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Cheri Kutak

Position: Eighth Grade Science Teacher
School: Crane Middle School
School District: Crane Elementary School District 13
City, State: Yuma, AZ

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Cheri Kutak was nominated by her colleague, Josh Topp.

Ms. Kutak is a positive, enthusiastic teacher who has the admiration and respect of not only her students, but her colleagues as well. She makes it a priority to get to know her students by establishing and building relationships at the beginning of each year. Ms. Kutak believes that science is important and spends hours planning and preparing hands-on, relevant science lessons that students will be interested in.

"If I could go back in time and hand pick a science teacher for myself, I would choose Ms. Kutak every time," Topp said.

Ms. Kutak likes to stay active after school hours by coaching softball at her school and the local high school. She enjoys helping hopeful athletes realize their potential, in and out of the classroom.

"Ms. Kutak's presence as a teacher and leader at our school boosts the morale and atmosphere of our school because she is always looking to help others, seeking solutions to problems, and working with colleagues to improve the education of our students," Topp said.

Comments (6)

Patricia Belt Posted over a year ago

Cheri is a great teacher, she loves her students and I think they love her for what she does for them. She teaches them not only Science but respect in themselves and to respect others. I may be partial because I’m her mom. She was also named teacher of the year several years ago in Payson, AZ.

Darby White Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Kutak is a dynamite teacher! I had the pleasure of teaching alongside her for many years. I can only hope to be half the teacher she is!

Patricia Belt Posted over a year ago

Cheri is very dedicated to her students and school. She helps change the attitudes of some kids who don’t care and gives them something to change for! I’m predjudice, she’s my daughter!!

Jackie Williams Posted over a year ago

I’ve also had the fortunate opportunity to work with Cheri as a colleague. Cheri is one of a very few teachers that I’ve met who has never backed away from a challenge. Her ability to tackle unique experiences with a positive attitude is inspirational. Congrats on your nomination, Cheri!

Jenny Singleton Posted over a year ago

Cheri is such a fantastic teacher. I had the honor of teaching with her years ago. She always showed her students that they personally mattered to her and worked her tail off to help them succeed. She is totally deserving of this honor.

Brian Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kutak is a wonderful teacher. Her presence increases the joy I have coming into school each and everyday. Crane is blessed to have such a wonderful teacher and role model!