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Johanna Amaro

Position: 12th Grade ESL Teacher
School: Plainfield High School
School District: Plainfield Public Schools
City, State: Plainfield, NJ

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Music that Describes Johanna

Dr. Johanna Amaro was nominated by her colleague, Frank Fusco.

Dr. Amaro, a former Fortune 500 company professional with approximately two decades of teaching experience, is a student advocate, an expert staff developer, and an incredible teacher. Every year, and without exception, she leads droves of students to develop, refine and expand their English language proficiencies while simultaneously teaching the whole student.

Dr. Amaro is the PHS 21-22 Teacher of the Year, the school's National Honor Society Club advisor, and an expert collaborator with high interpersonal skills. She is a tireless worker, a diligent planner, and a mentor to many, staff and students alike. While children struggled mightily during the COVID lockdowns, both academically and socially, Dr. Amaro teamed up with other educators to shift curricula and pedagogical approaches to ensure students were heard and not left behind. Her social-emotional learning (SEL) bend on pedagogy has taken root in other classrooms, and she has helped many of her colleagues adapt practices to fit our current reality.

Dr. Amaro's former students routinely visit her, and she typically leads 4 -5 field trips every academic year. The kids were all smiles the last time they toured a college campus with her.

"Rest assured, Dr. Amaro would know exactly what to do with some extra money for our kids. She has secured grants in the past and often advises administrators on resource acquisitions. Dr. Amaro is surely deserving of this award," said Fusco.