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Agnese D'Istria

Position: Teacher
School: PS 95 The Gravesend School
School District: New York City Department of Education #21
City, State: Brooklyn, NY

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Agnese D'Istria was nominated by Jennifer Lembo, a parent of a student.

Ms. D'Istria has gone above and beyond for her students. She makes them all feel like they are the most amazing children/students to ever be.

"Ms. D'Istria has helped my son gain confidence and feel like he could do anything," said Lembo. "My child always doubts himself. Ms. D'Istria not only made him feel like he's the smartest kid in the whole world, but she also helped him understand his worth. She has an individual relationship with each child and makes them feel like they can do anything."

"Ms. D'Istria makes the students feel like they are one big family at school. I have seen her make children feel loved and secure when they were terrified. She is the person a parent wants to have help and look after their children when they are in school. She is the most amazing teacher my child has ever had," said Lembo.

Comments (4)

Phyllis Cataldo Posted over a year ago

"This girl is on FIRE!!!! " Ms. D'Itria was the first friend I made here at P.S. 95 in 2008! Ms. D'Istria is my DAY ONE!! She made me feel like part of this wonderful school community right from the start. She is incredibly welcoming, loves the students and the staff like her family. Ms. D'Istria has helped me every step of the way in my career, whether it was a shoulder to lean on and a friend to call for support. I truly admire her compassion and love for everyone!! I am proud of her achievements and deserves this more than anyone I know. The students absolutely adore her and can make any situation a great lesson and a memorable moment. I am blessed to know her and have a friend like her throughout these years and many more to come!

Afiya Kirk Posted over a year ago

Ms.D’istria is one of my favorite teachers. She taught me as a child and gave me so many life lessons that I use today in my adulthood. She definitely changed my life in many ways. Now my children are blessed to be in her school and get to encounter the greatness that I did. I will ALWAYS love Ms.D’Istria with all my heart and if anybody deserves this award it’s definitely her. Love always Your student forever

Josephine Borrelli Posted over a year ago

Ms. D'Istria is a coworker, a team player and a great friend. Working with Agnese has been years of a lot of fun, laughs and support whenever you needed it. She is beautiful on the inside as much as the outside. She takes many situations and turns them into a room full of positivity. She builds all the students self esteem and always puts a smile on their face. "This Girl is on Fire!

K. Dowd Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Ms. D’Istria! Thank you for all you do for our students as well as being a great friend. THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!