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Donna Marcaccio

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Lillian Feinstein School at Sackett Street
School District: Providence Public Schools
City, State: Providence, RI

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Donna Marcaccio was nominated anonymously.

Ms. Marcaccio has the unique ability to make a child want to achieve. She uses her own money to purchase incentives for her students to do their work when it's not interesting. During the pandemic, using distance learning, she was able to engage her students to want to turn on their computers in the morning. Her students always have great things to say about her. Just ask them. 

Her job is to prepare them for middle school, which is no small feat. She always participated in extracurricular activities, graduation, dances , etc. 

"I know personally, that she volunteered to coach her school's basketball team, not knowing anything about coaching, because they would not have a team if she didn’t offer to help," said her nominator.

Former students come up to her outside of school to thank her for encouraging them to read. She told them they can visit the world through books. She also had a raffle for a new winter jacket. It was "rigged." A student's name was the only one entered because he had no jacket for the cold weather. 

Ms. Marcaccio also solicits companies to donate so that the students can take field trips. 

"I can go on, but it's hard to keep track of all the good she has done in her career. Please consider this excellent human being," said her nominator.

Comments (88)

Michael bert Posted over a year ago

I’m not sure where to start explaining the person that Donna is or the many great qualities that she just naturally possesses. Donna is my niece so I have known her my entire life and she is one of the most consistent people I know if not the most when it comes to her natural ability to care for and teach others. My personal experience with Donna is that she had a large hand in raising my two oldest children taking care of them in the summer months. Making two young children happy day in and day out is almost impossible, but I can say that they could not wait to be with "auntie Donna". This was when I knew that teaching and caring for children was just her natural calling in life. She is also the most selfless person I know. I don’t know if there has been a day where I have seen her put herself in front of my children or her students. Someone who takes on coaching her school's basketball team when no one else would step up, with little to no help or experience on her part, and brings home a trophy for her team as tall as she is is just special and selfless. She put those kids who had a need and a want first! That trophy not only represents who she is as a person who figured out how to be a winning coach- motivator - mentor and sometimes a mother figure to "her children" all on her own. That’s just again an example of who Donna is, simply incredible, just ask my kids or any of her students and they will tell you themselves! Another feather in Donna’s teaching hat is she was the recipient of a local television station “golden apple award” presented to an outstanding teacher. The nomination came from a co worker who like many others can clearly see Donna's passion for teaching. I can keep going with examples of her awesomeness but hopefully, these examples show everyone who she is… a natural-born leader, mentor, and caring teacher who is 1000% invested in her student's success in class and life. That is pretty special to me and hopefully, she is recognized for who she is "A Lifechanger"!

Mona Lima Posted over a year ago

In the time i have known Donna she has been hardworking , kind and caring. She always goes above and beyond in all settings. Truly is a model example that any parent would be lucky to have her as a teacher to their child.

Jacob Bert Posted over a year ago

Can’t think of a more deserving person for this award. I’ve know Donna my whole life and she is truly a life changer. Congrats Donna!

Shelley McDonnell Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Donna! I’ve only known Donna for a little over 5 years. During this time it has been evident that Donna is a selfless, caring, and passionate teacher. It’s clear how much Donna’s students, family, and friends mean to her and how much Donna means to them. No one deserves this more than Donna.

Lyllian Sorbo Posted over a year ago

Ms marcaccio have a heart of gold and one thing I have noticed about her she does smile and cares for everyone she doesn't care about their color,she always make me feel welcome at the school with her smile ? and big hug when ever i goes to a program at the school ,my Oldest daughter was in her class 2019 and she was on the school basketball team I wouldn't effort to buy her a basketball shoes, and she didn't even had a good pair of shoes to play, she will be ashamed when she go for practice ,at that time we just came out of a homeless situation,i keep telling her to patient i will get her a basketball shoes which i didn't had the extra money to get it,my daughter said she wasn't interested in playing basketball again,Ms Maracoccio asked me what was going on and I explained it to her,to my surprise Ms Maracoccio get my daughter a new pairs of basketball shoes,I was out off words,my daughter was so happy and she went on playing Ms Maracoccio had show so much love to me and my kids,she is one of the best and kind teacher I have come across,may God continue to bless her kind you Ms Maracoccio from Georgina mom.

Paula D. Posted over a year ago

I am a resident of the Elmwood neighborhood where Ms. Marcaccio teaches at the Sackett Strreet School. I have collaborated with her in the past on a few projects related to the school including planting trees and getting a playground built. Donna is a great role model, and absolutely dedicated to the well being of her students. Whenever I have gone to the school, I am keenly aware of the mutual respect and affection between her and her students. “Miss Donna” is the embodiment of a committed educator and leader. Sackett is lucky to have her as a teacher.

Jennifer Gederman Posted over a year ago

Donna is amazing.

Stephanie Marino Posted over a year ago

Donna is simply AMAZING, and I know I am a better human because she is in my life. I could go on for days with all of the ways Donna has been my "cut man" (boxing term for the person who is in your corner helping the fighter get through the match physically and mentally). Not only is she a constant, selfless, kind and wonderful presence in my life, but also in my family's life as well. All of these gifts that she possesses come through in the classroom, as she instructs, guides nurtures and motivates her students every day. Whether Donna is giving her students a treat with a motivational message before an assessment or if she is coordinating a field trip, she is steadfast in her commitment to her students' academic success and social and emotional well being. Not only is Donna doing her "magic" in B6 with her 5th graders, she is a unifier and leader in our Sackett community. She is always behind the scenes brainstorming ideas and planning events for all of our students. Donna's love and unselfish dedication to her students shines through in every way. She is so very deserving of this award.

Susan peguero Posted over a year ago

This is my daughters teacher and she comes home everyday and says that she loves Ms.Marccio, Ms.Marccio is a wonderful teacher and she really inspires to be the best influence on her students that she can possibly be. See this by the way that her students talk about her and how they are passionate to learn with Ms.Marccio. For those reasons I believe that Donna Marccio is deserving of this award.

Micaela Agua Posted over a year ago

I’ve know Donna Marcaccio since I was in the fifth grade. Now as a junior in high school, I am grateful for her caring nature and patience that helped me get this far. I love you Miss!

GIANNA SOEUY Posted over a year ago

Miss marcaccio is really a nice teacher because she will always comfort you, she is really funny and she does really fun things such as, Do fun projects every quarter, she let's u have free time if u do clean and be ready. Also she is a really supportive teacher, she is kind, sweet, basically the teacher you need for 5th grade. Miss marcoccio also turns things that seem boring into fun activities everyday.

Shay Rivera Posted over a year ago

So extremely happy for you on your nomination, Hands down you deserve this Award. Could never have had a better teacher for my daughter. You have forever changed my daughter you've molded her you went from teacher to family and you're still behind her pushing her through college thank you very much for being in her life!!

Owen Kilcline Posted over a year ago

Always at school, comes to every performance the kids do, a truly amazing person. :)

Silvana Laramee Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Donna for the past few years and being her school neighbor; this has given me the opportunity to experience daily what it's like to be in her classroom on any given day and I can honestly say that she is the most amazing teacher and human being you can imagine. She leads by example supports and encourages and always expects the absolute best from her students and won't settle for anything less. At the same time, she gives everything she has and let me tell you all that she most certainly has a lot to offer. She is creative, thoughtful, and innovative. She most certainly touches and changes the lives of every single one of the students that enter her room. I truly believe she is indeed very deserving of this recognition, even though if you ask her she will never believe it because she is by far the most humble person you will ever meet. Donna is a true representation of what a Lifechanger of The Year teacher should be!

Luana Pacheco Posted over a year ago

Donna is a wonderful colleague and friend. She has an incredible gift for teaching and her manner of teaching is so refreshing!!! Donna is patient and supportive and really knows how to motivate her students. She's great at building confidence and keeps lessons fun and engaging. Donna arrives at least 2 hours prior to the start of school, putting much thought into her lessons and it shows! Her passion and dedication is beyond words!

Mary Ann Cauchon Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Donna for many years, and she is so deserving of this award. She is an amazing person who has done so much for our students and our school. In addition to being the basketball coach, she is the head cheerleader for every kid she meets! I am always amazed that she seems to know every kid in this schools name. Not only does she know their name, she knows who their siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles are. It's incredible! Donna uses her photography skills to make our celebrations like the Valentine's Dance and the Winter movie and hot chocolate night (where I think she volunteered her dad to be Santa) more exciting. Of course she brings props like glasses, hats, mustaches, signs, and backdrops to make it even more fun. Donna NEVER does anything halfway. You can find her at school on Saturdays and over school vacations brightening up our hallways with inspirational quotes like "Do something today your future self will thank you for" . Or putting up sharks with our schools behavior code on them. Donna and her father and Mr. Kilcline have spent weekends putting picnic tables in the recess yard, fixing broken playground equipment, planting and mulching trees. This is just a small sample of some things that she does behind the scenes, she is so modest and humble we probably don't know many of the other great things that she does. Donna is a great educator and a truly remarkable person!

MEGAN M CARLTON Posted over a year ago

I worked with Donna for many years, and I truly do not know where she finds the time to do all the things she does for our school. To say that she goes above and beyond is really an understatement. She plays a major part in every school function and in every out of school function. When there was no coach for the basketball team she stepped up and volunteered. She was a nervous wreck and doubted her abilities to coach, but she did it. Without her there would have been no basketball team that year. Throughout the years Donna has worked several part time jobs in addition to being a teacher. Wherever she works, she inspires those companies and employees to help out our school. She has gotten volunteers to paint the hallways of the school, do yard work and gardening on the school grounds, and “adopt” families at Christmas time to provide gifts for our neediest students. The Providence school department has little to almost no money allocated for field trips. However, Donna and the 5th grade team manage to fundraise and take their classes on meaningful enjoyable field trips every year period. I'm very thankful that Donna teaches 5th grade at my school. One reason is that as the 4th grade teacher, I don’t have to follow such a tough act. The second and most important reason is that 5th grade is the last year of elementary school for our students. It is very fitting that our students have Donna in 5th grade because of the amount of individual attention she gives to her students before they move on to a very hectic and different middle school experience.

Michael Shepard Posted over a year ago

This award should go to a person who is more deserving than anyone else that I know. Donna Marcaccio Has been a teacher who has worked tirelessly since I’ve known her since I recommend her for this award because she is superlative in every are of educational academia.

Silvia Rosales Posted over a year ago

A Great teacher and human being

lyric<3 Posted over a year ago

Ms.Marcaccio is the best teacher.She is fun and kind and she's like a mom to me. She cares about all of her students and does not have a favorite. She makes everything super fun and she never yells at anyone. She helps all her students when they need it. he loves everyone and cares for them shes always the first to arrive to school and the last person to leave.Every holiday she has a jar filled with different candy's and if you guess the right amount you keep all the candy in the jar.he wates her own money on us.And there are hundreds of more reasons why Ms.Marcaccio deserves this award.

Helena Nunez Posted over a year ago

My teacher miss Donna is an excellent person and i'm so grateful to be in her class and when we do math my teacher makes it so fun and that i want to learn more .She cares for us. She doesn't make any favorites and that's why she is the life changer of RI.

DJ Posted over a year ago

donna is the best teacher anyone can have. (Pikachu) i mean ms.Marcaccio deserves this award very very very very much!!!!

kiyan Posted over a year ago

pikachu is a leader and she can help people go from elementary school to collige and we all love pikachu

Jeury Posted over a year ago

Ms. Marcaccio, "Pikachu", is a wonderful teacher because she has attended every concert with flowers, and also shows us the right way to act in a respectful way. I still think this is going to be a life changing 5th grade year. "Be smart, be kind, I love you!!"

nalyiah Posted over a year ago

Ms.Marcaccio is a great teacher because she cares about our learning and makes it easier for us to understand. Her lessons are always fun and interesting especially My Teacher Is An Alien! Ms. Marcaccio puts the spark in teaching. I'm so happy to have her as my fifth grade teacher!

Jayden Posted over a year ago

Ms. Marcaccio is the best teacher in the world She is the life changer on earth She deserves an award for best 5th grade teacher ever

Nolan Barros Posted over a year ago

Ms. Marcaccio I a presat your werck. cepes up the god werck.

Sially Posted over a year ago

Ms. Marcaccio made my last year of Elementary school truly memorable. She did everything in her power to make learning fun. I still have the journal I made in fifth grade. Looking back brings back all the memories we created in our classroom. She never failed us because she was on top of it all. She was an utter amazing teacher with such a kind soul. She was always willing to lend out a helping hand and never skipped a beat. She truly deserves this award.

Brandon Posted over a year ago

Donna is one of the most selfless people I know. Nobody is more deserving of this nomination than her.

Steve Posted over a year ago

Donna is the one that everyone turns too. Loving caring nurturing children flock to her like the pied piper. School comes to a close every year and here students return to be with her while she cleans out her room for the following year not to be home or out on the streets In the neighborhood.

Alexandra rojo Posted over a year ago

The teacher Donna is the most loving with the children, she treats them all equally with the same love. I, Alexandra Rojo, am happy that my daughter studied with her. I hope that all the teachers are so professional and loving with their students.

Jaz Posted over a year ago

Donna is a good teacher

Matthew Turner Posted over a year ago

I can't think of someone who would deserve it more. She epitomizes the positive change a teacher can have on the life of students.

Cindy Posted over a year ago

There are some so many positive things that a person can say about Donna, from how she has shelving units in her garage ( not her keep) full of construction materials to decorations! To how she volunteers at a stable for veterans & petco to clean cages and be a good friend to abandoned animals! Then you have planting a garden for her students. Learning how to coach a basketball team even though she was a football fanatic! Raising funds to take her class on field trips. She has also taught her students that if you read a book sometimes you can put yourself into the book and go places. She is so dedicated to her students and wants them to succeed that she spends the extra time explaining how things work! Donna does not want anyone to fail if she has anything to do with it. She is hard working, dedicated, &!caring. Donna is committed to her family her students and the animals that she cares for! I don’t think you will find a better Human being in the world! Donna deserves this Life Changer of the Year!

Erin Holloway Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Donna on your nomination as a LifeChanger!!! I am so happy for you! You are able to show each and every one of your students the education, care and attention they need each day! They know that you genuinely care about them. And you go above and beyond outside the classroom with all the extras... PBIS, Basketball, Christmas Adopt a Family, arranging volunteers to provide backpacks for our students, and all the other events that happen at Sackett each year that you either lead or participate in. You come to work at the crack of dawn and do not leave until the night to make sure you are best prepared and your students get what they need. This honor is well deserved!

Lorraine Peloquin Posted over a year ago

Donna has a very BIG heart towards kids she deals with each & everyday. Always giving what they need to succeed. Making learning new things fun & exciting to keep them engaged to learn. Positive that she has changed the life of many who cross her path. Kudos in all she does!!

Brock Marcaccio Posted over a year ago

My name is Brock Marcaccio, and I am 8 years old, and I would like to tell you a little bit about my Fauntie Donna (Fun Auntie). My aunt is the absolute best. She makes everything we do together so much fun and she always makes me laugh! My auntie tries to come to every one of my soccer and hockey games. She is the best teacher. She has taught me addition, subtraction and about a quarter of division. She not only loves her students, but she loves her family, turtles and dolphins.

Amanda Gianfrancesco Posted over a year ago

Very well deserved!

Carol Pagan Posted over a year ago

Ever since I have known you, you have been inspiring colleagues and students. You are one in a million.

gia marcaccio Posted over a year ago

My aunt is amazing, she is so caring helpful and kind, she puts so much hard work time and effort into teaching helping out at the farm helping with the kittens and much more. She is so adventurous and creative you plan almost every single family avent we have and it turns out to be amazing, she does so many great thing for many people including me, she gest us breakfast every single morning, she watches us during the summer but my favorite thing to do with her is ride in the jeep down to the beach! she is not just Donna Marcaccio she is my fun FAVORITE auntie!

Rosibell Posted over a year ago

Dona is a great teacher.

Alexa Rojo Posted over a year ago

Miss.Marcaccio is the best teacher anyone can EVER ask for. She has done any for me as a student and person. If I am sad, angry, or overall in any way in a bad mood she will try her hardest to make that a good mood . She puts us student over herself. She but all of the things we wanted. For tests she would get us candy and snacks. This all comes out of her pocket. She does science experiments that no other teacher would spend money on for there students to do. We had so much fun and we learned many things about life just not only about school but about future things how we will need certain things in life to succeed. She always supports us no matter what. She is just the best, sweetest, most caring person you will EVER meet.

shantell Posted over a year ago

Donna marcaccio is an amazing and such an inspiring teacher she makes sure her students are always ready to learn and she also makes sure to help her students if they need help with their work and wow all I can say is she’s an Beautiful,kind, and overall amazing

Lois Posted over a year ago

You are a wonderful teacher and friend . Your personality is amazing, your kind heart inspires me to be a better person.You are truly amazing.

Alex Posted over a year ago

She was the best person in the world for my daughter. She would come home saying how much she loved school because she was in Miss.Marcaccios class. Also she always cared for me and my family as a person not just a teacher. She did anything for my daughter I wish she could be my daughter's for ever teacher.

Dottie Smith Posted over a year ago

Donna, I just stumbled upon this nomination. Wow!! I can't think of anyone else who is so worthy of this Life Changer Award. You are the type of teacher who truly does change a student's outlook. All the best to you, Dottie

Alexa Posted over a year ago

I was a student of miss.Marcaccio and I was never happier in a classroom. She would do anything for us. If we needed anything she would always go out of her way to get it for us. Me and my best friends would give anything to go back to her classroom and relive 5th grade with her again. She wasn’t only an inspiration in school she was also one outside of school. Miss.Marcaccio deserves the WORLD AND THE BEST!!

Melissa Friedman Posted over a year ago

Donna is the most giving, involved engaged teacher I know. We worked together almost 20 years ago and her commitment has never gone unnoticed. She’s the teacher you wish your kids had!

Artie Posted over a year ago

Donna Marcaccio, is certainly out of this world (as the picture implies) as a teacher. She is constantly inspiring her students to reach for the stars and beyond. She thinks outside the box to find ways and means to keep her students engaged in their studies. She does it with love, caring and genuine concern for their success.

Patricia Posted over a year ago

I forgot to mention that Donna also has for many atleast 10 years donated her time to childrens wishes. A group that grants a wish to a terminally I’ll child . She also donates her time on a farm that provides services to veterans, by cleaning stalls and feeding animals on this farm . She has recently started donating time to Petco, cleaning cages and just giving affection to recent abandoned cats. Needless to say she is an extremely giving individual . Good luck to you Donna

Jeannette Hausman Posted over a year ago

Donna is that special type of human who has a genuine heart filled with love for these children. She is an amazing educator and team player. It is an honor to work with her each day and a true gift to call her a friend. She deserves this accolade and so much more. She is a true class act and there is no one like her in any other school.

Becky Posted over a year ago

One of the most supportive, creative, and generous teachers I've ever known. At every event, every fundraiser, every concert, recital or activity. Donna loves her students and they love her right back.

Elizabeth Posted over a year ago

Donna is an amazing gift to humanity, if the world was half as focused & kind as her, our next generation would thrive ??

Jennifer Zanni Posted over a year ago

Donna is an amazing teacher and person! Her heart and dedication is unmatched!

Robert Buonaccorsi Posted over a year ago

Way to go Donna. So glad to see what an impact you are making. Best of luck in the future.

Vito Marcaccio Posted over a year ago

Donna is a perfect example of every thing a teacher should be.

Wayne Kilcline Posted over a year ago

Ms. Marcaccio has attends every concert our student musicians perform in. Nights, weekends... she is always there, often with flowers! She is not only the first one to arrive to school in the morning... recently I noticed she tries to TIME her arrival so she can greet a former student who cuts through Sackett on his way to middle school. This is but one of a hundred examples I could give of why she is a Life Changer.

Melissa Ricci Posted over a year ago

Donna, You are one of those people everyone always wants to be around. The twinkle in your eyes captivates others to want to follow your lead. Don’t ever lose that magic and love - you are special and one of a kind. Love and miss you, Missy

Rhonda Kirwin Posted over a year ago

Donna goes above and beyond for her students every year.

Jennifer Mulhern Posted over a year ago

You’re amazing Donna!

Dori Haines Posted over a year ago

I have known Donna for a long time and she always goes above and beyond in everything thing she does and she does with a smile on her face!

Sue Shields Posted over a year ago

I could not think of a more deserving human being than Donna!!! She has a gift, and such a heart for her students. You might walk into her class feeling worthless and incapable, but by the time you leave, you are inspired, empowered, and ready to overcome any obstacle!!!

Tracy Brown Posted over a year ago

Donna is definitely a "life changer!" As her friend for more than 25 years, Donna is a very special person who is inspiring, caring and giving. She puts 100% into everything she does to include her students, family, friends and even people she doesn't know directly. She always strives to improve the lives of her students in any way that she can, big or small. No one is more deserving than Donna!

Lorraine Cotnoir Posted over a year ago

Donna you are a great teacher and a amazing godmother to my granddaughters. Good luck and have a great year

Nancy Posted over a year ago

Wonderful teacher!

Joann Posted over a year ago

Donna is just a class act, so loving & just the best!

Keri Lagor Posted over a year ago

Donna is not only my best friend but the godmother to my two daughters. I cannot think of a better role model for them in every aspect of life! She treats her students every year the same exact way she treats her family. Always going above and beyond and never thinking of herself!

Lisa Ricci Posted over a year ago

The best of the best!! She’s the teacher kids will always remember, years to come

Tracy W. Posted over a year ago

I work closely with one of your family members and I am always hearing about all the ways you go above and beyond for the kids and not only the ones in your classroom. A lot of teachers these days are not truly genuine and they don’t take the time to do the extra or even care to fully engage the kids in school. Keep doing what you are doing you are clearly making that difference.

Yanaiza Gallant Posted over a year ago

I can not think of a more amazing, selfless human!!! Congratulations Donna!! I am so honored to know you!! You have changed the trajectory of so many lives!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOY DO!!!

Karyn Lofgren Shippee Posted over a year ago

Ms Marcaccio is one of the most involved and selfless people I’ve ever met. She does go far above and beyond in all aspects of her life and genuinely WANTS to see her students, associates and friends succeed! I met her professionally over 15 years ago and we became fast friends. Her passion is infectious and her “whatever it takes” attitude is how she accomplishes all the things she does. I am proud to know her and I’m more proud she’s been nominated for this honor! No one is more dedicated.

Donna Freeman Posted over a year ago

Donna is most definitely a life changer for her students. Her positive “you can do this” attitude has been her forte since she began teaching. Providence and the state of RI should be proud of her accomplishments and her students’ successes are quite evident. I am proud to be Donna’s friend and colleague. PPSD rocks, thanks to educators like Donna. Congratulations!

Adam Shippee Posted over a year ago

Donna is one of the most dedicated, inspirational educator I have ever met. Willing to go above and beyond for any of her students

TRISHA Posted over a year ago

I have known this person her entire life, yes I'm her Mama as she calls me. Donna is one of the most generous people i know, she has done so much in her life that i can't keep up .She substitute taught in the Providence school system for 8 years before being given a full time position. She would not know from day to day if she was going to work. She woke up got ready for school and waited for a phone call , to know if she was going to teach that day. Her life was put on hold ,until she got the position she has now. She has always been very crafty and when i see some of the rewards she comes up with to encourage her students during testing week it blows my mind. She told me about times she has been tracked down by previous students to say thank you for making me reads that i could travel the world, without moving from my home. I hope she wins , she has a heart the size of the universe, just ask her past and present students. Thank you for your time.

Steve Posted over a year ago

There is no one that I can think of that deserves this more than Donna. I have watched her do some amazing things. Completely redoing the outside playground on her own time. Planting and maintaining a garden for the children to get involved in front of the school. Planning and supervising a dance or Christmas party so on and forth

Michelle Posted over a year ago

Incredible teacher! Her students talk about her years past elementary!

Steven Posted over a year ago

Ms. Marcaccio happens to be my sister, she has been nothing shy of the best aunt in the world to both of my children, the only time they take a backseat which is rare, is because she has to tend to one of her many children in her classroom that year!! Donna’s soul passion in life is teaching! I believe she enjoys it more because she is told year after year that these kids will fail her and fail themselves, she stands back and says hold my beer, and continues to prove them wrong year after year!!

Pamela Golotto Posted over a year ago

Thrilled to see that Donna Marcaccio has been nominated for Life Changer of the Year. She truly deserves this honor. She has worked tirelessly for her school and student, with assistance as their basketball coach last year and seeing that besides educating these children she has made sure they have clothing and school supplies they desperately need. I have been proud to be a donator to Christmas gifts each year because I know she’ll never let a student go without. Please consider her for this honor.

Teresa Roth Posted over a year ago

Congrats Donna!!! You deserve all the praise an more. You’re a fenomenal human and you’re classes as lucky to have you as their teacher.

Deanna Golotto Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Buddy, you deserve to be nominated!!! Since I can remember you have done for others, helped others, guided and supported those of us when we needed it, you going to URI to become a teacher was no surprise to anyone. To anyone reading this, Donna is my cousin and her commitment to helping others is fully part of her and who she truly is deep down inside. Her commitment to helping others is contagious, she has even gotten me engaged in giving back. You might not know this but she is a wish granter for Children’s Wishes and has supported them for years, YEARS, even when doing all the amazing things at school/work for her kids. Some of our family participate in an annual fund raiser for Children’s Wishes and it is such a great way to support that organization and Donna for all that she does. Honestly I’m not sure if I know a better person or ever will……Miss Donna Marcaccio, her kids are so lucky to have her!

Michelle Mastronardi Posted over a year ago

Donna is the MOST selfless, honest, giving person I know! She does so much from being a fantastic teacher to coach to commitee leader, not because she needs to because she wants to! She deserves this award every year...and a raise!

Maria Turner Posted over a year ago

Donna is the teacher every student needs to experience. She was meant to be a teacher, she has the biggest heart and loves her kids. The person who nominated her has said so much that I wanted to say. Being a teacher is who she is, it’s not just a career for her. She is invested 1000% in every child that is lucky to have her as a teacher. She does so much for her kids to ensure their success. She is absolutely a Life Changer not only for her students but for everyone that is lucky to know her.

Cindy Sousa Posted over a year ago

Absolutely awesome! You deserve this! I am so proud of you!

Joe Balasaone Posted over a year ago

Everything in this nomination is true ,however it only begins to describe this incredible woman .She is a smart,caring,funny beautiful person,that without a doubt deserves recognition for being extraordinary !

Maria Torres Posted over a year ago

I had the great pleasure to work with Ms. Marcaccio. She strives to provide a safe, inclusive and equitable environment for her students to learn. Ms. Marcaccio teaches with passion and love, and this can be witnessed through her interactions with her students. She believes that every student can learn, and provides the necessary resources and strategies to achieve this. Ms. Marcaccio goes above and beyond for her students. She creates fun and engaging lessons to capture the students attention. You will know her students are engaged because they share the highlight with others. It is a pleasure to know Ms. Marcaccio.

Patricia Landy Posted over a year ago

There couldn’t be a better candidate to represent PPSD! Go get ‘em

Jessica L Bertsch Posted over a year ago

Donna, It is nice to know a Smithfield High School Classmate as well as a soccer teammate was voted for such a great award! Congrats to you from one Providence Schools Employee to another! Great job! :)

Alex Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Donna!! Well deserved! I've seen for years how you go above and beyond for your students. They are so lucky to have you as their teacher.