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Leah Thaggard

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Oak Grove Lower Elementary School
School District: Lamar County School District
City, State: Hattiesburg, MS

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Leah Thaggard was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Mrs. Thaggard helps many students in the most fun and helpful way. In my opinion, she is the best teacher in the world," said the nominator. "Everyone who comes out of her classroom starts making A's and B's for the rest of their lives. As a student in her class, I can see a huge difference between Mrs. Thaggard's classroom and others. We have puppets, AR goals, a reading loft, an art center, and more fun things. She is also a very good teacher. She can mix the right amounts of fun and learning at the right time. She never puts herself in front of her students. She is always there for us even when you can't see her. She is not addicted to anything. If you put a camera on her face and never took your eye off it, you would never see her smoke, chew tobacco, or break the law. She is one of the most rule-following people you could ever meet. She's committed to producing a nurturing atmosphere because she is very kind and loving no matter who you are or your personality. As you can see, she has been a LifeChanger in many lives."

Comments (22)

Vicki Brumfield Posted 2 days ago

Mrs. Thaggard knows her students and works to make them the strongest readers possible. She increases their confidence, responsible behavior and love of learning. Leah is also a generous coworker and willing to share ideas and support others. We love Leah! She is one of a kind!

Stoney bourne Posted 8 days ago

I have worked In the same school district with Leah for 8 years. Without fail, every year I run into a parent who says “Leah Thaggard changed my kids life” No joke! when saw This nomination I had to share . These parents are from different social economic backgrounds and ethnicity but all will say when they hear my school district’s name - Leah Thaggard is amazing and changed our life .

Renee’ Simmons Posted 9 days ago

Working with Leah for many years at Oak Grove Lower Elementary, was such a wonderful blessing. I have been in her classroom and found it to be remarkable the way she reaches each child and how they love her. She makes learning so much fun! She is also an exceptional friend who is loved by all that she comes in contact with. She is a life changer!

Sharon Whatley Posted 9 days ago

I had the privilege to work with Leah at OGLE. She truly loves her students and everyone she works with. She definitely makes a difference in the lives of those she comes in contact with. She is a life changer.

Keaton (and his mom) Posted 3 months ago

Keaton: Says he wish he can see you and misses you.And really think you for being his second grade teacher. Mom: I am really glad he had you as a teacher he has grown a lot on his reading and that you work with him a lot .We goin to miss you.

Robert (and his Mom) Posted 3 months ago

Robert: “Mrs. Thaggard is nice, kind, and the best teacher I can ever have! She even taught me 3rd grade stuff while I was in the 2nd grade! I miss her though” Sherita (Robert’s mom): Leah Thaggard is indeed “a life changer” considering the impact she had on my son’s literacy development this past year. He became a much more active reader in Mrs. Thaggard’s class, he learned to to write better, and become a critical thinker!

Aubree Posted 4 months ago

You are the best teacher and i will never leave you you will Always be on my side you be the best good luck.

Keaton Posted 4 months ago

I think Ms. Thaggard teaches us math and evertyhing very good. She helps us meet goals and gives us snow cones and prizes for doing good. She loves puppets and teaches us first and thrid person writnig with our puppets she gave us to make. We have fun at school, and I wish I could be in her class forever.

Jamieson Posted 4 months ago

Mrs. Thaggard give us grace teachers do not.She makes learning fun wen others do not.As you can see, she is nomber 1.

Luke Posted 4 months ago

I think you are the best teacher in the world because she is very edifying and one time she taught me so many things she makes everyone so So smart. i bet her next class would love her because she is very very edifying and fun. she teaches us so many new things every birthday we celebrate she is always so funny and kind.As you can see Mrs. Thaggard is the best teacher in the world.

robert tart Posted 4 months ago

Mrs thaggard give us grace other teaher do not.

jeseiyah Posted 4 months ago

Mrs Thaggard is very nine and edfying,and macks lerning eezzer but mostly she kares about us alot. she does not yel and always says i love you ever day.

kyson Posted 4 months ago

Resson why i think Miss.Thaggard should be the best of top 2nd grade for the award is because she can inspire to be nice and be a good reader She makes sure nobody in her class bullys people and when i was an new student she maked me feel wolcome that is my resson.

Jack Weinberg Posted 4 months ago

Mrs.Thaggard is the best teacher in the world, and also the most fun. I am so lucky to have her as my 2nd grade teacher.she teaches us so much like how to be a good readeras you can see she is the the best teacher in the world!

Destiny dillon Posted 4 months ago

Mrs. Thaggard you are the Best teacher ever She isfun and always edifyed to each other> She is great at reading and reading us chaper books to meet our goal . She is the best because she has a reading loft and a play center. She have a treser box for meeting gosls. as you can see, I love her1

Albany Reynolds Posted 4 months ago

I think miss Thaggard should get the award bescause she done so many things for us.Like helping us on the things that was hard for us to do,and giving so much love to us and she is never going to stop loving us.Misss Thaggard is the best teacher you can ever meet in the world.As you can see i think that Miss Thaggard should get the award.:>

kasielynn Posted 4 months ago

Mrs.thaggard is the best teacher ever beacuse she cars abut others i love beaing in her class it is rily fun she makes me rely smart and she forgivs me nomater you can see mrs.thaggard makes me rely smart.

skylar Posted 4 months ago

In my opinion I think you should vote for Mrs.Thaggard. She a really nice and she is a great teacher, and you would not ever regret being in Mrs.Thaggard's class.

Kobe Posted 4 months ago

I think that Ms. Thaggard will be the best teacher ever because she teaches us about money with thaggard doallrs. We can buy stuff on Friday like snow cones for 25. Next,another reason i think that Ms Thaggard would be the best teacher ever is because she teaches us big wrods .last, now you can see why we love MS Thaggard so much.

Avelin Britt Posted 4 months ago

Mrs.Thaggard should get the award and she is the best! She does lots of fun things for us she is amazing! She deserves the award! SHE IS THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!!! If we get hurt she always helps us in a situation she has a really fun attitude ever I think she should be a teacher forever I don't want to leave this class is the best class ever!!!!! she makes me really smart in the hole world I would never forget her.

Lucy.king Posted 4 months ago

Mrs.Thaggard is the most coolest teacher ever. Mrs.thaggard Has the most fun attitude a student i know that everyone will understand words like a word with 17 words in it. i know she helps everyone in any situation.she loves any student in any class. i think mrs.thaggard gets the most students because she is the best you will come home knowing 10 times 40. If you pick Mrs Leah Thaggard you will not regret it.

camilla Posted 4 months ago

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!