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Annette McCraw

Position: School Counselor
School: Kemp Primary School
School District: Clayton County Public Schools
City, State: Hampton, GA

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Annette McCraw was nominated anonymously.

"I am nominating a game changer, Ms. McCraw, because she is always working to expose the children in her school to hands-on, positive activities," explains her nominator.

Ms. McCraw was chosen as the Clayton County Certified Person of the Year in 2020. She was a finalist for the same award in 2019. She is an outstanding member of the counseling department. Over the past several years, she has worked to make sure students understand the dangers of drugs and alcohol. She works hard to make the correlation of why it's important for students to never give up or drop out. Through her school counseling program, she speaks to the children about the dangers of drugs and the correlations of how they can impact you in life and at work.

She has gone further by participating in the Governor's Red Ribbon Challenge. In the past, Kemp Primary School placed placed third in the challenge, but last year, one of its students won the Challenge. Yet again, Ms. McCraw has submitted entires and looks forward to a wonderful outcome in the state competition. Most folks overlook the school because the students are young. What they don't realize is that primary schools are the core of learning. Students take the lessons they learn in primary school and keep them for a lifetime.

Ms. McCraw does not miss a beat. She believes in her students and wants the best for them. She truly believes there's nothing they can't accomplish.

Comments (31)

J. FERGUSON Posted over a year ago

Annette is very interested in the welfare and safety of otthers. She works long hours, even after normal school hours. Also, works on some weekends..She is dedicated to her work.

Aaron Fernandez Posted over a year ago

Ms. McCraw has been dedicated to her students and community for years. Making sure the students are well taken care of, spending time at charity events, or helping at food drives. She's an over achiever with a warm heart, and an uplifting spirit.

Carol Ferguson Posted over a year ago

This couselor uses her unique training in child development, learned strategies, has excellent self-managent and good social skills. Annette understands and promotes success for today's diverse parents and students. Additionally, Annette has the following skills: commissions, listening, and responds thoughtfully, effectively with emphanty, friendliness, and knowing when and how to act.

Daniel Sobczak Posted over a year ago

I've had the privilege of serving with Annette on the GAE Board of Directors for six years. She is one of the most caring and thoughtful educators I have met. Her heart is always with the students and with her fellow educators. Her passion for public education is evident not only on word but action.

Mary Bedford Posted over a year ago

Ms. McCraw is a genuine and caring person. She is the counselor at my school, Kemp Primary. She goes above and beyond not only for the students but the entire staff as well. She is truly a motivator and inspiration to us all. Her smile and energy is very contagious! The students love her and know that she is easy to talk to when needed. She brings joy and love to everyone that she encounters with. Ms. McCraw is a phenomenal person! She is so loved and admired at Kemp Primary!

Deborah Boskett Posted over a year ago

Ms McCraw is a trail blazer. We are fortunate having her in our circle. She has the willingness to help steer young minds to a better future and helping others not be afraid to share their thoughts..

Trudy Posted over a year ago

I have known Annette for over 20 years. I have worked with her on various projects. She's very professional in every thing that she does. She has such a kind hearted person. She always willing to share with her family and friends. When it comes to her students she goes the extra mile to expose them to careers and the any opportunities for their success.

u dont needa no my name Posted over a year ago

hi ms. m..good luck

Renae Robinson Posted over a year ago

Oh my, what is there NOT to say that hasn’t already been said? In this day and age it’s very difficult to find genuine people with a kind heart. Annette has the patience of Job and is always willing to help in any way. Always with a smile and a sweet disposition. This nomination was well deserved!!!

Stephanie Armstead Posted over a year ago

Ms. McCraw is a jewel to say the least. An advocate in every sense of the word. She has no boundaries when it come to helping others and especially the children. She is a strong fighter for causes she believes in. Ms. McCraw also believes in taking time out to enjoy life and the people she meets along the way. If you know Ms. McCraw, you will love her from the start and have a lifelong friendship.

C. Mack Posted over a year ago

Ms. McCraw is an outstanding person and is great at what she does. Ms. McCraw has avery good rapport with parents and Kemp Primary Family. I work with her at Kemp Primary and she is over our Helping Hands Program that donates food for our students, staff and their families. She's a caring and dedicated person.

Maranda Robinson Posted over a year ago

Ms. McCraw goes above and beyond for her students and her community. She gives wholeheartedly with everything that she has. When families maybe experiencing hardships, She’s like a ray of sunshine, that Fairy Godmother that brightens the darkest days. She’s loving, kind, and inspirational. She’s deserving of this title and so much more. She has a heart of gold and she’s truly appreciated.

Melba Scott-James Posted over a year ago

I met Annette McGraw, fondly known as Toni working diligently with the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE). Her smile and positive energy is infectious! Toni never meet a stranger. She is constantly engaged in some project that promotes the education of children, families and community. Lifechager is definitely what she is and who she is!

Patrice Samm Posted over a year ago

Not only is this woman dedicated to helping students but she has a warm disposition which makes her approachable. I sought out her phone number but the person I asked was so reluctant to give it to me. So I asked someone else for her number. When I contacted her she said "of course you are free to call me... if I had known I would have called you myself. Then she kindly shared the information I was seeking. In other words she is also helpful, earn and friendly to colleagues as well.

Dr. Dorothy Welch Posted over a year ago

She is devoted to her students, community, and profession. She never fails to lift me up when I see her.

Janel Pulley Posted over a year ago

Ms. Annette McCraw does an excellent job with coordinating with the professionals in the community. She ensures the young people in her school have access and exposure to citizens in the community who inspires the youth at this age where it may have a lasting impact for the children to start thinking about their future early. Ms. McCraw has also made herself available to participate in other organizations in her profession and community where she holds leadership positions. She is personally very encouraging, a woman of integrity, inspirational, works well with others, and this honor is well deserved. Ms. McCraw embodies professionalism at its best and gives her heart to her profession and community. Her commitment to education and community engagement is second to none.

Teresa Lewis Posted over a year ago

Annette McCraw and I meet during our time together serving on the Georgia Association of Educators. When I was new to the board of directors Annette always made me feel welcomed and needed. Her giving and kind and humble spirit always was a joy to be around. She takes what she does seriously when it comes to molding and shaping the minds of the children she works with.

Saleem Bakir Bey Posted over a year ago

While I have only known Ms McGraw for a short time, it has been more than enough time to witness her unwavering professionalism as well as her tireless dedication to her students. She routinely goes above and beyond to assist her students in whatever they may need!

Sally Swift Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Annette on several projects. She spends her “ free time “ collecting books for children during Read Across America Week. Collecting food and jackets for children in need. She contacts Legislators when they want to pass a bill that will hurt children receiving an education. Annette has a heart of gold and she always is there to help others. She has changed so many lives by her hard work for others.

Ernest McCord Posted over a year ago

Annette McCraw has always been a super educator with love for her students in Clayton county schools district where she is loved by all students congratulations ??

Doris Glover Posted over a year ago

Annette McCraw is a dedicated professional in the field of Education. Her tireless efforts at Kemp Primary has not gone unnoticed. She believes in reaching and teaching the whole child. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with her in our State and National Associations. (GAE & NEA). She is always willing to go beyond expectations.

Latyshia Preston Posted over a year ago

Ms. McCraw dedicates herself to helping others. She is a passionate member of GAE, Georgia Association of Educators. She works tirelessly to enact policies that support our students and the profession of public education.

Nikiya Boyd Posted over a year ago

Ms. McCraw good above and beyond for her staff, students, parents, and school community. I am honored to have her as a colleague. She operates a food back for the families of Clayton County. She is always ready to serve others and this nomination is well deserved.

Nikita McCage Posted over a year ago

Ms. McCraw is an amazing individual who goes out of her way to help everyone. She never meets a stranger and goes over and beyond to brighten someone's day. She has a huge heart and finds creative ways to bring smiles to everyone she comes in contact with. She is a trailblazer and has a heart of pure gold.

Willie mccraw Posted over a year ago

Annette is a warm hearted good Person who loves people, goes Out of the way to help anyone. Loves the school system, loves Her job, positive attitude, will Listen to what is said. She will Encourage you to be the best you can be, with a smile.

Robert Cox Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. McCraw for many years. She has dedicated much of her time to helping others. Spending her personal time to make the lives of others better. We need to celebrate her and others like her.

Contessa Smith Posted over a year ago

Wow I must say this amazing lady Mrs.Mccraw I know her by Toni Mc she is so amazing to me when you are feeling down she always show up and show out of gifting someone I believe she is god gifted to anyone when they are feeling down she like an angel warming feeling in your heart so that’s what I really love about her. Mrs.Mccraw is a amazing and intelligent women to me.

Chandra Weems Posted over a year ago


Arthur Jones Posted over a year ago

Annette is a champion for education. Her passion for students is evident in her daily work. She goes above and beyond daily to impact the lives of children through mentoring and counseling. Whenever a child is in need of school supplies or clothes, she provides them with necessities without question.

Kandlelove Posted over a year ago

Beautiful Spirit

Cindy Posted over a year ago