Great teacher.

Christina Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Our youngest child and only girl started kindergarten this year as most parents do we had numerous worries in sending our daughter to her first year of school but Ms Perez put our mind at ease on parent night. She was warm and welcoming, our daughter is thriving and looks forward to going to school everyday. She has learned so much from Ms. Perez

Christina Posted over a year ago

My son and I are so blessed to have Ms.Perez as my sons teacher he has grown so much and learn sooo much since his been in school he loves going to school because he loves Ms.Perez he feels safe with her and he trust her alot and it’s hard for my son to trust others.She is also very understanding..Thank you Ms.Perez for everything.

Xitlali Guzman Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. Perez!! Ms. Perez is an amazing teacher and my son adores her. With all her hard work a dedication she deserves the recognition!

Christina Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Our youngest child and only girl started kindergarten this year and like most parents we were worried about numerous things sending her off to her first year but Ms. Perez instantly put our minds at ease on parent night. my daughter is thriving and excited to go to school everyday ,she has learned so much from Ms. Perez

Celi Posted over a year ago

Having Ms. Perez be my daughter’s kindergarten teacher has been great! My daughter seems to enjoy her class. It shows that my daughter is learning a lot. You can tell she loves her job and students! We thank you Ms. Perez! Keep being awesome!

Miriam De La Rosa Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez is one of the best teacher in GlenCove Elementary, I am so glad both of my daughters had Ms.Perez as there kindergarten teacher. Both of my daughters learned so much with her and they love her!

Britney Jones Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez has helped my daughter with her confidence in reading tremendously!! Her patience with the children is incredible, hands down one of the best teachers I’ve ever met! Hopefully she can teach my other daughter as well! Congratulations Ms. Perez and thank you for all of your help!!

Stephanie Loy Posted over a year ago

Our daughter did so well with Ms Perez. We moved her to Glen Cove halfway through her kinder year. Our daughter was not reading and very unmotivated at that time. We saw so many improvements within the first 2 weeks with Ms Perez (and that was for virtual school!) We cannot thank her enough for all the help she gave to our baby girl. We are proud to see Ms Perez nominated for this amazing award.

Victor Posted over a year ago

Hands down, one of the best teachers my boys have ever had. I’m a strong believer that a student’s future character and success is dependent on a strong foundation brought early on by strong educators and influencers. My oldest son is now in college on a full ride scholarship after graduating top ten. My youngest son began his own business at the age of 12 and is set to graduate this year and attend college. I no doubt that my sons’ work ethic, commitment, dedication and, most of all, respect for others, began during their Kinder year at Glen Cove. Ms. Perez’ unique approach to teaching her students reflects a passion like no other. To this day, my boys are able to recall many fond moments from their Kinder years and I can only attribute this to the positive impact Ms. Perez had on them. In the classroom, Ms. Perez helped me shape my boys in their tender years to become the men they are today and I am beyond grateful.

Pahola Paugh Posted over a year ago

Way to go! This is a well-deserved recognition of excellence for a hard-working and passionate educator who continues to impact her community. As a kindergarten teacher, she set the tone for young learners on how they experience learning and literacy. Because she makes the learning about her students, they enjoy her lessons and love her. Congrats!

Loshka Posted over a year ago

I have only see Ms. Perez from afar, but she always have a warm smile on her face, that kind of smile that makes you feel at home, that’s all I have to say.

Lisa Romero Posted over a year ago

Sar!! Congratulations on this very deserving honor! I am so proud of you!! Just to be nominated shows what an amazing teacher you are! Not only do you go above and beyond for your students but you have always been there for me and for many others. I can’t Thank you enough for all you do. Most importantly thank you for being a true friend. Love you!! LCOY=SJP

Ashley Erivez Posted over a year ago

Mrs Perez was my very first teacher I ever had. One of my favorite teachers of all time! Having Mrs Perez as my kindergarten teacher helped me grow out of my little shell and am now graduated from high school and have medical and cosmetology under my belt as well! She was so inspiring that my senior year of high school I interned as a kindergarten instructor and I fell in love with it. I will be 25 this year and was in her class when I was only 6! I will never forget how much fun her class was. This nomination was awarded to the perfect teacher!??

Monica Sanchez Posted over a year ago

Sarah you are an amazing teacher. Congratulations on your nomination. It is well deserved. Thank you for being a blessing in all your students lives. I know my Deci was a handful and you helped mold her into the beautiful wife and mother she is now. I have no words to fully express my gratitude. ????????

Leticia Roosmalen Posted over a year ago

Ms.Perez is an outstanding educator.

Lisa Vargas Posted over a year ago

Sarah is an amazing teacher. She cares about all her students. She inspires them to succeed, and try their best. She is warm, enthusiastic and caring. She is also very innovative and resourceful. She is a great person to work with, and I look up to her. I am very lucky to be part of her team. Congratulations Sarah!!! You deserve this and more! ??

Maribel Aguirre Posted over a year ago

Sarah, you definately make teaching look easy. For anyone that knows a teacher, we know that teaching is anything but easy. Your experience, motivation and enthusiasm can be seen in your work with students. You are a great colleaugue always willing to help. Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher.

Bianca Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez was my daughter’s kindergarten teacher and she was so amazing! The love and attention she gives her students is unmatched. 2 years have passed and my daughter is still in love with her. Thank you for changing her life!! This award couldn’t go to anyone better!! ??

Savannah fuentes Posted over a year ago

Sarah is the most kind hearted teacher I’ve met, she has a way of understanding the kids she teaches and impacting them in a huge way!

Amber Romero Posted over a year ago

Working with Ms. Perez you can see her passion for her students daily. Always making sure that they are learning and feeling the love. She not only inspires her students but those around her! Keep Shining Sarah!! ??

Sammy Romero Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez is my daughters teacher this year. She has done an amazing job motivating my daughter and showing her love. My daughter looks forward to attending school everyday and is always greeted with a smile. She started off my daughters first year of school with a wonderful experience. Thank You Ms. Perez!!

Lisa Castaneda Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez is a great teacher. She is very patient and caring with her students and her students love her.

Crystal Salom Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez is an outstanding educator. Her resume includes writing district curriculum, presenting for professional development to other educators and the list can go on. Most important Ms. Perez truly has the heart to teach. Her love for her scholars shines and is evident to her colleagues, scholars and parents. Glen Cove is truly blessed to have Ms. Perez!

Nora Paugh Posted over a year ago

I never realized how much work, effort and time it takes to prepare for just one day of teaching Kindergarten. The reason I know this is that I am a former school principal, but more importantly I am Sarah's sister. Yes, this post is likely biased, but I can attest to the fact that every day that Sarah has taught is the result of careful attention to detail. She plans out every transition to ensure one concept flows and aligns with the next, she includes kinesthetic activities which include singing and dance which also align to the content, and finally she teaches them to read!! The reading goes far beyond learning to read and decode, it is much more so that they ultimately appreciate reading to learn - a task that they will use for the rest of their lives. I was moved to read Yazmin's post below and how after all these years, she still remembers the details of her Kindergarten class with Sarah. I wonder how many people, now adults, have been impacted by Sarah. Incredible!

Melissa Rodarte Posted over a year ago

Sarah is my cousin. I don’t work with or really ever deal with children so when my neighbor was telling me about an issue with her son I immediately messaged Sarah. She immediately knew what I was talking about & offered advice.

Marissa Williams Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez was my child’s teacher who is graduating this year. Ms. Perez was and is an amazing, caring and loving teacher. She always went above and beyond with my Amanda, her nurturing ways helped build my child’s foundation of education. I am forever thankful and grateful. I also had the privilege of teaching with Ms. Perez and all I can say is that she is the epitome of an educator. This recognition is well deserved and long over due. We love you Sarah Jane!!????

Gabriella Martinez Posted over a year ago

Such an amazing and kind hearted person! I couldn’t think of a better person to win this award!! Congrats Sarah you deserve it thank you for being an amazing person and educator those kids are so lucky to have you.

Jerry Paugh Posted over a year ago

I never realized how much work went into teaching Kindergarten. I was a high school math teacher, and I found that Sarah worked just has hard as I did to ensure her students learned what they needed to learn to be successful in the next grade. Congratulations, Sarah.

Nora Paugh Posted over a year ago

Most people do not know what a good teacher does to prepare for successful learning in Kindergarten. I know because Sarah is my sister. As a former school principal, I took note of everything she did to painstakingly prepared for just a single day's lesson. She ensured that all her materials were ready so that there could be seamless instruction from one content to the next. She ensured that there were high levels of engagements to include singing and dancing aligned to the content. Oh yeah, she had to teach them to read!!! To ensure that her students were not only learning to read, but reading to learn is something they would take with them the rest of their lives. Kudos to you, Sarah, for being recognized for the incredible work you do every day for every student.

Pamela jacquez Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Sarah!!! Wishing you the best continue to do what you do teachers that care and develop are hard to find. You have a huge impact on those kids.

Jennifer Suarez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Sarah Perez was kinder teacher to each of my 3 children. Their ages are 20, 17, and 15. Not only did she nurture and teach my children, but went above and beyond to connect with me, the mom! She always took care of all her students as if they were her own children with the the realization that they were still so young and someone else’s baby. So she was loving, gentle. Yet, she knew how to get them to start learning a sense of independence. By the end of their school year they’re ready for 1st grade! Zachary, Madison, and Joi, my children, love her dearly. They continue to stay in touch with her to this day. She established a strong sense of security, stability, and confidence for school while they were with her as little ones. It started an amazing school pattern. Zach is a Medical student. Madison is in high school, student council Vice President, cheerleader, marches in band. She graduates this year. Joi is on the dance team in high school, jv softball team, and also serves as a student council officer, alongside her older sister. I believe this strong sense of education and involvement started in Sarah Perez’s classroom 15 years ago. I just know it! She purposely checks in on each of them. After all these years, she still cares!! We as a family, are honored to call her friend. I can’t think of anyone else who deserves this honor more! She’s the best! ??

Yasmin Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez has always been a wonderful, patient, and nurturing teacher to our kinder students. As parents, when one sends their child to elementary for the very first time, it can be a nervous feeling entrusting your child to others. I always felt my son would be safe and happy with Ms. Perez. He was always so happy to be in her class and I appreciated her patience with him. I will always be grateful for that.

Brenda Bradley Posted over a year ago

Sarah Perez, is an Awesome teacher. She teaches her students every strategy possible. For her student's be lifelong learners. Both my daughters had Ms. Perez, in Kindergarten, because of her my daughters love school. When my daughters had Ms. Perez, they did not want to go home at the end of the day they wanted to continue learning. My oldest daughter wants to be a writer one day. My youngest wants to be a teacher.

Araceli Alvarez Posted over a year ago

My son [now a college student] and myself, fondly remember Mrs.Perez as the teacher who helped him realize his true potential to overcome the challenge of learning something new. Her patience and encouragement alongside her soft spoken demeanor, creates a safe environment for what can often times seem scary for a child beginning their education. We thank you for setting that bar high and leading as an example of what an excellent educator truly is!

Angela Posted over a year ago

My children now19, 17 and 15, all had the privilege of being Ms. Perez's students. Her beautiful smile and her kind heart made it very easy to leave my children in her care. Her passion and compassion for special learners allowed my children to feel respected and understood. This beautiful woman builds relationships that go above and beyond 1 school year. She celebrated my daughter's sweet sixteen with us and even attended her drive by graduation celebration. I thank God, my children were given a teacher that exuberates goodness, love and pride in what she does. Forever thankful for Ms. Perez.

Margarita Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Ms. Perez is an outstanding educator. Her dedication to her students and her career is admirable. We are incredibly lucky to get to work with her and see her students flourish. Congratulations Ms. Perez! Keep Shining!!!!

Yvonne Guzman Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Perez is amazing. Best teacher ever. My kids love her. My oldest which is now 17 had her and so did my other children. They love her. My youngest has her this semester and he loves her. She goes above and beyond. Congrats Mrs. Perez.

Yazmine juarez Posted over a year ago

Hi Ms. perez! You were my kinder teacher back in 2005 but were ms. Baca then. I just want to say you truly were such a great teacher. I will always remember how calm you made me feel. I don't think I really ever felt that way again in school. I will forever remember your stories about your puppy ms. Honey. I think that was her name but I remember you drawing a picture of a golden puppy. Lol. Such a great teacher and so deserving of this recognition.

Josie Saucedo Posted over a year ago

As a teacher, she is beyond anything. As a friend, she is the best & always there for everything & everyone!!! Love you Sarah!!!

Melissa Posted over a year ago

As the parent of a kindergartener in Ms. Perez's class I can say that I truly see the enthusiasm for learning as my child excitedly shares what they are doing in class and is eager to come home to show and teach us the new lessons of the day.