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Chenne Fox

Position: Social Studies Teacher
School: Lakeridge High School
School District: Lake Oswego
City, State: Lake Oswego, OR

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Chenne Fox was nominated by one of his students.

"Mr. Fox tries to maintain high speed and efficiency in class so that students have significantly less homework," explains the student.  "Also, he has few tests, which lowers the stress on students.  He's not afraid to talk about difficult subjects and speak his mind, which is good for the class and the subject.  He treats us like a family. Mr. Fox recognizes when students are less engaged due to upcoming events like Christmas Break, and he adjusts the type of class activities based on this knowledge to facilitate learning. For example, the day before a break, Mr. Fox showed a documentary and had the students write notes about it.  His teaching style is multi-faceted; he blends learning with reading, note taking, and discussion."