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Alfonso Casias

Position: Junior High School Counselor
School: Del Norte Jr/Sr High School
School District: Del Norte School District
City, State: Del Norte, CO

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Alfonso Casias was nominated by Robin Mashburn, the parent of two students.

"Alfonso has encouraged both of my boys to strive for things they were unsure of or things that were outside of their comfort zones. Because of this, they both received a scholarship that was such an amazing blessing to them and their passions. As a parent, he has encouraged me in difficult situations with one of my boys. I questioned some of my decisions, and he helped me work through that time and gave me the sense of strength to stand up for what was right for my son. As a colleague, I watch him with students and have seen him demonstrate incredible patience. He is an outstanding person in our community and deserves to be recognized for it," said Mashburn.

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Sandy Austin Posted 8 months ago

Alfonso Casias has spent his life making an incredible difference in the lives of students at Del Norte! He has helped them through tough times, and has helped them see the gift they are to this world! Then he inspired them to find their skills and strengths to carry them into careers to help them pursue their dreams. He walked by their side as they faced tragedy to give them hope! He empowered kids to understand their place in this world to fill needs that only they could fill! Alfonso personifies all that the “LifeChanger of the Year” program represents!!! Thank you Mr. Casias for making this world a better place!!!