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Megan Jackson

Position: Pre-K Teacher
School: Marshall Elementary School
School District: Orangeburg County School District
City, State: Orangeburg, SC

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Megan Jackson was nominated anonymously.

"'The LifeChanger,' is what I would call her," explains her nominator. "Miss Jackson is an individual who goes above and beyond for her students and colleagues. She's sometimes known as the 'Yes' woman because she has a hard time saying no. Saying 'yes,' especially to the needs of her students, brings her much joy and fulfillment. Knowing that she's changing the lives of students as soon as they enter school brings her much excitement to know that she is nurturing a beginning child."

Miss Jackson uses her crafty ways to bring joy and new learning methods to her students. Her colleagues enjoy having her helping hand as a beacon of creativity for the school environment. Miss Jackson is a jewel to the Marshall family and community.

"Receiving this award would be an honor and much needed recognition for this sweet, quiet, but powerful soul," said her nominator.

Comments (13)

Buffy Ouzts Posted over a year ago

Megan is a good teacher and loves her job and students .A lot of us are daycare teachers and have her as a clock hr teacher we love her so much she makes the class so fun for us.keep the good work up!!

J. Talented Posted over a year ago

Megan really changes lives and I see it dedication, talents and love love for children.

Queen E Posted over a year ago

I call her teacher of the year each year for a decade. I look forward to stealing her ideas! She is emotionally involved in her daily activities and her students benefit from her awesome energy.

B Green Posted over a year ago

Megan is a wonderful, caring, and selfless person which is why I am not surprised that she was nominated for this. She has a pure heart and puts her all into whatever she does. She is an wonderful educator. I am lucky to call her a friend!

RayQuetta Shuler Posted over a year ago

Megan is a natural. She displays an amazing positive attitude and eagerness towards all that she does. It's a joy working with megan Congratulations, you deserve it!

Kim J Posted over a year ago

Megan Jackson is definitely the epitome of an Awesome eEducator. M-Modern E- Exciting, Energetic G- Generous A- Awe-Inspiring, Amazing N- Natural We Love Megan at the 'HIVE". She is very helpful. There is never a dull moment in her classroom. She changes lives one day at a time. Congrats Ms. Jackson.

Keisha Posted over a year ago

Great individual and she’s a great teacher. My daughter is a formal student in her Pre-K class. It was the best experience, Jackson you rock.

C Jackson Posted over a year ago

Megan is a wonderful teacher she loves her students.she will go out of her way to help them.a lot us are teacher and daycare teacher’s we have to have Clock hours for our job Megan is our instructor. she makes it fun and interesting and she does A wonderful job. we all depend on her we all are grateful to have her.

Heath Owen Posted over a year ago

Marshall is so lucky to have such a great educator! I wholeheartedly agree with the person who nominated her for this award! She is deserving of this and much more for her efforts teaching and building relationships with students and families! Way to go, Jackson!

Traci Evans Posted over a year ago

I believe that Megan C. Jackson is not only a “life changer” for this current year, but has been one since I met her 14 years ago in 2008. Megan’s positive outlook on life throughout her own struggles and the life struggles of others gives her the empathy to connect and grow with everyone she encounters. From her precious Preschoolers, to her coworkers, family and friends…… we are all lucky to have shared valuable time with you on many different levels. You are truly a blessing in our lives. (I know you are in mine! You deserve this bestie! ????)

Avery Davis Posted over a year ago

Megan Jackson is an avid educator that meets the needs of her students. Whether it is being creative or coming up with a fresh idea for her students, she exemplifies and shows amazing tenacity towards her students while helping them to expand their horizons far and beyond. Whatever it takes for her students to access great knowledge, she is determined to make it happen for them.

Mindy Posted over a year ago

Best educator! Marshall is lucky to have her!

J. Sanders Posted over a year ago

Megan is an outstanding Teacher. She is one that goes over and beyond or her students. She takes the role as being one of the first educators in her students' life serious. When I say, "Would give her last", I am referring to Ms. Jackson. Not only her school loves her but her school family and community. Despite the opposition she had to face this school year, she is a trooper because she pushes through to do what is necessary for her students. I truly enjoy seeing the joy her students bring her. Lifechanger of the Year indeed!