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Joseph Francois

Position: Seventh/Eighth Grade Alternative Education Teacher
School: The Leadership Academy
School District: Lancaster School District
City, State: Lancaster, CA

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Comments (11)

Charles Cooley Posted over a year ago

After knowing Joseph as a fellow educator, veteran, coach and close friend for over 22 years, I am thrilled to see his nomination for LifeChanger. There is no other educator more deserving of this award. Joe could have easily gone into educational administration, instead he preferred “boots on the ground” personal daily interaction with the at risk students requiring his special classroom and coaching leadership. I have personally seen his gift of turning students toward a positive life changing direction. He is truly a miracle worker and inspiration to all whose lives he touches.

Kristi Hazard Posted over a year ago

Mr. Francois is a wonderful teacher. I always enjoy going into his classroom and watching his lessons. He works in small groups and really gets on the student's level. He is creative in his teaching and finds a way for the curriculum to reach the students. Mr. Francois truly relates to the students and is an asset to the school.

Angela Mercer Posted over a year ago

Mr. Francois is truly gifted in ability to reach and inspire students when no one else can. He has assisted countless at-risk youth in transformation from walking a path of despair to one of self-worth, resilience and hope. By developing partnerships with local businesses with an “It takes a village…” approach, he has ensured students have needed support. He makes every lesson he teaches, no matter the subject, a LIFE lesson. Mr. Francois never gives up on our youth as they know they can ALWAYS return to him for mentoring. Even for students headed toward the right path, he has helped propel them to levels they never thought imaginable. He has mentored former professional football player Milton Wynn (who posted a comment here) from his days at Antelope Valley High School, through his football career to today.

Milton Wynn Posted over a year ago

Coach Francois!!! Thank you for all that you do for our youth! Often times the help, time investment, encouragement and support that you provide goes unnoticed. Thankfully, I’ve had the luxury of learning and being coached by you, and now 20 years later it’s not a surprise to see that you’re still giving back and helping kids see and reach their full potential. The seeds you plant in these kids today will continue to benefit them down the road and for that I thank you ????! Keep up the Great work Coach! You are Greatly appreciated!!!

Glenda K Rodger Posted over a year ago

There is no other way to say it, when Mr. Francois speaks he reaches our children. It is almost magical (with a lot of hard work) he gets through to them. He tells it like it is with his real life experience/s that are easily relatable. He earns much respect and gratitude from students and staff alike! Congratulations on the nomination you deserve to win!

Dawn Cordova Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Joseph Francois for over a decade at the districts school for at risk youth. He has always been dedicated to helping his students make positive choices and finding the path to a successful future. Former students often come to our campus just to share their accomplishments with him and thank him for his guidance. He has been an inspiration to students and staff alike. Congratulation Joe on your nomination... it is well deserved.

Trymon Redick Posted over a year ago

Whz good Coach it been a min glade you are doing amazing job you are doing with the kids keep up the good work

Ken Nelson Posted over a year ago

Coach Francois, No words can explain this great man/mentor/motivator and Godly man who keep changing lives. #Respect Coach. #Mytyme2shine Ken Nelson Golden League AV Champs.

Danelia Cordova Posted over a year ago

I've always been inspired by the way you reach our youth! These kids are lucky to have you. I'm proud to call you my coworker and friend.

Eric George Posted over a year ago

Mr. Joe Francois understands today's educational landscape. He knows that building relationships with his students is a key factor in their success. He is s self-starter who holds high expectations for his students and then works with and supports them in meeting those expectations. In the course of my twenty-five years in public education, Joe is a standout for his love of teaching and consistently going above and beyond in support of his students. This honor is well-deserved and I can think of no better acknowledgment of the expertise and dedication that Mr. Francois brings to students at our school. Your time and consideration are truly appreciated.

Dr. Michele Bowers Posted over a year ago

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. Francois for over a decade. He has always had a heart for all children, however, it goes without saying that he has an extra large and very special place in his heart for the population of students that he serves. He is compassionate yet firm; understanding and supportive while holding high expectations for them; and he is genuine - he says what he means and he means what he says. He does all of this with a smile. Mr. Francois believe in our students and encourages and supports them to believe in themselves. As Superintendent, I am pleased to see him nominated for this award and believe that he is more than deserving of this recognition because he truly is a "Life Changer"!