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Eileen Klingaman

Position: Seventh Grade Math Teacher
School: Crane Middle School
School District: Crane Elementary School District 13
City, State: Yuma, AZ

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Eileen Klingaman was nominated by her colleague, Josh Topp.

Mrs. Klingaman is known for her strong ability to not only teach math content effectively, but inspire a love of learning math in her own students. She believes that students should learn math in a fun, hands-on, collaborative environment to help them understand the "why" behind every day mathematics. She is always seeking new ways to help her students understand math concepts. 

Mrs. Klingaman supports her students by staying after school to assist those who need extra help in understanding math concepts.

"Eileen is committed to working with colleagues to provide the best possible math education for the 7th graders at our school," Topp said. "She is a role model and well-respected teacher in our school and district, and for all students and teachers who have had the honor of interacting and working with her."